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 Jack, son of Boreas.

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PostSubject: Jack, son of Boreas.   2/12/2012, 2:39 am

Character Name: Jack ________ (He doesn't remember his last name.)
Gender: M
Age: 17
Description : He has a dull grayish hair, with somewhat light streaks of white in it. Jack has bright blue eyes, and is about 5' 8. He's relatively pale compared to other people, but he has well built muscles. Not flex and rip your shirt sort of muscle though. More subtle. He's pretty friendly, although sometimes, he can be a bit... ah... insensitive. He almost always listens and thinks before saying anything.
God and mortal parent: Boreas and ________ _________ (does not remember his mother's name either.)
Powers**: Resistant to cold. At 30 Degrees Farenheight, it starts feeling chilly for him. 15 Degrees, he needs a long sleeved shirt. 0 Degrees, he needs a jacket, a long-sleeved shirt, and an undershirt (Passive.) He can manipulate wind up to 50 MPH. He can only sustain these winds for a minute and 15 seconds. He can also create hail the size of golf balls in a 5 yard by 5yard area and maintain it for about half a minute. He has power over ice as well. Making an ice cage around someone takes up about 1/5th of his energy. Making small little ice sculptures takes up about 1/30th of his power.
Flaws: He is an amnesiac (more in bio.) as well as being diagnosed with Melancholic depression. Jack is also socially awkward. He can tune out of conversations some times.
Pets: None.
Weapon: His weapon is a jagged celestial bronze sword with a silver hilt, and some aquamarine embedded in the pommel. This sword can be transformed into a simple silver ring with an aquamarine embedded into it. Keeps a bow handy at all times.
Talents/Skills: Hunting, fishing, swimming, habitat finding, and most other things that have to do with the outdoors. Moderately talented at guitar.
RP Example*: Jack sighs as he watches the cars go by noisily from the rooftop. He missed the wild, the fresh smell of pine, and the voice of the birds. As Jack looked out over the city, he decided to experiment with his powers. He had only discovered them recently, but they were quite effective. Hail started raining over the area he focused on. Jack smiles as he climbs down from the roof and into his bedroom. He flops down on his bed and goes to sleep.
Biography*: Jack was a snobby, rich, greedy prick up until his 13th birthday. That was when the plane crash happened. This was caused by 'anonymous' winds. Jack ended up in the middle of the Canadian wilderness, alone, and having no memories of his past. He found that he had the ring with him, along with a hatchet. He lived there, learning the ways of the wilderness, and living in solace, alone. One day, he was found by a passing by lumberjack when Jack was 16. Jack was driven to a foster home, and taken care of. He caught up very quickly in education, and was eventually found by a satyr after a year. He was then taken to camp.
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PostSubject: Re: Jack, son of Boreas.   2/12/2012, 3:28 am

Lovely form. Approved-ed.


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Jack, son of Boreas.
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