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 Ashigaru Yukikaze (ready for review)

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PostSubject: Ashigaru Yukikaze (ready for review)   5/19/2013, 6:36 am

Full name: Ashigaru Yukikaze
Any nicknames?: Yuki, Dionysis calls him by his former name: Suzuke Kazashima
Gender: male
Age: 15
Years at Camp: 1

God and mortal parent: Dionysus, Hanabi Kazashima
Date of birth: October 1st, 1998
Place of birth: New Mexico

Appearance(a picture, if you don't have one you could give a description or just leave it blank):

Eye color: light blue
Hair(color, length, style, etc.): black
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Body type(tall, skinny, fat, etc.): tallish, thin, fit
Distinct markings(freckles? Scars? Birthmarks? Etc.): not really
Personality(Are they angry, nice, friendly, unique, violent?): Many things can be said about Yuki, but one of them would definitely be irritable whenever someone calls his nickname Yuki, since people commonly associate the name with a female and tease him constantly about it. He almost never actually gets truly angry, annoyed? yes. Irritated? Yes. Angry? No. One must be well versed in the art of pissing someone off in order to make Yuki truly angry.
He generally is a rather amiable and agreeable person and will generally get along with parents very well, mortal or otherwise. The one exception is his own father whom he hates with a passion and would gladly stick a knife in his back if it weren't for the whole immortal thing. His hatred stems from his father stopping by, knocking up his mother, and then simply leaving them both high and dry, not even keeping tabs on them to see if one or both of them weren't say, dying in car accidents.
He has a rather cynical mindset, always thinking that the worst will happen, even if the worst is admittedly a bit far fetched.
Style(This is optional:try http://polyvore.com/ to make it):

Powers**: Ability to control alcohol
Ashigaru Yukikaze is able to control alcohol. He can cause it to change state from solid, to liquid, to gas, and back again relatively quickly. He is also able to move pure alcohol as if it were a part of his own body, though, this tends to last perhaps two minutes at most. Naturally, this also mean he is able to distill 200 proof alcohol as well by extracting pure ethanol from any alcoholic beverage.

Another quirk, because his power allow him to draw out the excess alcohol from any person's bloodstream, he is the most effective hangover cure ever hands down.

Fatal Flaw*: Crippling Cynicism
Flaws*: Allergic to grapes, does not function well socially

Throwing knives, 6 knives on hand, 36 total (carbon steel)

Butterfly knife (CB)

ceramic non-metalic combat spike

2 electrified spring loaded telescoping batons (32.5 inch, 16 inch) (ceramic/steel)

Katana (Interchangeable blades CB/steel)

Crossbow w/ scope

Cane Sword

Pets: N/A
Talents/Skills: Can cook pretty well

RP Example*: A shadow crept stealthily along the edge of the monster camp. There were two sentries keeping an eye out for any intruders, they had been the first watch of the night so they were still relatively fresh. They were good, but the shadow was better. The shadow crept up behind one of the giants on patrol and slowly but silently crept forward. Ashigaru lined up his crossbow with the guard at 200 meters, staring through the scope as he aimed at the head of a semi-god that had gone rogue. Normally, even a son of apollo would have a hard time making the shot at 200 meters, especially with a crossbow since it wasn't their natural weapon. This crossbow however, was different, gone was the seasoned yew bow arms used by the crossbows of yore and in their place was a highly flexible arm of layered metal alloy, polymer, and kevlar. Gone was the sturdy oak stock, in its place was a highly advanced carbon fiber and polymer resin body, balancing a scope sight and an adjustable scope.

Ashigaru took the shot. The arrow flew straight and true, silently dropping the sentry without a sound. Ashigaru cocked the bow once more and searched the edges again. They had just changed guards so there wouldn't be trouble for another two hours. There, another rogue demi-god rounded the bend and received an arrow to the throat. Ashigaru checked his work through the scope and slung the crossbow again. He drew his black delta force combat spike. dark blue clothing helped him blend in with the dark of night and the ceramic of the combat spike was dulled so that it didn't make a shine. He crept silently through the camp, oh so silently, until he came to a rather large tent, obviously the leader's tent. He got in without trouble, stupid monsters, they had spent the entire night drinking the night away. There was the leader, a juvenile giant who had gotten in over his head, pity he wouldn't get to learn from his mistake, but that was life.

