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 Therapist Charrie

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PostSubject: Therapist Charrie   8/3/2013, 10:28 pm

Full name: Dakota Marie O'Neil
Nicknames: Koda, Bunny
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Years at Camp: Three

God and Mortal parent: Her mother is Homonoia, minor goddess of concord, unanimaty, and oneness of mind. Her father is Charles Henry O'Neil.
Date of birth: March 14th
Place of birth: Blue Canyon, California

Appearance: She's 5'4, and physique wise she is a little soft. She had wide hips and is rounder than the average demigod. Her skin is fairly pale due to the climate of her hometown, though she's started gaining more color due to being outside at camp. Her hair is a soft brown, reaches to the middle of her back and is wavy. She has a curled fringe and it's parted on the left. Her eyes are large and dark brown, and she has a smattering of light freckles across her cheeks and dimples. She's slightly buck-toothed and her lips are generally chapped.

She is a very kind and down to earth person. She enjoys helping people and is always willing to be a shoulder to cry on. She hates when people are upset, and tends to over-empathize - even when it's an enemy. She has the ability to put herself in the shoes of others and finds it difficult to hate or even dislike anyone. Despite her caring nature, she tends to put herself down a lot and rarely lets herself be upset, because she knows someone out there has it worse than she does. She's very purposeful and believes that everything happens for a reason. She is also very determined and refuses to stop something once she's finished.

Powers: She doesn't have any 'powers' per say, but she does have the ability to sense when all is not well with someone - more specifically when there mind isn't in a state of content, or oneness. She can sense someones psychological and emotional troubles. It doesn't take any energy from her.
Fatal Flaw: Empathy - she can always see why someone is doing something, which makes it difficult to fight them, even if they are monsters or enemies.
Flaws: She will always try to help someone who she thinks needs it, even if the person doesn't want the help. She is self-sacrificing and always tries to avoid conflict, even if it's inevitable. She's gullible and always tries to believe the best of people, and can easily be led into a trap or stabbed in the back.

Weapon: She just has a normal old boring sword and shield, forged by a Hephaestus kid who owed her a favor.
Talents/Skills: She is very good at telling when someones upset and generally reading someones body language. She can generally 'make peace' between people and is good at diplomatic resolutions.

RP Example*: Dakota bit her lip, staring down at the words on the page in discontentment. The words were once more floating off the page - her dyslexia was acting up again. She squinted her eyes - Stkochlmo nSdyremo? S... Stockholm Syndrome? Her head was pounding She sighed, folding the edge of the page and picking up the Psychological Illnesses Dictonary, walking to the door. She'd have to ask Daddy if he'd read it to her. He usually would, if he wasn't busy going over his newest case file.

Dakota had a normal life - for a demigod that is. Due to her status as a child of a minor god, she never attracted too many monsters, so her main difficulties were her ADHD and Dyslexia. From a young age, Dakota had been fascinated by people. The way they acted, the way they worked - all of it. Her dad, Charles 'Charlie' O'Neil was a social worker, and he used to prattle on about the mentalities of abused children when he would come home from work. It fascinated her, and she picked up an interest in psychology shortly afterwards. It was hard for her - her grades were bad because sitting still and trying to learn things that bored her was impossible, and reading made her head hurt. She got by with D's and C's, but she was still adamant - she wanted to be a therapist.

When she was in sixth grade, entering middle school for the first time, she began noticing that she could tell when someone was mentally upset without being told. She just knew, somehow. One of the people she noticed who was the most anxious was a boy who she had thought'd been held back a few years, since he looked older than everyone. He was crippled and his name was Clifford 'Cliff' overbay, and she always sensed anxiety - the desire to please - and self doubt from him. She knew she had to befriend him, and befriend him she did. He didn't talk about his past much, but she learned that his dad had disappeared two years before hand. The two were very close.

Towards the end of the school year, their school offered a trip to New York. Dakota's father was fairly wealthy so she went and Cliff came along. They were in a park when her teacher asked to speak to her. Her teacher, a woman named Mrs. Russel, had been Dakota's least favorite teacher - she'd constantly commented in front of the class about whether or not Dakota had taken her meds, making digs at her intelligence and sending her out of the class for no reason at all. She followed, of course, only to be horrified as her teacher turned into a winged woman-thing. She went after her with her talons, and Dakota narrowly dodged. Cliff showed up, playing a song on what seemed to be reedpipes, causing the bird thing to become tangled in vines. The two ran off, hailed a cab and Cliff had them driven to what she later learned was Camp Halfblood.

She ended up staying for a week before contacting her dad, who had known of who her mother was, and deciding to stay during the summer. She was claimed her second summer she spent there, and still desires to one day be a therapist.

Other Notes: N/A


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PostSubject: Re: Therapist Charrie   8/4/2013, 12:01 pm

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Therapist Charrie
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