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 Breanna Taylor

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The Life and Times of
Breanna Elissa Taylor
always adored running. Her mother used to say she could run before she
could walk. Her mother was a kind woman who was called Jo. Jo had met
Bree's father, Apollo, at a strip club a few years before. Apollo had
grinned at her and that was it. He told her to give him a call some time
in the future. Remembering the handsome man two years later, Jo called
Apollo and a lengthy affair began.

Jo was already married when
she started her affair with Apollo. The relationship had been happy at
first but when her husband became redundant at work, he started abusing
her. R*ping her, hitting her and cutting her. Anything to feel some sort
of power over her. Carefully seeing Apollo behind her husband's back,
Jo took every moment she could and soon fell pregnant with Bree.

was a cute child with golden blonde hair when she was young. When she
was three, she witnessed her “father” harm her mother. Thinking Bree was
his own child, Jo's husband didn't harm the girl. He made sure the girl
was treated with respect, unlike his poor wife who regularly got cut
and beaten and r*ped before Bree's eyes. Jo's husband didn't usually
stop until Bree screamed out, scared and crying her eyes out. He'd
always make it up to Bree some how.

Paying for her tuition when
he got a new job, Bree's “father” took the girl to school every day and
kept the girl safe (unknowingly spreading his scent and hiding Bree from
monsters). The girl was shy through kindergarten, gaining a few friends
every now and then. Eventually, Bree grew more confident in herself and
gained more friends as time went by, becoming Little Miss Popularity.

the age of nine, Bree had already started to train as a sprinter. With
her “father” encouraging her to run as fast as she could and build up
her stamina. She won her first gold medal at the age of eleven at her
very first track meet against four thirteen year olds.

At home,
things weren't as good. Her mother had been in and out of hospital for a
few years now, telling the staff that she was simply very clumsy. When
Bree was nearly twelve, her mother was hospitalized by her “father”
after her threw her down the stairs, ra*ed the poor woman and cut her in
places I don't want to mention.

In hospital, Jo saw Bree often.
Bree would make sure she was comfortable and OK. She'd do anything for
her mother. She was the only one who knew the truth behind the scars,
after all. It was here Jo told Bree that the man Jo claimed to be her
father was not. Jo swore Bree to secrecy, fearing that her husband would
harm her daughter just like he had her for years and years. Jo died
that same day, holding her daughter's hand and singing a lullaby whilst
her daughter cried into the bed sheets.

When Bree turned
thirteen, she watched the court trials as her mother's husband was
convicted of killing Jo through domestic abuse. Bree cried little and
she stayed strong. The man was allowed to tell her some kind words as he
was taken away, still unaware that she was not his daughter. The court
moved her into the custody of the next of kin, her uncle Henry.

now legal guardian was all sugar and spice toward Bree. He even started
coaching her in her running. He did anything for her. Living with him
and his family, she didn't believe them about how abusive he could be,
believing him to much different. Nonetheless, she grew close to her
cousins, Adrian and Quinton Kendrick, and became a sisterly figure
toward them. Not long after her arrival, the boys' mother is taken to a
mental asylum for trying and failing to murder Henry.

At the age
of fourteen, Bree was a well developed young woman who was pretty and
smart. She dressed in dresses and skirts, happy to show off her toned
legs and hourglass figure. She started to become unnaturally fast,
winning races a lot faster and setting new records. She even got into
the Guinness Book of World Records for one of her races. Switching from
sprinting to long distance at the age of thirteen, Bree was lapping
twice as fast as the average runner. She'd always hide it from her new
family, but when she was in her room and alone, she'd lie on her bed,
exhausted, and just fall asleep.

Continuing her winning streak,
she grew closer to Henry, spending a lot more time with the man and
seeing him as a fatherly figure. At the age of fifteen, she competed for
state championship. She played a tough game for the other runners but
she started up the speed, winning a whole eight minutes before second
place came by the finish line. Henry took the family out to dinner to
celebrate her achievement. Little did she know the dark things the man
had planned.

Once they reached home and the boys were in their
room, Henry said he wanted to talk to Bree. Leading her to her room,
Henry slammed her against the wall and started groping her. His hand
over her mouth, Bree was helpless. The man was violating her body and
she couldn't do a thing. He ripped off her clothes and made her do
things she hated. If she cried or made a sound, he'd slap her hard or
whip her with a piece of wire he'd torn from the wall of the room. He
continued to abuse her body every night and whenever he felt like it.
Sometimes, he'd tell her this was his way of showing how much he loved
the girl. Sometimes, he'd try and hurt her as much as possible. He'd
grope and r*pe her over and over again, proclaiming his love or
punishing her for being bad. Bree finally believed the boys.

months into this torture, Bree was horrified to learn that she was
pregnant with Henry's child. Crying as she fearfully told him, Henry
denied it and threatened her with worse than r*pe if she told anyone it
was his. With no pride or dignity left, she told the twins the news and
when asked about the father, lied and told them it was an athlete from
Bel Air who denied all knowledge of the baby. She told them they had
done the dirty in a storage closet twice that day and never saw each
other again.

