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 The return of ML.

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PostSubject: The return of ML.   7/4/2012, 5:41 pm

Character Name: August Landon Nelson
Gender: Male
Age: Seventeen
Description: August has short, light brown hair that goes down to the tips of his ears. His eyes are a warm dark brown color, like dark chocolate. August has been told that his eyes are full of emotion, and you can tell how he feels just by looking into his eyes. Above his eyes, August has a pair of thick, bushy brown eyebrows. A lot of people don't really think bushy eyebrows look the greatest, but August manages to make them work. August has a rather basic facial structure, a defining jaw line, a roundish head, and average cheek bones.

August tries very hard to stay and shape, and manages to do so. He weighs a comfortable 170, a lot of it being muscule. His calves, arms, and shoulders are very muscular, but not overly muscular, and you can't always tell how strong he is. August is considered to be fairly tall standing at around 6'0''. His skin is an average white color, occasionly he will tan, but he burns more than he tans.

Personality: August is a big softy. He is very gentle, and he really cares about others. He can't stand the site of someone hurting, and it often makes him sad to see someone in pain. He is very emotional, and gets upset easliy. A lot of people call August, sensitive but he really doesn't care what people think of him. If August sees anyone in need of help, he will stop and help them. Thats a good thing about August, he cares more about others than himself. August is very goofy, he loves to have fun.

August is a very sweet guy. He loves meeting new people, and people like to meet August. Rarely do you find someone, like August. He is just quiet, nice, and gentle. August is a pacifist, meaning he will not be involved in war, or fighting the thought sickens him. He also hates the idea of intemidating people, he prefers just to act his self, it's a person choice if they like him or not. Thats another thing, August doesn't care if people like him or if they don't.

God and mortal parent: Aelous and Julianne Nelson.
Powers**: August can create gust of wind up to fifty miles per hour, ten times a day. The stronger the gust, the more it drains him.

August can also control the air particles around him, to make it look like he's hovering or floating in mid air. He can do this three times a day at the most for up to a half hour. But depending on the weather, and the time, it affects how much it drains him.

Flaws: August has many flaws, as do everyone other human being. August often doesn't notice a lot of things going on around him. He is also a bit to sensitive, he gets upset too easily. Let's not forget that August is extremly loyal to his friends. Also August has a lack of self confidence. August also has issues with trusting people more than they should be trusted.

Pets: None.

Weapon: Being a pacifist, August doesn't fight. People have tried, but he just won't. He does carry a small celstial bronze dagger, to use for protection only.

Talents/Skills: August is a very skilled singer, and guitar player, who always plays a bit of piano. He is a runner, who ran on his schools cross country and track teams. August also swims, and plays lacrose and soccer. He is also a pretty good drawer, if cartoon drawings count.

RP Example*: August walks along the sand of the beach listening to his ipod. At the same time, is arms are full of food,and so are his pockets. He is stuffing his face full of food as he walks. As soon as he swallows theres more food to replace it. Its quite the site to see. Though its not as if August cares or even notices what he's doing. He's hungry, and nothings going to distract him from eating.

After a while he stops walking, just to focus on his eating. He stuffs about three Kebler Fudge Stripe cookies into his mouth. The next sight is almost revaulting, as August seems to inhale the cookies whole. It was amazing how much he could eat. His stomach is like a bottomless pit. He stands there unaware of anyone else, still inhaling his food.

Then it all changes as a song comes on to his ipod. August then starts to dance, still holdning his food. Not just any dance either, he's doing the Cat Daddy. It was quite the sight. If anyone were to walk in right now, they would be in for a treat. It was pretty entertaining to watch August dance. You see, August was a fairly good dancer.

Biography*: August grew up in a small apartment in New York City, New York. To be exact the apartment was located in Manhattan. In reality, the apartment was pretty nice, but August hated it. From the moment he was old enough to understand what it mean't to hate something he hated it. A few weeks after August's birthday, Julianne was already up and playing her little game. What game is this? Picking up different men, she liked to go out to bars and find random men and bring them home. Most of them didn't last too long, but some became regualrs. As soon as he understood what was going on, Sam hated it.

Julianne never really wanted a son, and she let August know that. At home he was constantly beat over and over again. Sometimes he didn't even do anything, and he'd still be beaten. It got to the point where, he missed several days of school because of the pain. However he doesn't tell anyone about this because even though she's kind of crazy, he loves his mom. So even though she's horrible to him, he would never tell anyone. This is also the leading factor as to why August is a pacifist.

School is the one place, where August can be accepted. In fact he seemed to be accepted by a lot of people. See, August was lucky enough to be in the popular group of kids at shcool. He enjoyed having all of these friends, but sometimes he just longed to get away from all of it. He never really took any action to get away from this though.

There was a point in August's life where it was just to hard for him to handle and he became really stressed. School was harder, and Julianne seemed to beat him more than ever. So August turned to drinking, and oh boy did he like it. He would just drink until all of his problems went away. He also started to serial date girls, breaking up with them when they got boring. A couple of times he almost went farther, but he manged to stop himself. However he told everyone that he went farther.

Then his life seemed to change. All of the sudden Julianne seemed to care about her son. Maybe it was the fact that she didn't want him to become like her. So after some thinking she told August about camp. She then had him pack a bag. Julianne then forced August into her car, where she took him to camp and left him. After a while of standing there confused, August stumbled up the hill and into camp. Where he feel down the hill, and passed out. When he woke up he was surrounded by an old guy and some random girl. After the two took him to dinner, he was sent to the Hermes cabin. Then as he was getting ready for bed he was claimed. August was then taken to the other gods cabin.

Notes: I hope you like him!

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PostSubject: Re: The return of ML.   7/4/2012, 7:13 pm

/slow clap.

That was quite a good form.



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The return of ML.
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