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 diane delsig

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PostSubject: diane delsig   8/10/2014, 12:29 am

Full Name: Diane Flemming, although currently she typically introduces herself as Diane Delsig. She has gone through many name changes in her life to make her unique to other people. There has been Diane The Great, Outrageous Man, Diane Simmons(get it), Diane Diamond (pronounced regularly for a while, then mutated to be pronounced 'dia-moand'), and so on. Usually it takes her two to three months for her to get bored of her new name, so she's bound to quite oftenly confuse camp members.

Nickname: Usually her nicknames are just her initials. She's gone from DF, to DG, OM, DS, and right now its DD

Age: She was born on January 27th, 1998, making her 16 years old.

Gender: Female. At one point of her life, she began to grow confused about her sexuality and considered herself a male for a few months, which is why she one time called herself Outrageous Man, but she is born female and currently believes that she will stay that way.

Place of Birth: Albuquerque, New Mexico. She always thought poorly of her birthplace due to the heat, but she felt much better about it after watching Breaking Bad.

God Parent: Apollo. She definitely didn't take her looks after her father, but she gained incredible musical ability from him.

Mortal Parent: Deborah Flemming. She never got along with her mother, for she would always try to turn Diane into something she wasn't. A pop loving lollipop licking girly girl. She would constantly come home to her mother always trying to get her to wear dresses and skirts and cute blouses, but it just wasn't her thing.

Year at camp: So far, only half a year. She'd love to stay there for as long as she can.

Powers*: While fighting, Diane can cloak herself with bright light. This doesn't protect against any attacks, she only does this to temporarily blind her opponent while she rushes in with an attack or an attempt to flee. It won't cause any direct damage to those around her, unless they run around blindly and run into something, or she forces damage onto them by other means (fists, staff, etc.) The light won't harm the other person as long as they don't stare at it, and it only lasts for 30 seconds each time she uses it. She can use this five times a day before getting horribly exhausted. She must wait 30 minutes in between attacks, or else her body will overheat from the light and will cause her to surely die.


Height: 5'7, but she appears to be other 6ft tall wihle wearing her high heels. She's very secure about her height, and often finds others jealous of it.

Weight: 150lbs. She's not fat, but has plenty of muscle on her.

Body type: With the clothes that she wears, she appears to be chunky to most people, but she's actually fairly thin looking for her weight, as its concentrated on certain choice aspects of her body... She's very muscular, as she's worked out a lot in the past. She drinks a lot of muscle milk, so that may have to do with it.

Skin tone: You know how people can look pale and beautiful? Although Diane thinks she looks like Snow White, she is disgustingly pale, which is easily fixed with foundation.

Hair Color: Diane considers herself to naturally have black hair, even though its just naturally very dark brown. Oftenly she will decorate it with wild colors, mostly purple and yellow for the contrasting effect it has on her skin tone. At one point in her early pubescent stages, her hair was rainbow, except instead of using the regular colors, Diane used the exact opposite with the excuse "I don't respect societies norms". Luckily some sense came to her and she dyed it back to less outrageous colors for less outrageous reasons.

Hair Style: On the left side, her hair touches the top of her ear, and it goes down to the right, stopping at her shoulder. She cut it herself. Does it look good? Nope. Does she care? Absolutely not.

Eye Color: Diane has bright blue eyes with flecks of green and amber in them. A waste on someone like her.

Distinguishing features: She has a rather large scar

Other Marks (Freckles, scars, birthmarks): Diane is covered in scars from falling out of trees and rolling down hills. They're all very small in size but cover up her left leg and the right side of her stomach.

