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 Zeus Kid(PAYED FOR)

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PostSubject: Zeus Kid(PAYED FOR)   1/14/2012, 5:51 pm

Character Name: Daniel Thorn

Gender: M

Age: 16

Description: and he is 5'5

God and mortal parent: Zeus and Maria Thorn

Powers**: He can create a natural satic shock inside of him which he uses for his own practical amusements if he is bored. He can create small lightning bolt beams which he can create with one or both hands, and when he is more energize he can create large and more powerful beams. With the normal beams he can use it 15 times a day, with the larger ones he can use it 5 times a day. Both cause he medium sized headaches. He can create lightning bolts, and can use them 10 times a day, and he can suffers from heartburn after conjuring one up. He can manipulate the wind currents around him to allow him to fly for a total of one hour straight a day, he becomes extremely sore after flying. Finnaly he can be electricuted and survive anything below 100 Amperes. At 100 his heart will stop.

Flaws: Smart-Aleck, Humorless, Fear of Drowning

Pets: N/A

Weapon: Wear a 2 belts lined with 20 Cb Throwing Knives, He also carries 2 Cb Swords on his back, and finally he has 1 Cb Dagger

Talents/Skills: Fighting and being an arrogant jerk.

RP Example*: Daniel awoke to the sound of a clap of thunder. He looked oer to his window to see that it had started to storm in the middle of the night and was still going on. He smirked and then got out of bed and quckily got dressed. Soon he was outside walking around in the cold rain, enjoying the 'harmony' of the thunder claps and lightning cracks. It was like this type of weather calmed him and made him happy. Which really being the son of Zeus why wouldn't he be calm and happy during a thunderstorm. Soon though the storm rolled on and Daniel was standing there soaking wet. Waiting for something to happen. He quickly grew bored and walked back to the cabin.

Biography*: Daniel was born in Olympia, Washington on January 31, 1994. His mother was Maria Thorn, a young caring woman who always tried to rais Daniel to do the right thing and keep him safe, and his absent father was Zeus the King of the gods. Daniel as a young boy was always getting into trouble, whether he caused it or not, and it was a pain on Maria who had to always find a new school for him to go to and new place for them to live. About the time Daniel turned 7 his mother decided that they were moving to Long Island, New York. 7 years later when Daniel turned 14 his mother was killed in a tragic accident and a satyr found him soon after that. The satyr took Daniel to CHB and Daniel has now been staying at the camp for 2 years.


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PostSubject: Re: Zeus Kid(PAYED FOR)   1/19/2012, 12:57 am

Mmkay, approved-ed...


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