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 daniel christian klein.

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PostSubject: daniel christian klein.    2/18/2012, 1:12 am

d a n i e l ● c h r i s t i a n ● k l e i n
apollo; god of music, healing, plague, prophecies, poetry, and archery. also associated with truth and light. descended from Orpheus.

g e n d e r: ---> Male.

a g e/ b i r t h d a y: ---> May 3rd, 1995.

d e s c r i p t i o n : ---> Before Daniel came to camp three years ago, he was small, short, and very thin. Now Daniel's hit puberty and he's a very handsome boy.
He stands at about five foot eleven inches, which is a good height for a guy. He's not extremely muscular but, he has the muscle basics down. These muscles aren't all that defined and makes Daniel look kind of lanky. Daniel has no scars on his body because of the pure fact that he's lived a sheltered life and had problems as he came into camp.
Daniel's skin is a tan tone. It's not very tan due to the fact that Daniel never spends time out in the sun unlike his brothers and sisters.
Daniel has brownish-blonde hair that he keeps kind of long but more on the short side. He's never really payed much attention to his hair. It falls down to his eyebrows, but it doesn't cover them. He has a colic in the back of his hair making his hair curl upwards in the back.
Daniel's eyebrows are a bit bushy and thick. They're thick, that's for sure. Underneath the bushes, are a set of very pretty hazel green eyes. His eyes are framed by a set of thick, dark eyelashes.
Daniel's style is like any other boy with a little bit of money. He wears hoodies, jeans and usually a Camp shirt. He could care less about style.

p e r s o n a l i t y: ---> Most of the time, Daniel's very friendly and helpful. He's extremely devoted and once he gets set on a project or something, he'll finish it. Daniel's very devoted to his friends as well. Most of the time, he puts them before himself.
Before Daniel came to camp he was rude, arrogant, and pessimistic. Now that he's had experience at camp and knows what the world's like, he's changed a whole lot. He used to bet the complete opposite of who he is now.
Being the friendly guy he is now, he's still a little bit sarcastic and rebellious at times. Daniel is rebellious towards adults and doesn't always show them respect unless they've earned it towards him. He doesn't have an real enemies except those in Kronos's army.
Daniel's very loyal and stick-with-it to his friends. That's his fatal flaw. Loyalty.

g o d ● a n d ● m o r t a l ● p a r e n t : --->
  • Mother: His mother is Hanne Klein. She's a music theory teacher at St. Tabitha's School for the Arts. Ms. Klein speaks with a heavy German accent and was a very free, fun-loving spirit until Apollo left her. Ms. Klein is the granddaughter of Orpheus, the famous musician of the ancient Greeks, and her father is the son of Orpheus. Ms. Klein fell in love with Apollo at Julliard, where she went to school at to study music theory. Apollo admired Hanne's talents and loved her German accent and they had a fling and Hanne became pregnant at the end of her last year there. When Daniel was born, her grades had dropped a little but, she still graduated. However, Apollo wasn't even at her graduation.
  • Father: His father is Apollo.

p o w e r s : --->
  • Like most children of Apollo, Daniel can sing and play most instruments. His specialty is string instruments, though.
  • Daniel is very talented in archery.
  • Daniel is good healer, and has basic first aid training. The healing he does isn't special, really. He just has very good instincts as to what to do. If there were to be a battle and he were needed to heal all day and night, that would definitely tire him out. As it would to anyone, though.

f a t a l ● f l a w: ---> Loyalty would be one of them. Daniel also has a slight air of arrogance when it comes to music. Being the excellent player he is it often makes him cocky. While, he's usually very good-natured, he has a temper. Daniel's also terribly impatient.

p e t s: ---> Daniel has a small chocolate lab puppy named Arthur. Daniel named him after King Arthur because he thought it was suiting for a chocolate lab. Daniel calls him Artie for short.

w e a p o n s: ---> Daniel has two different bows and quivers. Daniel has a training bow and a battle bow. None of his bows are compound. The first bow is his training bow. It's a white color and it's made from strong, bendy wood. He uses it strictly for practice and whatnot. The quiver is the same way.
The second bow is the battle bow. Daniel uses this one only for battle. He's won many battles with this bow. Daniel had the idea a while ago to dip the tips of the arrows into the different poisons. Some of the arrows in his quiver are tipped with numbing poison, some are burning, but none are lethal.

t a l e n t s ● s k i l l s :
  • Daniel can sing.
  • He plays all string instruments.
  • He is an accomplished violinist.
  • He loves to cook.