Personality:  Diane can be a very lovable person, or a very hateful person. With people she likes, she is very open and will talk about the things she enjoys to them regardless of their interests. She usually shys away from conversation because of her awkwardness, but whenever someone mentions something she likes, she'll babble on and on about it like there's no tomorrow. In the rare occasion that she will talk to someone she dislikes, she usually starts an argument with them. She's very good at debating, and can hold her side of the argument up with ease. She's good at coming up with comebacks during feuds, and is good at walking away from arguments or debates that she loses without being a bad sport about it. She hates being around small children, because she finds them obnoxious. You can usually find Diane listening to or creating music away from civilization (or just in the music room), and if she's not there then she's probably just chilling out in the woods. She enjoys peace and quiet a lot, especially with some tea or a good book. She's not very quick to anger most of the time, but she's definitely not very friendly to most people.
Diane loves music, art, animals, and her staff. She finds music to be an escape from her somewhat painful reality, and takes great joy in playing music on several instruments. She also considers art an escape, drawing or painting whenever she feels upset, its just something that always manages to cheer her up. Who doesn't like animals? Diane favors dogs over most other animals, because she's found an abundance of loyalty in them, especially in her golden retriever, Sammie. Her staff is pretty wicked. It reminds her of the good things about home, which are the only things she wants to remember about it, obviously. It serves her well in and out of battle. Out of battle she uses it to impress others, mostly Ares kids, since they tend to appreciate it the most.
Diane hates cats, mainly because they're unloyal, lazy, and very mean. Their claws are long and painful, and she would rather stay as far away from them as possible. She also dislikes people who are conceited, because they're just downright obnoxious, and bullies. She had been bullied all her life before going to chb, so whenever she sees one nowadays she gives them a piece of her mind. Or her staff, if the situation calls for it.
Diane generally isn't afraid of most things that would scare others. She's not afraid of bugs that she can crush with her foot or the end of her staff, she's not afraid of the supernatural because she doesn't believe in it, she's not afraid of the dark because it's natural, and she's not afraid of things that she can beat up with her staff. If she's afraid of anything, it's abandonment. Diane doesn't trust people very easily, and when she does, it's because she really likes them and believes that they'll always be there for her. So to be betrayed or abandoned by them is one of the most painful things for her, which is why she doesn't talk to very many people. She's afraid to get close to people out of the fear that they'll hurt her like others have.
Although she doesn't really talk to people much, Diane is not very easily offended or angered. She takes insults and rudeness lightly, brushing them off her shoulder. This was learned over years of constant bullying and harassment from her classmates and mother. She also has a very positive self image, without being conceited or vein. She likes the person that she is, but doesn't put others down because of it. Because she has a positive self image, she's happier and more positive while talking to others (which she rarely does).
Since Diane is impatient, she has a tough time dealing with other peoples nonsense. While she brushes off insults and rudeness from other people, she reacts badly to those who are annoying or constantly try to hurt others. She has a very tough time making friends because of who she is. Her constant change in appearance confuses others, and her taste in music isn't that popular with the people she's usually around. People label her as weird and tend to avoid her.

Powers: While fighting, Diane can cloak herself with bright light. This doesn't protect against any attacks, she only does this to temporarily blind her opponent while she rushes in with an attack or an attempt to flee. It won't cause any direct damage to those around her, unless they run around blindly and run into something, or she forces damage onto them by other means (fists, staff, etc.) The light won't harm the other person as long as they don't stare at it, and it only lasts for 30 seconds each time she uses it. She can use this five times a day before getting horribly exhausted. She must wait 30 minutes in between attacks, or else her body will overheat from the light and will cause her to surely die.

