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 Letting some Energy Out

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Rosalie Carriage


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PostSubject: Letting some Energy Out   8/18/2014, 4:37 pm

Rosalie Christine Carriage
I made my way to the arena with Natalie.  I chose a long, slender sword and curled my fingers around the hilt, smiling gently.  I walked to the field and waited for Natalie to get her sword.  I wasn't going to hurt her, I was just going to train her.  No one hurts my sister and lives.  No one.  I bounced a little bit on the balls of my feet and smiled to myself.  "So, this is Camp Half Blood" I said to myself.  

Natalie Elise Carriage
As Rosalie and I arrived at the Arena, I chose a powerful looking sword and walked to meet My Sister at the battlefield.  She struck first, I parried her attack and slashed at her.  She parried me with ease and attacked again.  In the end I lost the fight, but it was close.  She helped me up and smiled.  
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Letting some Energy Out
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