r o l e p l a y ● e x a m p l e:
There was silence. Then beautiful music filled the air. It was the kind that made you stop and listen. It made you want to sit down for a few moments and bask in its beauty. The beautiful chords rung out in the large, empty chapel, echoing around the curved ceiling. The only two people in the room was a boy and a man. The man sat in one of the pews while the boy stood on the stage, playing. The boy, Daniel, sat in a brown fold-up chair and had his eyes closed. His fingers gently on the neck of the violin. He seemed to hardly even be moving at all, yet there were these beautiful things coming from his violin. His fingers stopped moving for three measures and then his face contorted and his fingers flew along the neck, angry tritones sounding out of place in the chapel.
"Stop," the man said, raising his hand but not his eyes. His eyes were focused on the clipboard in his lap. "Thank you, you're free to go."
Daniel's eyes hadn't even opened. He slowly lifted his eyelids and stared around, his vision blurred. "Oh," he said softly, standing. Daniel picked up the velvet-blue violin case and opened it. A familiar smell of wood hit his nostrils, sending a warm, comforting feeling through him. The corners of his mouth turned upwards ever so slightly. He quickly put the violin away and jogged briskly off the stage, pausing to look at his competition coming down the chapel's aisle. He looked her up and down. Her eyes held a nervous look, and her hands were shaking. 'Not much competition...' he thought with an audible chuckle. The man glanced at him and Daniel cast his eyes downward, hiding a smile.
Daniel was a little cocky when it came to music. So what? He was aloud to be. He'd been playing for eight years. He was excellent and he knew it. Daniel pushed through the chapel doors, the sunlight blinding him. He stumbled outside and managed to locate the stairs without dying. A small, silver Audi waited for him in the street. In the Audi, talking away on a cell phone was his lovely mother. Daniel jogged down the stairs and before he could reach the handle of the car, something cold and metal was pressed to the side of his head. A shrill, high-pitched, muffled scream sounded and a few German swear words and all Daniel heard was, "Give me the money."
Daniel, as calm looking as if he were purchasing socks, looked mugger in the eye and said, "I have no money with me." His voice shook a tiny bit, but he remained calm.
However, no one passing by seemed to notice. "Then gimme the case!" The man snarled, grabbing at the case anyways. Daniel tried to yank it out of his grasp but the case fell and hit the pavement with a thud. Daniel winced. The man snatched it up and ran. Daniel took a few steps in his assailant's direction, but stopped when he realized that it was his crappy violin. Not his real deal. His mother burst out of the car and flung herself at Daniel.
"Mein junge..." she said softly, tears trickling down her face steadily, "mein junge..." she kissed his forehead and he put his arms around her, letting himself be comforted by the smell of his mother.

b i o g r a p h y : ---> Daniel Anthony Klein has quite the story. He was born New York, in Manhattan from a woman named Hanne Klein. But, that's not the interesting part. He is descended from Orpheus, the greatest Greek musician who ever lived. Hanne's mother is the granddaughter of Orpheus and her father was the son of Orpheus.
Orpheus had just come out of the Underworld after trying to retrieve his wife. However he had looked back and was not allowed to have her back. When Orpheus was sitting in the meadow, sulking and dying, he met a woman whom he had a brief fling with to make himself feel better. The woman had a baby boy and the boy grew up into a young man about the age of sixteen who had amazing musical abilities. But, these abilities were wasted when he was caught in the Lair of the Lotus Eaters. He was stuck there for thousands of years, eventually wandering out one day and meeting a woman who showed him the ways of the new world. They had a baby together, Hanne. To escape the western world, they moved to a small town in Germany and raised their daughter. She went to a prestigious music school in Germany and studied for a while before she decided to move to America.
After she moved from Germany to America, she studied music at Juilliard. That's where she met Apollo. [see above for the Apollo story]
Daniel was a music prodigy at his St. Tabby's. He was the best violinist, harpest, and cellist, and pianist that they had ever seen. They sent Daniel around the country touring on his violin at the age of 8. He was a prodigy.
Daniel's music was so good, even birds seemed to stop singing to hear it. By the time he was ten he had mastered the piano and put all his effort into it. The violin was what really made the birds stop singing, though. Even though he was only ten, he had the talent of some of the best composers. By the time Daniel was eleven, the monsters were just rolling in. Daniel was well known and so monsters knew about him. Finally a few weeks before his birthday, Hanne gave him an early gift. She knew about Apollo but, she was going to tell him on his twelfth birthday. And give him his first weapon. Hanne knew she couldn't wait any longer, so that night after the monster incident she sat Daniel down at the table and explaining to him what was going on.
"This is great!" he had exclaimed. Being half-god was going to be amazing. Until his mother told him he had to leave home. That's when the doorbell rang. His mother got up to get it and brought back a furry goat boy. The goat's name was Ron. Ron told Daniel that being a half-blood meant danger and other things. Daniel didn't believe him.
    "I don't believe you. Why would the 'gods' make being a half-blood dangerous?" Daniel reclined in the chair and pulled a few grapes off of the stem. His mother narrowed her eyes at her son. Daniel sent a look back at his mother saying, 'This is crazy. I need to practice.'
    "Daniel listen to me. The monster attacks are going to get worse now that you know who you are." Ron said with an exasperated look on his face. Daniel sat up straight suddenly.
    "What do you mean they'll get worse?" He asked with a curious expression on his face.
    Ron's eyes were triumphant. He knew he'd hit a sore spot. "They're only going to get worse if you don't pack a few bags and come with me. They'll start happening everyday if you don't come with me." Daniel's eyes were wide.
    "Alright...where are we going?" Daniel asked. He got up and started walking towards his bedroom door.
    "Camp Half-Blood."

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Please add two more flaws, then it'll be good!
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daniel christian klein.
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