Style: Diane has a very awkward appearance. With her hair and style constantly change, there's always one thing that will remain the same about her, and that is the amount of makeup she wears. She's not unattractive, but to most people she wouldn't be something you'd look twice at. Her eyes are always heavily lined with black liquid liner, winged and outlined with blue, and typically dark green or dark purple eye shadow just covering her eyelids. She covers her face in foundation to make it look clear, and she wears plenty of dark pink blush to go along with it. Although her eyes are naturally a beautiful blue with green and amber colored flecks decorating them, she regularly wears colored contacts, along with her glasses. Yes, they're hipster glasses, and no, they're not prescription. Her colored contacts regularly change color over short periods of time, and much of the money she earns while working goes to fueling her appearance.
Currently her hair is touching the top of her left ear, and growing longer until it touches the top of her right shoulder. It starts off red, but slowly fades into a medium brown. In the browner areas on the right side of her head, she has blonde highlights streaking down her hair. It changes regularly, as she is too impatient to keep a single style or color in her hair for more than two months.
Typically she wears band shirts and very short shorts. Although the upper portion of her body is slightly awkward because of the amount of muscle she has, her legs are incredible. Her calves are perfectly shaped and muscular, but she doesn't have thunder thighs. Her thighs do touch each other(which isn't really that bad), but they are incredibly soft and just a marvelous thing to look at. When she isn't wearing silk with cut sleeves, she wears band shirts and short-shorts or a short skirt. When it comes to her band shirts, she doesn't listen to anything you would expect. Normally people would expect her to listen to Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, Blood on the Dance Floor, and other bands like those. Instead, she likes bands like Sting and the Police, My Morning Jacket, Chris Cornell, and other beautiful musicians like that. When wearing shorts, she prefers light colors against her usual dark shirts and sweaters, along with flip-flops or Converse. When wearing a skirt, she prefers to wear gold or magenta, while wearing black see-through tights underneath and combat boots that take way too long to put on.

Fatal Flaw: She is very impulsive, and rather than being patient of those that annoy her, she erupts into anger and will take out revenge for something small.

Other Flaws**: Diane is very impatient, her upper body is awkwardly portioned, she's very irritable, and she tends to pretend to be someone else around people that she suspects will judge her. She is also very impulsive, and rather than being patient of those that annoy her, she erupts into anger and will take out revenge for something small.

Pet(s): A beautiful light brown golden retriever named Sammie. Diane met Sammie at a pet store when he was a puppy, and she thought he was the cutest thing that she had ever seen. They immediately took a liking to each other, possibly because they both share a hatred for felines. Currently he is two years old and full of energy, and he follows Diane everywhere. Although during battle he likes to keep his distance most of the time, those pesky swords and bows scare him out of his wits.

Weapon(s): Diane uses a staff as a weapon. It is 68 inches tall, only an inch taller than her. It's made of celestial bronze, of course. Her staff is black with a gray grip, and towards the top there are small studs that she uses to injure people further. She spins it around her waist constantly out of boredom, and in the air when attacking. Her main priority while using her staff is how fast she's going, because it also contributes to the amount of force she hits her opponent with. Since she is muscular, her combined speed and strength can force deadly hits onto an opponents head. She bought her staff from an old weapons shop when she was really young, and spent a lot of time toying with it to get it perfect. Diane doesn't wear armor during combat. Since she relies on her agility to properly control her staff in the air, armor would only weigh her down and make her slower. This poses as a danger to her. If someone tries to hit her with their weapon, then she wont have any protective covering to shield against it. She can block some hits with her staff, but not all of them, her being mostly offensive rather than defensive. She's able to take plenty of hits from hand to hand combat without suffering very much, but when it comes to weapons she is in great danger of being hurt.

Skills/abilities: Diane has natural musical ability, being a daughter of Apollo. She has incredible skills when it comes to the piano, the harp, and the violin. Reading music is easy for her and she can learn how to play instruments quicker than most people. All her life she has had a love for music, and whenever she gets a chance she always plays her favorite songs. She also has a lovely taste for art, loving realistic art the most. She is better with sketching rather than painting, for she finds it easier to shade on paper rather than canvas.

