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 CHB Charries....RETURN!

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PostSubject: CHB Charries....RETURN!   1/13/2012, 4:33 pm

Character Name: Heidi Cloves
Gender: Female
Age: She'd be... fourteen now!
Description (hair and eye color, height, body type (skinny, muscular, etc) required): She has long, dark brown hair with a few natural auburn highlights. Her eyes are green with a slight yellow tint around her pupils. She grew in the last two or so years, and shes now 5'6"! She's still rather light and thin, with tan skin and freckles from the sun.

God and mortal parent: Hestia and Jacob Cloves
Powers**: She is fire-resistant, and has the ability to manipulate and create small things of fire. For example, she could, say, light someones hair on fire 8-9 times a day, or breathe fire out of her mouth 4-5 times. Her hair tends to light on fire when she's angry, without her meaning too. Her powers drain her if over-used.

Flaws: She's very sensitive, and hotheaded. She doesn't react well to change at all, and she can be a little too self sacraficing.
Pets: A new, recently found baby Pheonix named Ruthie.
Weapon: Its....a....BATON. It conducts heat and fire, glowing red when hot, and also the end of one side turns into a sword when a button is pressed (CB of course 8D). She also has a few dagger too.
Talents/Skills: She's a rather smart individual, with good reflexes

RP Example*: I opened my eyes, and looked around groggily. Where was...AH. WHAT, NO, I DIED! I WAS STABBED AND KILLED BY THAT CYNDER PERSON. WHAT THE FFFFFF! I jumped up, running a hand through my hair. "And my hairs long!" I said, exasperated, throwing my hands up. THIS WAS IMPOSSIBLE. Was...Was I TALLER?! "DID I AGE OR SOMETHING!?"


Biography*: Heidi was never really wanted by her dad. And to be honest, her dad wasn't there for her. She would clean and cook but her dad was barely home. Sometimes, he dad would leave her alone for months, and even when he was home he got drunk and abused her physically and emotionally Even though Heidi didn't have a very good Dad, She had a very trusting friend, who was named Jed. Jed ended up being the Satyr to take her to Camp Half Blood.

Now, two years ago, Heidi was happily at Camp Half-blood. She was still clumsy, and made various friends. Until she met Cynder. She (indrectly) antagonized Cynder, and ended up getting killed.

Two years later, for unknown reasons, she was alive again. Maybe she'd gotten reborn - maybe she annoyed Hades just that much. She ended up in the woods of Maine, where she found Ruthie, and made her way back to Camp! :3

Notes: Well, she died before. On CHB. And stuff :3


Character Name: Jenner Mauls
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Description (hair and eye color, height, body type (skinny, muscular, etc) required): She's about 5'7 :3

God and mortal parent: Thanatos and Kaden Mauls
Powers**: She can shadow travel 12 - 16 ft, about 8 times a day and it wears her out to the point of fainting. She also has the ability to turn near-invisible in the dark - if she stays still, she's impossible to see. She doesn't have to concentrate for the shadow disapearing - just for shadow traveling x3

Flaws: Rash, difficulties getting along with others, enjoys subtedly manipulating people, vengeful
Pets: Nada
Weapon: A Cb sword, along with two daggers
Talents/Skills: She's good with manipulating people, a rather good planner, and very determined.

RP Example*: I groaned, pinching the bridge of my nose. I wanted to go back to camp and leave this stupid, annoying school. Seriously, what was the point of this? Just because Mom got rich and I died.... Its not like I'll die again.

So idiotic boy came up to me and I growled, literally, and he paled and began hurridely walking in the other direction. Stupid mortals.

Biography*: When Jenner was growing up, she was a troubled kid. She bullied anyone who tried to be nice to her and constantly got kicked out of schools. Her Mom was low on money, working three dfferent jobs, so Jenner rarely saw her. She ended up blocking out everyone. She ended up running away for a few weeks, getting attacked by a Hellhound and taken to camp by a Satyr that had been tailing her.

She made it to CHB, making a few friends. One, Zaria, a ten year old that was like a little sister to her, and a rather creepy daughter of Morpheus named Shadow. Both of them ended up being killed by Lee. Driven by anger, she decided to help kidnap Lee's girlfriend Cynder, torturing her, and later on finding a little girl named Marina who's sister had been murdered by them, training her to be a strong fighter.

Things happened, and Jenner ended up dying too. She mulled around in the Underworld for awhile, before somehow coming back to life. Her mother, who had married a rich guy while Jenner was dead, almost forced her to return and start attending Pilgrim Academy during the school year.

Notes: She died ^^ Before. Yeah 8D

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PostSubject: Re: CHB Charries....RETURN!   1/13/2012, 11:09 pm

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CHB Charries....RETURN!
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