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 Finally at Camp

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Rosalie Carriage


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PostSubject: Finally at Camp   8/11/2014, 11:56 pm

Rosalie sat on her bed: a top bunk.  She twiddled her thumbs, anxiously.  "I need to do something" she muttered to herself. But she couldn't.  It was almost time for bed.  All she could do was relax.  Or at least try to relax.  She put in her earbuds and played some music.  "Hey, sis" she heard someone say.  It was Natalie.  Rosalie smiled.  "Hey, Nat" She responded.  Natalie climbed onto Rosalie's bunk.  "I miss mom" she said.  "I know" Rosalie replied.  Rosalie gave Natalie a sad smile.  "But she would want us to be happy."  
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Finally at Camp
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