Roleplay Example***: Children. Diane hated being around them. Unfortunately her mother made her take a babysitting job, which she normally wouldn't mind, as long as the kid was asleep the whole time. But this one wasn't. She was a little girl, in the terrible two's stage, and she just wouldn't shut up. Diane regretted feeding her sugary foods. Maybe chocolate chip cookies weren't the best dinner to give a two year old. All she heard was shuffling in the kitchen, so she went to check on the little monster.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I want another cookie." Amy had been asking for more cookies for the past hour, shouldn't she be in bed by now? Diane didn't know. She didn't really care, she just wanted to get back on the couch.

Diane sighed. "No, Amy, you can't have another cookie. You ate all the cookies."

"But.. I just want.. one more cookie." She gave Diane a very serious face, as if she didn't understand the concept of 'there are no more god damn cookies.'

"Again, you ate all the cookies. You can't have another one." Diane was lying, there were more cookies, but she planned on eating them all when Amy was in bed. If she ever decided to go to bed.

"Okay, but... I just want one more cookie."

Diane sighed. "Fine. One more cookie. But now you have to brush your teeth and go to bed." She gave Amy a cookie, and she devoured it quickly. Disgusting, she still had most of it all over her face.

"Come on, lets get you cleaned up." she took a napkin and started to wipe the chocolate off of Amy's face.

"No! I like myself this way."

"You're filthy, you need to be cleaned up."

"No you're filthy."

"Amy don't make me force you to be clean." Amy crossed her arms and finally let Diane clean her face off. Not without moving the muscles in it all around so it was harder for her, though.

When that fiasco was over and Amy was finally clean, Diane picked her up and brought her to her room, which was disgustingly pink. The walls were pink, the carpet was pink, her bed was pink, and all her toys were pink.

"I like pink" Amy announced. Diane didn't care, she just wanted Amy to put on her pajamas. "Put on your pajamas."

Amy took off her clothes, but decided that she didn't want to put on her pajamas. "I'm not wearing those pajamas. I'm going to sleep naked."

Diane rolled her eyes, this kid was annoying. "I know most people don't like wearing pajamas when they go to bed, but your parents would want you to. Now put them on or else I won't read you any stories."

"No. I'm naked, so I'm the boss."

"That... doesn't make you the boss." After a several more minutes of trying to convince Amy to put her pajamas on, she decided to put on her shirt. But not her pants. Diane gave up. She was halfway there, and she could sympathize since nobody liked to wear pants. "Now it's time to brush your teeth." Surprisingly, Amy cooperated with that command. Possibly because she had a singing toothbrush. She must have been brushing her teeth for an hour, dancing her heart away. When she got tired from dancing so much, she rinsed her mouth with water and put the toothbrush away, then climbed into bed.

"Story." Diane really didn't want to read her any stories, but she felt like she had to, so she read her Goodnight Moon, and something about a pink elephant in the circus... Of course.

"Okay, goodnight..." Diane started rushing out of the room, hoping there weren't any more requests.

"Wait..." Diane turned around at the sound of her voice. Dammit. "I think I just need one more story..."

"Ugh... Fine, Amy. I'll read you one more story."

"No. I'll tell the story." Amy snuggled up in bed, and decided that it was her turn. "Once upon a time, there was a pink unicorn." of course. "It had one purple spot. It had no blankets, and no stones. One day, it decided to drink water. The end." What a weird kid.

"Uh, okay then.."

"Did you like my story Diane?"

"Uh, I gu-" she was cut off.

"No. You have to say that you loved it."

"um okay. I loved it. Goodnight." Diane walked out of her bedroom, luckily not being stopped again by her annoying voice. She turned the light off, but there wasn't much of a difference with all the nightlights that were plugged into the walls. She went back downstairs and took the cookie jar to the couch, and turned on the TV. She would just tell Amy's parents that she got into the cookie jar while she was in the bathroom or something. For the first few minutes of the show she was watching, Diane was praying that Amy would stay in bed and not bother her. After several more minutes, she decided that she would set her worries beside her and just enjoy the television. During every commercial break, she would go check on Amy to make sure she was still in bed, and she would restock on snacks. After all, Amy's parents DID say for her to help herself to the kitchen.

