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 Roman Legacy WIP

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PostSubject: Roman Legacy WIP   Roman Legacy WIP Icon_minitime11/2/2014, 7:32 pm

Full Name: Trevor King
Nickname: Trev
Age: 16
Gender: M
Place of Birth: Roman camp

Descendant of: Lupa
God Parent: Mars
Mortal Parent: Sara King, daughter of Lupa
Years at Camp: Trevor was born in the Roman camp but started toward CHB at 12. He has been at camp for three years.

Personality: Trevor is a leader in battle, someone who can take charge. Yet any other time he likes to wander through the woods.



Heightened senses- this is from Lupa and never goes away. He can hear conversations perfectly from across the courtyard, see the individual hairs on a head from a quarter mile away, smell someone approaching 10 minutes before they arrive.

Fatal Flaw: Over confidence
Other Flaws: Antisocial and light sensitivity

Pets: 2 wolf pups named Romulus and Remus
Weapons: 2 IG Centurion Gladius, 1 3rd century Roman Spatha IG


RP Example:


Notes: The legacy and demigod idea came from Frank Zhang. Plus a legacy of Lupa also being a son of Mars sounds like a great idea.
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Roman Legacy WIP
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