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 Return of ML.

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PostSubject: Return of ML.   7/8/2012, 6:40 pm

Character Name: Thayer Jace Street
Gender: Male
Age: Seventeen
Description: Thayer has light brown hair, with a some patches of darker brown. His hair really isn't that light, but its not extremely dark, its between the two colors. He hates long hair, so Spencer always keeps his hair cut short. He knows when to cut it when, he can feel it covering part of his forehead. Thayer normally leaves his hair natural, maybe brushing through it once or twice. He sometimes will brush it towards one of the sides of his head, but not often.

Thayer has large light blue eyes. By light, I do mean light. If Thater was to be facing straight, and you were looking at him from the side you could pretty much see through his eyes. His eyes are what some people might consider cold, you can't really see much emotion in them. Above each of his eyes, Thayer has a pair of slightly bushy eyebrows the same color of his hair. Above his eyes, and below his eyebrows, Thayer also has a set of brown eyelashes, that are actually rather long for a guys, but being a guy Spencer doesn't care. In between his eyes, is Thayer's nose, which is pretty average the tip of it pointing downwards a bit. On the side of his head are his ears, which are normal shape and size. Spencer has a very distintive jaw line, and he has high cheek bones.

Thayer can be considered tall, he's defiently not sure thats for sure. He stands at a height of around six feet, or just a bit under. A lot of his height comes from Thayer's long legs, that have some muscule, from lacrose but not a lot. His arms are also pretty long and gangly, with some muscule but not a lot to really make a lot of different. He big hands, with plenty of cuts and blisters and caluses, from building and gripping a lacrose stick. His fingers are long, and skinny. Thayer wears a size sixteen in shoes, which is about average for someone his height. If you were to describe Thayer's body type, most people would describe him as Lanky. He hasn't quite filled himself out yet, which is pretty easy to tell.

Thayer is like every other teenaged guy, well almost every other. He does not care about his appearance to much. Most of the time he wears a old tee shirt, and blue jeans with a pair of old beat up shoes. He will add a leather jacket in colder weather, and he will add sunglasses. However Thayer does know how to dress nicely, do to being from a wealthy family. However he hates dressing nicely, and he only does when he has too. Never missing from any of his out fits, his Thayer's yellow Livestrong braclet. Thayer also enjoys wearing athletic clothing.

Personality: Thayer is a very quiet person, not be mistaken for shy. He is not shy, he just doesn't talk a lot, because most of the time he either doesn't care or saying something isn't important, he likes to save his words for when they're needed. He is a very secretive person, who's very good at hiding stuff from a lot of people, except for the people he is really close too, because then it's easier for them to tell he's hiding something. Thayer has had a lot of practice lying, so he has become a very good liar. He is highly intellegent, and very clever. At school, he always got straight A'S, and was one of the top people in his class. Spencer is very good at convincing people that he's not paying attention when he is, or that he's paying attention when he isn't. That is very helpful, because it allows him to listen in on peoples conversations.

Thayer longs to find the person who truely understands him, and that won't judge him. Although he might not look like it, Thayer is a very nice person. Thayer also cares a lot about the people who are important to him. He has a lot of loyalty to his close friends, and the ones he loves. He could and would do anything for them, even if it means pretending to hate them to protect them. As much as it might hurt him, Thayer will always do that. Thayer also has a tendency to only really listen to the people he trusts.

Thayer is a very difficult person, to understand and handle. His mind is so full of different thoughts, that it would be almost impossible to understand what goes on inside of it. It's like he's in a complex shell, trapped by lies, secrets, thoughts and memories. As much as he hates to admit it, Thayer is trapped in a way by all of this. He searches for a way to get out, but he just can't seem to find one.

Thayer is very protective of his loved ones, and close friends. If anyone was to hurt them, he would try to hurt that person. He also has a problem with a quick temper, he gets very mad to fast and to easy. Thayer tries to stay clear of people, because he knows if he gets to close to them, he will become over protective of them, and become close, and he'd end up learning secrets, lying, which is everything he's trying to get away from. Thayer is a very good actor, he is able to convice people that he's fine when he's not. Thayer is also very helpful, he is always willing to help about the ones important to him.

