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 The return of a character.

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PostSubject: The return of a character.   1/4/2012, 5:24 am

Character Name:Eddie Thaed

God parent:Anubis-Mortal Parent:Bennita, her last name is unknown to Eddie.
Powers:He can rise ten undead soilders, five at a time, a day.The soilders live for 30 minutes. The recharge takes 12 hours.
Flaws:Opptomistic, risks his life for friends and loved ones, hostile to strangers.
Weapon:A stygian Iron Falcata, which can magically turn into a dog-tag necklace.
Talents/Skills:Cooking and survial skills.
RP Example:Eddie was walking through Death Valley at night when he saw a Manticorn.He pulled out his falcata and began to sneak up on it. He stabbed it two times in the back and it knocked him away. He quickly recited a spell and five undead soilders rose. He ordered them to attack the manticorn and they charged at it.They got the best of the manticorn, but it quickly knocked them away. He charged it again and stabbed it in the head, killing it.
Biography:Eddie was born in a small mexican river village near the border. His mother was a member of a group who would help out poor towns in Mexico. When he was four his mom was able to go to the states again and they moved to San Antonio Texas.When he was nine though, a Hierocosphinx attacked his mom and him and it killed her.Just as it was about to kill him a dog tage necklace appeared in Eddie's hand. It quickly turned into a falcata sword and he was able to kill the beast.He spent next five years he was traveling across the states. He was in Alabama when a couple, the Thaeds, found him and adopted him,they moved to Manhatten later that month.One day at his school a kid told him to come with him as he was there to save him. He took Eddie to Camp Half-Blood.He was claimed as a child of Anubis Egyptian god of Funerals.
After awhile though, Eddie left camp to explore the world alittle more. He still had his dog-tag necklace for protection, but he was sure he wouldn't need it. He was able to reunite with his adoptive parents and he was living with them for awhile. But he was having trouble with school, and was always getting in trouble with the law. Eventually his parents were sick of it and they sent him off to Pilgrim Academy to straighten out his grades and attitude. He has been there for about two weeks now.
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PostSubject: Re: The return of a character.   1/4/2012, 5:28 am

Hmm.... hmmm... hmmm... hmmm.... hmmmmmmmmm....

Oh, I'm going to be butchered for this.



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The return of a character.
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