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 sabine renaud [ready for acceptance]

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PostSubject: sabine renaud [ready for acceptance]   sabine renaud [ready for acceptance] Icon_minitime10/27/2014, 9:28 pm

sabine renaud [ready for acceptance] Tumblr_n8e8z0wg6B1tx7uzlo6_250sabine renaud [ready for acceptance] Tumblr_n8e8z0wg6B1tx7uzlo7_250sabine renaud [ready for acceptance] Tumblr_n8e8z0wg6B1tx7uzlo1_250

Sabine Renaud

Name: Sabine Felicia Renaud
Nicknames: Sab, Sabby, Bean
Age/Birthday: Seventeen, April seventh
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Play By: Adele Exarchopoulos
God Parent: Hephaestus, God of Fire and Blacksmiths
Mortal Family: Sabine was born to one Flavia Renaud.
Claimed: Yes
Years In Camp: Four years
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round.
History: Sabine's life a pretty easy when she was younger. There was no flames engulfing her house or monsters trying to kill her family. Her mother, Flavia, had a steady job as a secretary and was able to provide for the two of them. Sab attended day care close to her mother's work. She spent her days coloring and playing games. She was safe for now but, no one could have ever dreamed of what was to happen to her later in life. 

As she grew, Sab's demigod abilities became much more prominent. By the age of seven she was already tinkering with phones and radios. Her ADHD and Dyslexia also started to show. School became difficult for her. She struggled to concentrate in any subject but math. Math came easily to her. She liked the complexity of it, and how it had many rules. You could never screw up if you remembered the rules. Her mother started to notice the ADHD and Dyslexia and got her tested. After the tests came up positive, Flavia made Sab move schools. So, she started to attend to "hands on" school. She hated this idea at first but, once she got settled into her classes, she began to feel more at home than she did at her old school. Auto class was her favorite. She fixed and tinkered with cars all class, it was like a Hephaestus child's wet dream. Her life was changing for the better until the fire. 

It was late at night when her kitchen caught fire. Sab was sitting in the next room over, watching some stupid horror movie. The smoke alarm didn't go off but, she sure did smell the fire. The oven and part of the cupboards were already engulfed when Sab saw the open beer bottles. Her mother had been going through a tough time at work lately, so she'd resorted to drinking. When the fire was too big for her to even enter the kitchen, Sab ran outside. Luckily, her mother was working late that night. Half of the house was engulfed in flames before the frie department showed up. 

Things went downhill from there. Weeks after the fire there was a break in, then a month later their basement flooded. Suddenly, their money was disappearing. There were too many repairs to be done and they couldn't pay the bills. It was 6 months after the fire when her mother was killed. Flavia was taking the subway home from work at 3am, which in itself is bad idea. It's an even worse idea when you have the scent of your demigod daughter on you. There were only 2 other people in the subway car when she walked on. As they rode on, one of the 2 men kept scooting closer to her. They were only 5 minutes away from her stop when the men changed into his true form. The manticore charged at Flavia, pinning her against the window. Her sank his teeth into her throat, ripping and shredding until her limbs went limp and her head fell from her shoulders. When the subway reached her stop, the manticore ran out, searching for Sab's home. 

Before the beast reached her, a satyr had reached her. The satyr escorted her to camp, and she's been there ever since. 
Physical Appearance: Sab has a very rustic look to her. Her hair is light brown and reaches mid-breast. It tangles easily so, sometimes she wears it in a really messy bun. Her eyes are a much darker shade of brown than her hair. The dark brown, almost black, accentuates her light hair. Sab has very french, olive skin. She often breaks out in acne from spending too much time in the forge. 

From spending so much time there, she's built up quite the muscle. Her biceps are thick, along with her thighs and calves from training. Her waist is slim but, her hips are a bit bigger. Sab is curvy, which is a good look on a girl who is 5'6". Her style consists of tees, leggings, hoodies, sweatpants, and shorts. Most of her clothes are either athletic material or sweatshirt material. 
Personality: Sab loves to explore with her hands and her eyes, touching and examining the world around her with spirited curiosity. She is a natural maker, moving from project to project, learning from her environment as she goes. She finds no greater joy than getting her hands dirty pulling things apart and putting them back together. 

Sab explores ideas through creating, troubleshooting, trial and error, and first-hand experience. while her mechanical tendencies may make her appear simple at a glance, she is actually quite difficult to interpret. friendly and physical but very private, calm but suddenly spontaneous, extremely curious but unable to stay focused on academic studies, Sab can be challenge to predict. She is like a river, calmly going with the flow - until some profound energy builds up to shift the valley that guides it. 

The biggest issue Sab is likely to face is that she often acts preemptively, taking for granted her permissive nature and assuming others are the same. She'll be the first to tell an insensitive joke, get overly involved in someone else's project, roughhouse and play around, or suddenly change plans because something more interesting came up. 

Sab has difficulty predicting emotional responses, which is ironically a very fair arrangement, given how difficult it is to predict Sab. She struggles with boundaries and guidelines, preferring the freedom to move about and color outside the lines if she needs to. She doesn't mind taking risks and can easily think on her feet. Crises do not really scare her. Though she is a big risk taker, she may often do it simply for the sake of having fun. For instance, she may escalate an argument with another camper just to see how they react. 
Fatal Flaw: She struggles with boundaries and guidelines and often oversteps herself. She also is quite the risk taker.
Talents/Passtimes:  Being a daughter of Hephaestus, Sab is a skilled mechanic and blacksmith. She doesn't mind getting her hands dirty, she actually loves it. She mostly loves tinkering with things, and taking them apart just to put them back together again. Sab is also quite the amazing artist. Mostly, she sketches design plans but, sometimes while riding the subway she sketches strangers also. She's not very good at it yet but, Sab has taken up horse-back riding lately. 
Powers: Sab has technokinesis. She is able to communicate with sentient machines both mentally and orally. She can do this quite often because it doesn't drain her much. She is also able to instantly understand how a mechanical devices works. What really drains Sab is when she tries to sense hidden mechanisms. This is similar to what Leo did in Minos' Mansion. She can only do this once a day and it drains her to the point of nausea and fatigue. 
Likes: Mechanics, math, cherry flavoring, Chinese food, Orange is the New Black, warm weather, roller coasters, the smell of gasoline
Dislikes: Cinnamon, gore, constricting clothing, being told how to do something/the right way to do something, the color yellow, tea, toasted or burnt vanilla scented perfume or candles
Pets: A bull mastiff named Tony
Weapon: A regular camp sword that she is in the process of tinkering with
Other: her color is #99cccc
RP Example: Sab walked into her cabin and slid off her boots. Dragging her feet to the bathroom, she removed the hair tie from her knotted mop and began to run a bath. It'd been a rough day; she'd screwed up her project and accidentally offended one of the Ares kids, which probably wasn't a smart thing to do. Sab needed to relax. Rarely, did she take time to unwind like this. After stripping off her clothes, she sunk into the boiling hot water, her muscles relaxing and finally feeling content for once today. 

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sabine renaud [ready for acceptance]
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