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 awww yiss character remake (barr, son of boreas. the only stuff changed was history and personality so idk????)

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PostSubject: awww yiss character remake (barr, son of boreas. the only stuff changed was history and personality so idk????)   1/19/2013, 8:27 pm

if this is a test
i'm losing my shit.
would it kill you to care
as much as i did?

Full name: barrfhionn calain quinn
Nicknames: he goes by barr, because seriously, would you want to tell people your name was barrfhionn?
Age: barr is eighteen years of age.
Date of birth: barr was born on the fifth of december in 1994.
Years at Camp: barr has been at camp half blood for two years.

God parent: barr's godly parent is boreas, the god of the cold, north wind.
Mortal family:
  • mother
      biddy quinn - biddy was a kind of frantic woman. she ran a catering service where everything seemed to go wrong, always seemed to be short on money, and had to raise a son on her own, not to mention she was only nineteen when he was born. biddy was, well, she had been desperate. she didn't have a lot of money and then there was this man who was offering her a place to stay and putting food on the table and treating her nicely, and she found it reasonable that he asked for something in return. but then biddy found out she was pregnant. about three months before the baby was due, he left her saying that he had to go on a business trip. biddy didn't see him until the day barr was born, and he left soon after that. he had only come to give her the address of some camp in america, as if she'd have enough money for that.

Place of birth: barr was born in dublin, ireland.
Pets: barr has no pets.
Biography: barr was born in dublin, ireland to a poor woman named biddy quinn. biddy was a caring mother who would do anything for her son. the only problem was their lack of money. biddy had to send barr to a nursery that was run by an elderly woman that lived in their neighbourhood. she did it for free, saying that "nothing delighted her more than the little ones." barr's mother was relieved when she found out it would be free, because she didn't have the money to pay for a nursery, but she also didn't have the money to take time off of work to take care of barr.
really, barr hated the old lady's house. she insisted on the children calling her nana. nana's house always smelled of cat (she had two) and cat food, and there was cat hair everywhere. barr soon grew a disliking of cats simply because of all of the cats in nana's house. she always burnt the biscuits and put too much cheese in the sandwiches and barr just didn't like her, really. nothing came as more of a relief when he started school.
barr didn't exactly like the kids at school, though. however, if there was one thing that he had learned from having to endure nana's, it was that acting can get you anywhere. barr was a social butterfly, basically. he could pretend he liked kids he didn't so he wouldn't have to sit alone at lunch, and sometimes he could get a biscuit out of it.
as barr got older, he kept up the charade. it made his mum happy to think her son had a lot of friends, and it meant he didn't get picked on by the bullies which would have happened seeing as he was so small, so barr was pretty happy about it, too. by the time he was seven, barr knew everyone and made it his business to get to know everyone. he didn't really have any close friends, instead opting to be surface friends with everyone. by the age of ten, barr was convinced he didn't even need close friends.
for some reason, though, everyone seemed to think that because they had known barr so long, that made him their best friend or something. people were telling him secrets and at first barr was confused, but he realized that it could be a good thing. and it wasn't like he was blackmailing people or anything, he just used their secrets to get people to do what he wanted them to do. well, maybe it was blackmail, but it was useful. and it could be kind of fun, too, when he was out with his friends and he could just sit down next to someone and whisper to them that if they kept doing something he'd just tell everyone and they'd tense up and go white. and nobody ever really learned, just kept telling him secrets.
his mother kept working at the factory and had taken on several new jobs in addition, and it was obvious she was overworking herself. so barr started using his knowledge to get money, accepting payment to either tell secrets or keep secrets. he'd slip the money into her purse or he'd use it to buy groceries, anything he could do to help her. and it wasn't like all of the kids needed the money, either. they could still live without it, and their parents didn't have to work at a factory as well as several jobs as a waitress at restaurants where old men pretended they couldn't read something so she would lean down and they could stare at her breasts. he thought of himself as robin hood. except using probably worse methods to get the money and he just kept it for himself (technically).
despite the fact that he blackmailed most people in his school in order to get money, he was on friendly terms with everyone. it was weird the way that things worked there, but that was just the way things were. probably because he just had this look to him where if he smiled at someone a certain way, they thought that there was no way someone that cute and innocent looking would ever blackmail someone.
but then, when he was fifteen, he actually let someone get close. it was a boy from his school named thomas, and, well, it wasn't like thomas had said it, really, but barr was positive the dude was gay. and he was totally good looking, and maybe barr had been getting sick of being alone so long, or maybe he just wanted to see what it was like actually letting someone get close, but he became friends with thomas. and it didn't exactly take so long to fall for him, not really. (which was entirely thomas' fault because he just had to be such a good f*cking person.) and barr had never been afraid to do anything, so one day he just kissed him because, well, why not? like, really, what's the worst that could happen?
well, it had turned out that thomas didn't exactly know he was gay. (well, that or he just couldn't accept it, because barr totally caught him making out with some other guy in the janitor's closet a month later and he totally did not cry afterwards.)
but then thomas did realize, and he went to barr. and at first he was almost kind of offended, but then he realized he should just seize the chance because, like, he didn't have to be alone, and he didn't want to be alone, not anymore. so like, they started dating. and barrís mum new, of course he told her, because he knew she wouldnít care or anything. itís just the type of person she was. but then there was the issue of thomasí parents, who were strongly homophobic. but like, young and in love, so who cares, right? so they told them.
well, it didnít go to well. thomas was sent to one of those camps where people are taught how not to be gay or whatever. and apparently in had some huge effect on thomas, because he never spoke to barr again. he got back and barr would try to talk to him, but he just walked away. and that was fine, because barr didnít need him or anyone at all because he was fine, just fine. it didnít matter that thomas was his first everything, because barr didnít need him and his stupidly pretty face.
and so barr decided that he didnít need anyone again and went back to his previous ways, blackmailing for money and getting along with everyone but never getting close enough to get hurt.
but, well, he started to realize that he still wasnít getting enough from his previous tactics. and maybe his decision wasn't the best, but, well, he didn't really have any other options. basically, he became the school sl*t. people would pay him and he'd sleep with them. and it wasn't like barr minded or anything. he liked sex, he was good at sex, so why not? and if he also got some money out of it, well, even better.
when barr was sixteen, he full on encountered his first monster. of course he'd seen them in passing before, but this was his first actual encounter with one. he just barely got away from it, somehow managing to confuse it enough to get away. it left a nasty cut on his shoulder, and he knew he'd need stitches. he also knew there was no way his mum could afford the hospital bill, so he stitched it back up himself with some fishing wire. he figured that it had just been some animal that got all messed up by radiation and didn't mention it.
but then he saw the same monster again, and again, and again, and he decided that there was no way it could be an animal. he eventually told his mum about it, and she scraped up just enough money to get barr a one way ticket to new york city. there was a taxi waiting for him at the terminal to take him to camp, and he's been there ever since.

