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 Carly Waters

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Becca Lynn

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PostSubject: Carly Waters   Carly Waters Icon_minitime9/13/2014, 12:01 am

Full Name: Carly Diana Waters
Nickname: Carls
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Canada

God Parent: Hepheastus
Mortal Parent: Lilly Waters
Year at camp: 5

Powers*: Fire control (If it all right with the admins)

Height: 5'6
Weight: 110
Body type: Slim
Skin tone: Pale
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Wavey 
Eye Color: Brown
Distinguishing features: none (That i can think of)
Other Marks (Freckles, scars, birthmarks): Has a half a heart shaped brith mark on her left should and a few scars on her back. 

Personality: Carly is a shy and quiet girl she doesnt have any friends really and she sticks to her self working on stuff. She always has soemthing in her hands she is tickering with and working away at. Other then that there is nothing special about her.  
Style: She manly just sticks to t-shirts and jeans and sneakers so many just the normal sorta causral look. 

Fatal Flaw: Doesnt ask for help even when she knows she needs it.
Other Flaws**:  Will do the first thing that comes into her mind with out thinking a lot of the times.  She also will do anything for her brothers and sisters no matter what it is. She also tends to ignore everything anyone tells her. 

Pet(s): A kitten named winter. 
Weapon(s): Her fire powers and a  celestial bronze  knife and celestial bronze  srowd 
Skills/abilities: She is very good with a knife. 

Roleplay Example***: Carly sat on a rock on the beach she was tinkering with something yet again. She always seemed to being tinkering with something but non of her brothers or sisters minded so she didnt really care what the others thought anyway. She then heard a trig break and spun around. She didnt know who was there but she didnt dare say a word. She waited for the person to show themselves.

Biography***:  Carly lived in Canada with her mother life was all right but she hated who ever her father was for leaving her mother behind. One day her mother didnt show up at home after work. Carly got worried and she ran to her mothers work to see that some monster (A harpy) had killed her mother. Carly got scared but didnt dare back down she grabbed a large stick and threw it at the monster trying to get it to leave. She wanted her mom to be okay. The monster (After fighting for a long time) left and she ran to her mother. Before her mother died she said go to new york and find camp half blood. Thats what she did and now she is here.
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PostSubject: Re: Carly Waters   Carly Waters Icon_minitime9/15/2014, 1:16 am

Please specify what she can do with the fire powers. How long do they last? How hot is the fire? Are the fire balls or just little flames?

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Carly Waters
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