God and mortal parent: Hestia, and James Street.
Powers**: Thayer has the ability to control fire. He controls fire in the way a fire bender from Avatar would control it. He can do this up to fifty times each day, but using his powers a lot makes Spencer very tired.
Flaws: Thayer's flaws are, his loyalty, he likes to strict to himself, he has some trust issues, and he lies a lot.
Pets: None.
Weapon: A celstial bronze sword that turns into a yellow Livestrong braclet.
Talents/Skills: Thayer's talents are, soccer, running, lacrose, baseball, guitar, and singing.
RP Example*: Thayer walks along the beach, holding a large towel. Over his ears are a pair of Beats headphones. After a while of walking he stops and spreads his towel down on the sand. He then sits down on it and looks around, a small smile on his face. It was a nice day and she was glad that he had thought of coming to the beach. Otherwise he would have ended up wasting his whole day, doing something completly stupid. He reaches into his pocket and takes out his IPhone He scrolls through the songs and stops on Viva La Vida by Cold Play. He smiles lightly and places the ipod on the blanket next to him.

Thayer looks around at all of the people, but he stops on the water. It was just such a pretty site, and he loved just being able to come and stare at it. He absent mindly reaches into his pocket and pulls out his sunglasses. He unfolds them and puts them on his face. Thayer lays back on her towel and stares up at the sky. He smiles lightly and hums lightly, as he looks at the sky.

Thayer looks around slowly and pauses his Ipod. He then carefully takes her headphones off of his head. He then gentally places them on his towel. Thayer was very careful and protective of his head phones. They had cost a lot of money and he was not going to break them. He then looks at the water. He wanted to swim, but just not by her self. He really needed a friend, someone to talk with and someone to swim with. He looks around at all of the people wondering if any of them would be a friend. As of now, none of them really looked like it. Besides herself, the other people at the beach consited of a stoner, a couple that were just sitting on the sand making out, a couple of giggly girls and a couple of twelve year old boys. Thayer sighs and sits there.

Biography*: Thayer grew up in suburban Philidelphia, Pennsylvannia. He grew up in a very wealthy family with wealth coming from his mother's family and his step-fathers family. Thayer always liked the wealth, because it mean't he could get what he wanted. But as he grew older, Thayer grew to hate it. He learned that when your family has money, people judge you.

At school, Thayer prefered to stay towards the back of the class. Not to say he didn't answer stuff, or that he didn't care. Thayer was good at school, maintaining straight A's. He just didn't show that he tried to get good grades. In fact most of the time during class, it looked like Thayer wasn't even paying attention. All of his teaches wondered why he was like this, because they of course had taught Martin. Martin was the perfect student and child, he sat in the front of class and answered all of the questions and had perfect grades. A lot of people started to compare the brothers. Martin showed more potiental, and he payed more attention in class. However Thayer had a higher IQ Level, and showed signs of being smarter then Martin. This of course made Martin mad, while Thayer found it to be amusing.

Out side of school, Thayer played lacrose, and ran. He also took up an intrest in building things. He wasn't sure where he got it from, but building things was fun. Infact, he even built his own tree house. The tree house became his refuge, his place to be alone and to hide. He never let anyone into his tree house, so he could truely call it his own. The older he got, the more and more time he would spend in his tree house. One day when Thayer , was at lacrose practice, Martin decided to sneak up into his brothers tree house. When Thayer came home and found Martin in his tree house, he was made. He attacked his brother, and pushed him out of the tree house. The result of this was several bruises for both of the boys, and Martin had a broken wrist and a concussion.

Not sure what they should do, Veronica and James decided to try sending Thayer to camp. They then sat the boy down, and told him all about this special camp, for kids like him. Of course Thayer thought it was a camp for troubled kids. Reluctantly he allowed his parents to send him off to camp, maybe he would like it there. Atleast he would be away from his family, and all of the teachers who compared him to Martin.

Reaching Half-Blood hill, had proved to be somewhat difficult for Thayer . He had been attacked by monsters, luckily he had managed to fend them off with help from a satyr, Rory. After a week of fighting, and traveling the two crossed the border into camp. From here they proceded to take Thayer 's stuff to the Hermes cabin, since he was not yet claimed. After that Thayer had a talk with Chiron, and everything was explained to him. Later that week at dinner Thayer was claimed by Hestia . For the next six years, Thayer has been attending the camp as a Summer camper, occasionly coming and going. Then recently he switched over to year-round, still coming and going.

Notes: I hope you like Keegan Thayer.

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PostSubject: Re: Return of ML.   7/8/2012, 6:48 pm

((OKAY OH MY GOD IS THAT KEEGAN ALLEN OH MY GOD LET ME GO DIE YOU HAVE THE BEST PLAY BYS xD I'm sorry I'm commenting on your wip I couldn't resist))

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PostSubject: Re: Return of ML.   7/8/2012, 6:58 pm

Haha he's done. xD
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PostSubject: Re: Return of ML.   7/8/2012, 7:04 pm

Very nice character. Approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Return of ML.   

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Return of ML.
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