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 we gots a birthday

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Carrie Beary
cooler than u
Carrie Beary

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we gots a birthday Empty
PostSubject: we gots a birthday   we gots a birthday Icon_minitime10/6/2014, 11:39 pm

Our very own steelviper was born on this sixth of October, a very wonderous day indeed.
I personally like you a lot, I love seeing your name show up on both here and .org. Especially .org. You're great <3 I hope you had a great day, dude.
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Count Solar

Count Solar

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we gots a birthday Empty
PostSubject: Re: we gots a birthday   we gots a birthday Icon_minitime10/8/2014, 6:35 am

Happy belated, Steel.
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we gots a birthday
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