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 Aidens topic

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PostSubject: Aidens topic   1/15/2012, 12:19 pm

Character Name: Aiden Sanders

Gender: M

Age: 16

Description: and he's 5'8

God and mortal parent: Hermes and Taylor Sanders

Powers**: N/A

Flaws: Theif, Over sarcastic, Plain Annyoing

Pets: Dog

Weapon: Cb Sword, and a CB Dagger

Talents/Skills: Theivery

RP Example*: Hey, my name Aiden. I woke up to alot of screaming. Like always, i snuck into the kitchen to see what was goin on. Next thing you know i see the cops so i run, because i stole something. So thats how i got here... CHB

Biography*:My name is Aiden Sanders. I was born in Oxford, Mississippi.My life long dream was to go to university of Mississippi (Ole Miss). To be a figherfighter. When i got into trouble i got tranfered to here.CHB.

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PostSubject: Re: Aidens topic   1/15/2012, 12:34 pm

Ugh Approved.

Nico di Angelo/14-Hades-Single
15 slots open

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Aidens topic
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