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PostSubject: Doctor Who site   Doctor Who site Icon_minitime10/4/2014, 4:10 pm

Do you love to write? Do you love Doctor Who? Well, I have the perfect site for you! My site [size=32]is a fun Doctor Who site that doesn't stress detail and is an active RP site! [/size]

I am the site owner there, AKA The Poet. There's only a short list of rules that you have to follow, the most important one being ACTIVITY. I stress activity on my site,  as we have 30 members but only about three active members (active means always showing up on the 'user has been on in the past ten hours' list)
We have a chatbox and it's always open! If I happen to not be on, you can always shoot me a PM!  If you would be interested in joining, please pm me so I can give you the link.
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Doctor Who site
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