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 Flora Samuels

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PostSubject: Flora Samuels   Flora Samuels Icon_minitime9/16/2014, 4:53 pm

Full Name: Flora Samuels

Nickname: Flory

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Witefish, Montana



God Parent: Demeter

Mortal Parent: Jay Samuels

Year at camp: 1st year


Powers*: No particular powers, yet, she is currently good at gardening, though later on possibly she might be able to grow thick vines.




Height: 4' 11"

Weight: 75 pounds

Body type: Slim

Skin tone: Dark

Hair Color: Black

Hair Style: Pinned back

Eye Color: Dark brown

Distinguishing features: None

Other Marks (Freckles, scars, birthmarks): She has a birthmark under her left eye, and a scar on her wrist



Personality: Flora is definitely quirky, as she had no 'proper' education, and was homeschooled she stayed out of the peer pressure of any school, though she doesn't feel smarter, or better for it. She loves flowers, and gardening, and that is her one true escape, it's what keeps her going, even when she is worried sick, she could always go to the little garden behind the shed and help plants to grow.


Having one parent really messed up her life, as she never knew what it was like to have a mother, and so never felt like she could talk to anyone else, except for her dad... who seemed distant almost all the time.



Flora never cares, she just gave up caring the six months, when a fire raged through their small flat town of Whitefish, population under 10,000. She never really could shake that helpless feeling of not being able to do anything, even at such a young age, and so turned a cold shoulder to the world. What had it ever done for her? In addition to her problems, she could never stand up straight, and manage to walk across a floor without falling down at least once or twice, having no coordination really was not fun, seeing as... well it made everything harder for her, and making friends even harder.

Because she had nothing to do for 12 years except study, and just... well do whatever, she developed a bit of a mean streak, though more mischievous than mean, quickly growing adept at small, harmless pranks, that got a reaction out of her usually boring, and silent father.


Flora likes to think of herself as free, untouched by society like some people in the books her father read to her when she was little, but she didn't really know, she is impressionable, and easy to sway in opinion. Her heart goes out to anyone who is in trouble, be it a sweet woodland creature stuck in a trap, or even a trampled flower, and will do whatever she can to take care of it, and make it feel safe. Nature is the one thing that she lets continue in it's cycle, it is fresh, perfect, and the best place to go when you need somewhere to breath.

Despite her Nativity, and overly kind nature, Flora is a bit of a free spirit, not really caring what other people think about her, and just wanting to do her own thing, not let anyone get in her way, as her goals in life change from day to day.


Flora is sweet, kind and shy, though she does like to make mischief from time to time, she is overall a fairly nice impressionable young girl, who just wants somewhere to belong. She has an amazing imagination, and can imagine herself anywhere she wants. A way for her to remove herself from her sometimes... unhappy situation.

Style: She has no set style, as she is only twelve, and just puts on whatever clothing is clean and available, so basically just jeans and a tee-shirt, and on very, very rare occasions a skirt.

Fatal Flaw: Holding grudges

Other Flaws**: Indifferent, Klutz, Meddlesome, Naive, Soft Hearted, Unpredictable. 



Pet(s): None

Weapon(s): Flora has a dagger that is about eighteen inches long, shaped like a leaf, made of celestial bronze.

Skills/abilities: Acrobatics, gymnastics, and being quick on her feet (when she isn't tripping over them.)



Roleplay Example***: Flora was cold, tired, scared, and just overall in a bad mood. Her dad had decided that they should take a road trip after that unfortunate fire that had burned down their small house. The only bright side about it was that they got a good hunk of money in insurance claims, which had allowed them to take this road trip while they decided where to settle down... or at least that was what her father said.
She was sitting in the car, kicking her heels against the bottom of the seat, humming a tune that she remembered from somewhere, though she was not sure where. They were now somewhere in New York or something, having driven for a few months to get here, stopping in motels, and hotels along the way, but only to leave again.
Why couldn't they have taken the plane or something, instead of this... which took waay to long.
The dark haired twelve year old yawned and leaned back against the seat, closing her eyes as she did so. She was so bored... And she couldn't even read, as words scrambled themselves on the page, making her mind swim as she tried and tried again to get it right.


“Where did you say we were going again?” She asked her dad with a sigh, it was late June, maybe August… or possibly September, she really didn’t know, or care. “A camp… Where you’ll be safe. Your mother asked me to… umm bring you there when you were twelve, in a note… with you.” Her father muttered absently looking back for a few seconds at her.

Well that was unexpected, she opened one eye. “What was she like… my mom?” The girl asked a small frown beginning to pucker on her face.


“She was beautiful Flora… so beautiful, with such a passion for flowers you’ve never seen, friendly, sweet, I… I really loved her.” Well that was unexpected, she had never hear her father say the ‘L’ word, she wasn’t even entirely sure what the ‘L’ word was, but it sounded sappy… yet beautiful. “Okay.” She murmured closing her eye and dozing off.


She didn’t know how long she had slept, but when she woke up she was lying on the grass, a note beside her, and a dagger, why a dagger? Her father had left her hear?! Oh dear what was happening to her her?

She began to black out as friendly faces surrounded her.



Biography***: Flora was born in the small town of Whitefish Montana, with a very small population. Her father owned a grocery store and gardening shop which their house was over. He owned it, ran it, and enjoyed talking to other people, while she would hole herself up in her room above the shop and freak out over various things.

Her only escape was gardening, and while her father worked himself ragged to support both of them, she would sneak off to the edge of the property where she had planted a small garden years before and take care of it, sometimes slipping into the woods for a nice, sweet day… where nothing, and no one would be able to stop her from having a nice time.


Imagining her mother, who must have been beautiful, and… well… wishing that somehow she could know her, if she was still alive.

Her life was the same until one day six months ago when a fire raged through the small town, creating havoc, and killing several people, she had just returned from a trip to the woods, when she saw it, in the flames a shape. Turning she ran and didn’t come out for quite some time.

Though she could never forget the slightly fragrant smell that had come from the fire, peaceful, almost… hypnotic. Like the smell of lavender when you pick it and then crush it in your hands gently, to let the oils free.


Three months later she and her dad left after getting insurance money, and they began a long road trip to New York, where her dad left her, and that is the start of her story.



Other Notes: I don’t believe there are any other details.
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Flora Samuels
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