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 Carter Grace Morris

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PostSubject: Carter Grace Morris   6/8/2013, 7:52 pm

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Carter Grace Morris is this character's name. Carter isn't a very big fan of her name; in her opinion, it's more of a boy's name than a girl's name. However, she prefers it over lying or going by her middle name.

Carter is female.

Carter is seventeen years of age.

Carter has been at camp since she was fourteen; so, roughly, that's four years.

Carter's godly parent is Thor, the Norse god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, hallowing, healing and fertility.

Carter's mortal parent is a woman called Katherine Grace Morris, age forty and counting.

Carter was born on the seventeenth of August.

Carter was born in the city of London, England.

Carter has bright blue eyes. She considers them her best facial feature and tends to outline them with some eyeliner to make them look larger.

Carter has wavy, blonde hair that tumbles to the middle of her back. When she was eleven, she started to highlight it with neon colours to rebel against her strict mother and hasn't stopped yet.

Carter stands at the not-so-tall height of five feet and two inches. She doesn't really care that she's under the average height for a seventeen-year-old girl, though.

Carter is slim.

Carter has a light smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks.

You wouldn't think it, but Carter is actually a very kind person. She is insecure and tries to mask it with cockiness, and, usually, she succeeds. When you get to know her well, Carter is a gold-hearted girl. She is a bit of a rebel, though, and speaks before thinking (see fatal flaw) so that’s why she usually rubs off as a jerk to people she has just met.

Unfortunately for her, Carter has no powers.

Carter's fatal flaw would be her recklessness. She tends to act or speak before she things and this has lead her into trouble or made her an enemy many, many times.

Carter is selfish. If you were in the unfortunate situation of being attacked by a bear or a monster or whatever in her company, she wouldn't give a crap about you. She'd just run off and save herself. Another flaw of hers is that she is impatient. Maybe it's because of her ADHD, but she cannot wait for five minutes.

Carter has a Celestial Bronze dagger, but she never bothers to carry it around with her. It isn't that she's a pacifist, she just thinks it's stupid carrying around a weapon.

Carter has no pets. She doesn't think she has the time or the patience for an animal.

Carter is good at lying to and manipulating other people and masking her emotions. Causing havoc on the streets with gangbangers for four years helped her with that. She's good at drawing and football (or soccer, as Americans call it), too.

Carter was born in London, England, seventeen years ago on the seventeenth of August. Thor and her mother were so in love, when Thor left them, Carter's mom was devastated. She took out her sadness on Carter; not physically, or really emotionally, but it sure affected Carter's first fourteen years. Her mom never took Carter out of her sight, except for school, where she was heavily monitored by teachers. Carter was put on strict diets, and she wasn't allowed to go to birthday parties or school dances. It didn't affect her first ten years so much -- ten-year-olds don't really go out on their own, anyway -- but when Carter was a preteen and teen, she was upset and she and her mom got in huge fights. That's when Carter's mom started ignoring Carter, not feeding her or anything. Carter wasn't quite old enough to care all for herself, and she struggled. When a friend discovered she was being neglected, Carter was given to Social Services and sent to America, where a nice foster family let her in. For two nice, long years, Carter was a normal girl. But then, when she was fourteen, monsters started attacking her and her family. She left them in the dust, while a satyr took her to Camp Half-Blood.

Carter Grace Morris walked along the pier, a cone of vanilla ice-cream clutched in her hand. She was hoping to meet some new friends; it had only been two years that she had been able to be independent, and she had only made a few friends because of her cocky attitude. Carter blamed her mother for that. It wasn’t her fault she was raised badly. It wasn't her fault she had such a bad attitude, either.
Carter spotted a guy sitting alone on a bench. She sat next to him. "Hey."
He turned around, and his eyes were glowing yellow. "Hello, Carter."
Carter immediately knew that that had been a bad choice. She skittered up and ran away as she cursed her life.

Teddi (the famousest taco ever) bby finished up the personality, bio, and the roleplay sample. Credit to her.

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PostSubject: Re: Carter Grace Morris   6/9/2013, 8:43 pm

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Carter Grace Morris
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