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 My 3rd Character

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PostSubject: My 3rd Character   4/7/2012, 6:53 pm

Demigod form:

Character Name: Syberia Hie
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Description (hair and eye color, height, body type (skinny, muscular, etc) required): Long long gray hair, gray eyes (but is blind), is tall for age (6'), muscular, skinny
God and mortal parent: Enyo and Hiyo Hie
Powers**: Can look at someone(or imagine where the person is, since is blind) and make them fight for 3 minutes, can do this 4 times a day
Flaws: Can't understand English people, because is Chinese, is blind, so can't see something, gets mad easily,can get hurt by words
Pets: none
Weapon: A CB knife and sword
Talents/Skills: Long hair can help swing
RP Example*: I ran down the street, my hair flinging back as I passed one street. I could smell the street. I smiled, and ran on. I ran into a lake. "Ahh!" I screamed, drowning. I tried to find my way out. I sigh, mad. Why? Why do I have to be blind?
Biography*: Syberia lived in China until he was 7. Whenever he moved to America, he got claimed by Enyo. Enyo was a war goddess. Syberia discovered that he had powers to make people fight by imagining where they were and look. Soon, he went to CHB. Syberia loved it there.
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PostSubject: Re: My 3rd Character   4/10/2012, 8:52 pm

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My 3rd Character
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