Appearance: barr's a tiny kid. he's skinny and short, and his teeth are crooked because his mum couldn't afford for him to get braces. his skin is pretty pale, but his cheeks are often pink. he's got this innocent look to him, probably because of his fair skin, pink cheeks, blonde hair, and blue eyes.
Eye color: many people tend to notice barr's eyes, which are a piercing blue colour. people tend to think that he wears contact lenses because his eyes are so bright, but they're actually natural. while the colour tends to look sharp and piercing, his eyes typically look soft and kind. naturally, though, his eyes are harsh and a bit cold, and kind of distrusting.
Hair: barr has short blonde hair, although his hair is naturally brown. he's been dying it since he was ten, using what little money he could get together to dye it. sometimes he can't dye it for a while, causing his hair to have brown roots. when this happens he tends to style his hair into a quiff this gif makes me wanna kms ugh because he just thinks that looks better.
Height: barr stands at a total height of five feet and five inches, and yes, he does realize how pathetic that is, thanlk you very much.
Body type: barr's just kind of...small. he's really skinny and tends to just fold into himself, but he's got this huge presence to make up for it.
Distinct markings: barr has a two point five inch scar on his left shoulder from an encounter with a monster when he was sixteen.
Style: barr will wear whatever he can get his hands on, really. sometimes it's just a t-shirt and jeans, other times he looks fancier. it all depends on what he can afford. he typically dresses casually, but he can dress fancy if the occasion calls for it.

Fatal Flaw: he always overestimates himself. he'll say he's fine even if he's not, and then, when he realizes he really isn't okay, he tries to fix it himself. he refuses help and refuses to ask for help.
Flaws: he tends to lie so he can get to people's secrets. basically, he's a deceptive little shit who shouldn't be trusted. he also tends to distance himself from others, and heís kind of prideful, too. like, prideful as in he doesn't really let other people help him because he thinks it makes him "less of a man" or something idk it's just how he works don't question it.
Personality: barr's the type of person who would be really bitter if he weren't so focused on living. he doesnít trust people and he keeps everyone at a distance, but heís loud and happy and reckless. heís basically the type of person who seems to just get high off of life. sometimes heíll appear to be staring sadly off into the distance, but the second he realizes what heís doing, heís suddenly back in action, doing all sorts of shit.

Weapon(s): barr has a standard issue bow and some arrows from the weapons shed, although he prefers not to fight.
Talents/Skills: barr is good at playing the guitar, and he's great at singing. he's good at lying, which probably isn't the best talent to have, but whatever. it means he's good at acting, which is cool. he also doesn't get cold as easily as other people, being the son of boreas.
Powers: none.

Other Notes: the playby is niall horan. this form was made previously, but then i was like ďyeah no I donít like that personalityĒ and here we are yaaay.

if this is a test
i'm wasting my breath.
you're a stranger i know well
and not at all
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PostSubject: Re: awww yiss character remake (barr, son of boreas. the only stuff changed was history and personality so idk????)   1/19/2013, 8:39 pm

Holy mother of forms. Approved

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awww yiss character remake (barr, son of boreas. the only stuff changed was history and personality so idk????)
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