Ashigaru slipped the spike back into his pouch and withdrew his butterfly knife. He opened it, flipping it over and over, the blade gleamed as it twirled through the air silently, a dance of death to come. Ashigaru stepped closer to the bedside and raised the knife, the blade of the knife seemed to ring in anticipation of new blood to be spilled. As if woken by the ringing, the giant opened his eyes groggily, only to snap them open in horror as the dark hooded figure seemed to loom over him, holding a knife. Ashigaru brought down the blade and there was blood. A minute later, the same dark hooded figure slipped out of the camp. Mission accomplished. Paycheck, well earned.

Biography*: The story began nine months before Ashigaru was born. Dionysis was galavanting around the country tasting fresh new wines and alcoholic beverages when he decided to stop for a bit at the Albuquerque wine festival. Naturally, he stayed for the night and knocked up some random woman and was never seen again. This woman was Hanabi Kazashima, a security worker at Los Alamos National Laboratory, who nine months later, gave birth to Suzuke Kazashima.

During the first few years, life went pretty decently, the job at LANL payed well enough to support a single mother and her son. Suzuke was treated was treated well at school and had relatively good grades. It was a quaint little existence, that is, until the humble age of 9 when early one morning as Hanabi was getting ready to go to work, a monster decided to crash the party and attack Suzuke. Needless to say, it didn't go well for the monster. A rather long telescoping baton to the face tends to be a rather effective tactic against all enemies, especially when the very pissed off mother is swinging it with enough force to shatter a motorcycle helmet. Indeed, the blow cracked the monster's brain case and painted the nearby wall with monster brains. That day, after the monster's body had evaporated, Hanabi ordered a smaller baton for her child.

Unfortunately, new mexico tended to be a monster haven since none of the gods really care about the place and neither does the United States government unless it concerns one of the national labs. The monster attacks were unfortunately, quite common, and at the humble age of 12, Suzuke learned that his father had actually been an Olympian and the monsters were attacking because he was a half blood, woop dee doo. Around that time, he discovered his power to control alcohol, and refined his abilities through constant, scrupulous, and careful application in a combat setting. Well, life went rather crappily for the two and Suzuke was, but they managed, and Suzuke developed a rather amiable personality to offset his whole situation.

At 14, his mother was killed in a car accident. A monster had thrown itself into the way of his mother's car in order to get at said woman, causing Hanabi to become startled and swerve off the road. Suzuke was promptly swept up and carried off to camp half blood where he was given his mother's estate due to extenuating circumstances. There, Suzuke was identified as a son of Dionysis, and was sent to detention for the first time in his life when the drunken god had called his mother a Bimbo and the kid himself a brat. Suzuke immediately tried to assault the god with a table knife, though you can imagine how that went.

Suzuke decided to change his name, out of spite for the immortal and changed it to Ashigaru Yukikaze. He learned to identify with the new name and took great pleasure detoxifying all of his "father's" drinks, then ignoring the immortal when he didn't call the kid by his actual name. His mother's estate turned out to be mostly cash and the small house on the outskirts of Los Alamos where he lived, so since he couldn't really live there any more, he let the house be auctioned off as well as a lot of the furniture, keeping the pictures and stuff in a safe deposit box, and putting the money in the bank to accumulate interest. He also began collecting weapons and training to use them effectively.

Other Notes: He named himself Ashigaru after the foot soldiers in use by the armies of the shogunate in Japan.
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PostSubject: Re: Ashigaru Yukikaze (ready for review)   5/20/2013, 6:25 pm

Approved yo


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Ashigaru Yukikaze (ready for review)
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