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 but I don't like the bioooooo

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PostSubject: but I don't like the bioooooo   2/12/2013, 12:30 am

Full name: Alex Haldenstein
Any nicknames?:
Gender: it all depends on how he/she feels (but lets just use male pronouns naow)
Age: 15
Years at Camp: approx one month

God and mortal parent: Hermaphroditus and Chris Haldenstein
Date of birth: May 10th
Place of birth: Potato County General Hospital

Appearance(a picture, if you don't have one you could give a description or just leave it blank):
Eye color: Blueish Gray
Hair(color, length, style, etc.): Bright red, medium length and usually not done up in any style
Height: Medium-Short compared to most other people
Body type(tall, skinny, fat, etc.): a bit on the tubby side
Distinct markings(freckles? Scars? Birthmarks? Etc.): yes quite freckly
Personality(Are they angry, nice, friendly, unique, violent?): He tries to be friendly and nice but has a slightly short temper and can lose control over his emotions easily.
Style(This is optional:try http://polyvore.com/ to make it):

Powers**: The ability to be able to change gender at will, although when his emotions get out of hand he can rapidly fluxuate. Can temporarily change the gender of others five to ten times per day, giving them the biological body and mindset of that gender, but still retaining all personality.*
Fatal Flaw*: Rapid mood swings occasionally
Flaws*(2 other random flaws, like sucks at vollyball, is afraid of cats, etc.): Very bad with animals, they don't like him and he doesn't like them. I would think that the uncontrolled gender swap would be a flaw for the other, but if not then occasionally rambles about things without realizing no one is listening.


RP Example*: I walked down the sidewalk near my house. I had just spent wayyyyy too long cooped up and needed to stretch my legs. I noticed my friend Alice down the street and waved to her. As I ran down the road to meet up with her she gave me a confused stare, "Do I know you?" she asked. Then I realized how much of a derp move that was. "Oh I'm Alex's brother, I've seen you two hanging out," I replied in attempt to fix the conversation. "But I've never seen you before?" she said. "Oh uh, heh, the thing about that is..." I trailed off and then darted away.
Biography*: He was abandoned at birth and sent to an orphanage. He lived there until he was 7 before being adopted by a couple along with another boy and girl from the orphanage. He lived there for about 6 more years but the monsters started coming so he ran away to get away from them, not realizing they were after him. He kept running until he eventually ran into some dryads at a park that looked after him for a while. They took him to a satyr who then took him to camp where he currently resides.

Other Notes:
*about the power, this power is limited only to when asked ahead of time by the other rper and if they are comfortable with this happening during post-based rp. I hereby give the right to any admin that if I use this power with the intent of powerplaying that they can be taken away from me.
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PostSubject: Re: but I don't like the bioooooo   2/12/2013, 3:53 am


Nico di Angelo/14-Hades-Single
15 slots open

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but I don't like the bioooooo
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