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 Lucas Carter Son of Phobos

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PostSubject: Lucas Carter Son of Phobos   1/9/2012, 2:24 am

Character Name: Lucas Carter

Gender: M

Age: 15

Description: and he is 5'9

God and mortal parent: Phobos and Amelia Carter.

Powers**: Can make people see their worst possible fear. He can do this 30 times a day and he gets headaches after each time. After 30 he passes out.

Flaws: Slightly In.sane, Obessesion with the look of fear on people's faces. Merciless. Stubborn. Antisocial. and He is almost completely fearless(Complicated one this flaw is).

Pets: N/A

Weapon: Usually he just uses his powers to stop people, but he carries 20 shurikens(Cb) hidden in his belt buckle. And he also uses Two Cb Daggers and a Cb sword for when things get too close for comfort.

Talents/Skills: Fear showing.

RP Example*: Lucas got up out of his bunk and slowly got dressed. He walked outside and hissed a bit at the glare of the sunlight straight in his eyes. As his vision adjusted he looked around for something to do or someone to make the mistake of crossing him. His souless black eyes scanned the courtyard but alas there was no one to scare. He shrugged and walked off towards the arena. Surely some pig-headed sons of Ares would be there, as they say, 'testing their metal.'

Biography*: Lucas's story begins with a young beautiful woman named Amelia. Amelia was a lowly grocery store cashier that fell in love with the god Phobos. They dated for several months but when Amelia became pregnant with Lucas, Phobos had to leave her. Soon after this Lucas was born and Amelia happily took care of him. Unfortunately Lucas wasn't quite right in the head. Let's just put it like this, they had a dog. Lucas loved the dog. By the time Lucas was 4, the dog feared Lucas. The next year there was no more dog. Lucas loved the idea of being feared or left alone. When he was left alone then no one got hurt. When he was feared then he had all the power. Lucas has this sick twisted smile that only a psychopath could pull off and make it look like a sincere smile. He did whatever he wanted because he could, and he always got away with it because he always found a way to lie about it to Amelia. However he never dreamed of killing people because as he says, "That just takes all the fun out of it." To Lucas death was the easy way out of a life of torture. So while he did what he wanted he never killed. By the time Lucas turned 13, half the town feared him and half the town had moved somewhere else. However a literal monster attacked Lucas one day and a satyr came to his aid. The satyr took Lucas home and then Amelia agreeded to drive them to CHB. It took them a year to get there because of all the monster attacks they got giving them a bunch of detours and unwanted stops. By the time Lucas was 14 he, his mother, and the satyr had made it to CHB and Lucas was claimed by Phobos(real big shocker there -...- Not). Lucas has now been staying at CHB for a year.

Notes: Sword:


Shurikens(Enlarged version)

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PostSubject: Re: Lucas Carter Son of Phobos   1/9/2012, 2:58 am


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Lucas Carter Son of Phobos
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