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 Nolan William Lewis

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PostSubject: Nolan William Lewis   8/4/2012, 7:09 pm

Name: Nolan William Lewis
Age/Birthday: 17, June 12th 1995.
Gender: Male
God Parent: Hermes the god of travel, messengers, thievery, trade, cunning wilies, language, writing, diplomacy, athletics, and animal husbandary.
Claimed: Yes.
Mortal Family: Elizabeth Lewis- mother. Elizabeth has always been a hard working girl, and then women. She attended an all girls school in Wolverhampton, England where she grew up. As a young girl she dreamed of traveling the world, and of becoming an Olympic Athlete, particpating in swiming. She finally got her chance in the Summer Olympics of 1992 in Barcelona Spain. In the Olympics, Elizabeth earned a Gold Medal in the 200 m Butterfly. After this Elizabeth settled down in London, England. Here she meet Thomas, who she began to date. Soon the couple had a young son who they named Nolan. When Nolan was three years old, Thomas left Elizabeth. Then a few years later Elizabeth met and married Anthony.

Anthony Lewis- step-father. Anthony met Elizabeth in a pub in London. The two soon began to date, and eventually married. Elizabeth already had a small son, so right away Anthony was thrown into the role of a father. Yet, he did manage to do a decent job. He works as a swimming coach for Great Britian's mens swim team. In his free time, Anthony liked to spend a lot of time with Nolan. It seemed that Anthony tried to be as much as a father to Nolan that he could.

Years in Camp: Four Years.
Brief History: Nolan was born on June 12th 1995 to Elizabeth Lewis and Hermes, at King's College Hosptial in South East London. He was raised in a small flat in Southeast London, where he lived with his mother and his dad for the first three years of his life. When Nolan was three, his dad left leaving Elizabeth and Nolan alone. Despite being left to raise a three year old by herself, Elizabeth did a pretty good job of taking care of the two of them. Then a few years later, Elizabeth met Anthony. The two dated and soon married. Anthony then joined the small family, making it three people.

When it came time for Nolan to go school, his mom chose to send him to an all boys prep school. Here Nolan had to endure hard work, and a lot of pressure. Sometimes having ADHD and Dislexia made this very hard. Yet, it all paid off in the end, Nolan turned out to be a pretty good student. Outside of his studies, Nolan played a lot of sports for his school. He became involved with running, archery, swiming and diving. However after a while he began to focus more on diving and swimming.

Nolan also started to pull a lot of pranks. Constantly he would find himself getting in trouble and getting low marks at school, from his pranks. Yet sometimes he managed to not get caught. It's not like Nolan cared. As long as he was having fun, he could care less. Besides this Nolan also began to shop lift. It was never major, he'd steal candy bars and soda, nothing big. Still it was a bad habit, and it needed to be stopped.

Elizabeth came up with a solution to this problem. If Nolan continued to get in trouble, she wouldn't let him swim. If it got worse, no diving. Right then, Nolan shaped up. He became more serious and stopped shop lifting, pick pocketing and pranking. Though he would still tell corny jokes. He then became more focused on his swiming and diving.

When Nolan was thirteen, he was attacked by a monster. However a satyr, Liam happened to be walking with Nolan. Liam managed to kill the monster, and prevent Nolan from being seriously injured. Liam then dragged Nolan home. Here he explained about camp to Nolan, Elizabeth and Anthony. Then after a brief discussion, Nolan found himself packing his bags. Nolan was then sent to camp. There he stayed as a summer camper.

Physical Appearance: Nolan has short dark brown hair. His hair is thick, and has some volume. Most of the time, he just brushes through his hair. Occasionly Nolan will use gel in his hair to make it stay in place. Though over all his hair does kind of stick up naturally. Through out his hair there are natural highlights of a more carmelish-brown color.

Nolan's eyes are a dark brown color. Infact they have been described as pools of melted dark chocolate. His eyes are full of emotion, and you can pretty much tell what mood he's in by looking at his eyes. Most of the time Nolan has a slight twinkle in his eyes. Above his eyes, Nolan has a pair of eyebrows the same color as his hair, his eyebrows are slightly bushy but still pretty tammed.

Nolan trys very hard to stay in shape. From swiming he manages to do this, with out too much effort. He weighs a comfortable weight of around 150. He has visable muscule, and not to mention abs. He's a comfortable height of around 5'10''. His feet are a size fifteen. If you wanted to described Nolan's build you'd call it a swimmers build. He has a long torso, with long arms and legs. His arms and legs are both slim, but with visable muscule. His hands are long and skinny with long, thin fingers.

Personality: Nolan is an all around nice guy. Making friends and meeting new people is one thing that Nolan really enjoys. He has a very laid back additude, he's the type of person who just goes with the flow. Overall, Nolan just likes to have a good time. He can't stand uptight people who don't know how to have fun. Nolan has a good sense of humor, and he is often cracking jokes.

Nolan is a slightly dependent person, he likes to be surronded by a group of people that he knows appricate him. He has his insecurities, his convinced that theres people that only pretend to be his friends, and that they plan to over throw him. He is very trouble some, meaning he gets in trouble a lot, or trouble manages to find him. He's a very sneaky person, who can be very secretive. He's intellegent, and able to think of solutions or lies off the top of his head.

Nolan often lacks the ability to be serious. He's just a checky person, who always seems to be laughing. However, Nolan does use sarcasam more often than you'd think. He has a tendency to be rather impulsive. He will do something or say something without thinking about it first, and often times this comes back to bite, hard. Nolan has a lot of self confidence, or self-pride as some would call it, which often comes back to bite.

Nolan has his flaws like every other human being. For one he lacks the ability to be serious in most situations. He is also very full of self-pride. Not to mention Nolan can be very cocky. He's also a tad bit rude, and he puts himself before others. Nolan also tends to be extremely crabby whenever he wakes up, often times insaulting people countless times. He also has a issue with using bad langauge, sometimes he just can't stop. Nolan has a tendency to just insault people and make fun of them without thinking about how they might feel. He also hates to admit he messed up. Nolan likes to blame things on other people.

Good books

Waking up early

Fatal Flaw: Nolan has very extreme self-pride.
Pets: Nolan does not have any pets, but he is thinking about getting a turtle or something small that doesn't require a lot of care.
Talents: Nolan has the natural ability to be able to speak different languages easily. He is also able to understand most foreign languages.
Weapons: A bow, and a set of celstial bronze tipped arrows. He also has a small celstial bronze knife.
Year-Round or Summer: Summer.
Other: Play-by, Tom Daley.
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PostSubject: Re: Nolan William Lewis   8/4/2012, 7:19 pm

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Nolan William Lewis
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