During one commercial break, she got up and discovered ramen noodles in the pantry. She was now in heaven. She decided to put it it in the microwave instead of cooking it on the stove like she normally would, because she didn't have enough time to do that before the commercials ended. While it was in the microwave, she checked on Amy again. Still fast asleep. The commercials ended a couple minutes before her ramen was finished, so she decided to let it cool off in the microwave until the next set of commercials. Then she would go back to put the flavoring in and enjoy a small piece of heaven.

Then her worst nightmare came true. Amy waltzed into the room with her blanket in her hand, complaining that there was a monster under her bed. Thinking fast, Diane grabbed a paper bag and put a cookie in it.

"Monsters love cookies. I'll catch him in this bag then get rid of him. She placed the bag under her bed, then came back a few minutes later. She placed one of Amy's smaller stuffed animals in it and brought it to where she was standing.

"See? I trapped the monster. Go back to bed, he's gone." When Amy went back to her room, Diane ate the cookie that she had put in there and snuck the stuffed animal back into her bedroom a few hours later when she was still asleep.

Diane might not like children, but she had always been pretty good with them when she wanted to be.

Biography***: Diane grew up with her mother and her step father while growing up. Her house was normally sized for a middle class citizen, and her school was nothing special. At home she stayed in her room a lot while her mother did most of the working. Her step father was drunk that didn't know how to earn a living or take a shower. All he did was play video games all day and do god knows what while Diane was at school. Her constant change of hair color and style aroused the attention of teachers, students, and dreaded guidance counselors. Her real father, Apollo, left them when she was around three months old, so she has no memory of him. When her step father got drunk, he wouldn't sleep or act funny or stupid or try to fly by jumping off the roof. Instead, he became very irritable and often took it out on Diane. He would beat her with belts, big spoons, whatever he could get his hands on. She constantly ran away from home to avoid this issue, and her mother showed very little sympathy. She would often blame Diane for 'irritating' her step dad, which pissed her off. Her mother also liked to try to convert her to be a girly girl, often buying her flashy light colored dresses, blouses, skirts, shoes, etc. Diane would have none of it. She would always tell her mom off every time she pulled some bull crap thing like that, and wouldn't talk to her for months at a time. Sometimes she would run away to the neighbors house, to grandmas house, to a friends house, etc. Then when she got really fed up with her family, she would run away to a different city, sometimes a a different state. One time she even went to Mexico because she hated her mom and step dad so much. One day, when she was almost 15 years old, she stole money from her mom and used it to buy a plane ticket to New York. She packed all her things while her mom was on a business trip and her dad was passed out drunk on the couch. She packed all her clothes, jewelry, and even picked some things out of her moms room that she liked. She took her pretty watch and some of her see through tights, they looked better on her anyways. The only thing she would miss from home was her instruments that were far too heavy to bring on a plane. Since it would only be a few hours in the air, she also decided to take her golden retriever, Sammie, on the plane with her. She pretended to be blind and told them that he was her seeing eye dog, and they bought it of course. She planned on using the stolen money to help her out a little bit in New York, but had no idea what to do after she used it all up. When she got there, she wandered the streets for a few weeks, constantly endangered by random people, rabid animals, and rarely monsters. The first time she was attacked by a monster, she was scared out of her wits and spent the next six hours crying on the floor. The second time she was attacked by a monster, she ran as fast as she could with Sammie and hid away in a small cave. Luckily the monster gave up after a few hours of not being able to reach her in there. The next morning, she was woken up by a strange goat man, who introduced himself as a Satyr. After a few hours of convincing her that she was a demigod and that she would be safe from monsters at a weird camp, she accepted. She contacted her mother later, telling her everything, and instead of crying that she was gone or congratulating her for finding out, she yelled at her for running away and taking her favorite sweater. Typical.

Other Notes:
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diane delsig
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