After an incident where she grew a little over
confident with herself and Henry r*ped her in full view of the boys, she
lost the child. Terrified and relieved at the same time, she didn't
know how to take this news. She had been broken into little pieces by
Henry and smashed by his betrayal and deeds. After Henry had dragged her by her hair up to her room and proceeded to further r*pe and abuse her,
cutting her upper thighs, her labia and breasts with a pair of broken
scissors he had snapped. Remarkably quiet through all this, Bree bled a
lot that night. When Henry had finally gone and the twins had a chance,
they came to talk to her. Bandaging herself up, she told them how he
r*ped her the first time. She told them how he'd punish her if he
thought she was lagging in her training (which he kept up since she won
royalties). She even told them how he'd creep into her room at night and
wake her up just so he could touch her.

Lulled to sleep by
Quinton, she woke up the next morning to discover the murder of Henry.
Adrian killed the man and Bree was instructed to run with Quinton.
Finding out that Adrian was jailed for a year, the two kept going as far
as they could. It wasn't long before monsters descended and a satyr
found them. The two were taken to Camp Halfblood and the rest from there
has yet to come. After a year of jail and some events, Adrian joined
them at Camp.

Over time, Bree calmed down. She was free and soon
started to return to her old self. She is still wary of adult men. She
flinches when someone raises a hand, no matter what the action. Bree's
goal is to become an Olympic athlete one day so she trains every day,
building up her stamina. She trains herself, too afraid to let anyone
but the twins see her.

Breanna Elissa Taylor
"Not Gonna Miss You When You're Dead And Gone"
-All Time Long, Heroes
Nickname: Bree, Breeze, Breezey
Age: 17
Years at Camp: 2
Bree was born golden blonde. As she grew older, the sun darkened it. In
some lights, it looks brown and in others, it can appear to have a
golden sheen to it and look blonde. Unlike other Apollo kids, Bree has
brown eyes. She's pretty with tanned skin and dimpled cheeks. She stands
at five foot eight inches and weighs nine point three stone. She has a
well toned build with an hourglass figure. She has scars running from
her upper thighs to her abdomen and breast area thanks to her legal
guardian's abuse toward her.
Since Bree arrived at Camp Halfblood, she has returned to her old fun
loving, out going and kind self. The girl's main traits are how
competative she is and how neat and tidy she can be. In Bree's mind,
everything has its place and everything is going to be in its place
unless she says so. She is determined and stubborn. Thanks to the man
she thought was her father and her uncle, Bree can get very nervous
around adult men she doesn't know and is still wary of adult men she
does know. It doesn't stop her from getting along with boys her own age,
though, even if she does flinch when they raise their hands.
Ordinarily, she is a happy go lucky girl who enjoys talking on the
phone, texting and giving misguided boy advice. She is intelligent and
can easily patch someone up should the need arise.
God Parent: Apollo
Mortal Parent: Jo Taylor-Moris
Step-Father: Dicken Moris
Date of Birth: October 31st
Powers (optional):
Bree can run twice as fast than the average cross-country runner. She
can even reach speeds of up to 37.9 miles per hour. If she exceeds this,
she throws up and gets really nautious. To maintain her power of speed,
she must maintain a healthy and balanced diet. She can use this speed
for half an hour three times a day.
Fatal Flaw:
Bree is competative. Like overly competative. She'll often put winning
over everything. Her life comes to a stand still just so she can win a
race or a bet or something.
Other Flaws:
Bree is a chocoholic with secret stashes everywhere in her bunk. Bree is
a terrible liar. She couldn't lie to save her life. She could attempt
to but she'd give it away eventually. She is wary or even afraid of
adult men. She feels the need to be loved so will flirt if she thinks
someone her own age likes her. She has terrible nightmares every night.
Bree has a bow and arrow. The arrows are assorted, ranging from regular
CB arrows to trick arrows and specialist arrows. She also owns a CB

^Bree at an archery lesson.
Pets: N/A
Bree is talented at singing, poetry, arts and is really good at healing
people. Her stamina and pain thresh-hold are really high and she can
run really far even without her powers.

An Example of Role Play

Bree's breath was ragged. She kept her eyes narrowed on the goal. Win this race. Win the race. Win. Keep going, Bree...
she thought to herself and pushed faster. Growling a little when
someone passed her, she started running faster and faster. She had to
win. She wanted to win. Winning was important. Winning was why she was
there. Winning meant the world.

Bree passed the finish line and
jumped, screaming out her happiness before being handed a medal and a
trophy. She rushed over to Henry and the twins. "I won! See, Uncle Henry! I won!"
said the girl and showed off her trophy. The girl hugged all three of
them before noticing a look in her guardian's eye that set her on edge.
It was a look she knew from her father... A look she remembered.


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Breanna Taylor
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