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 Bridget Anderson

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PostSubject: Bridget Anderson    8/7/2014, 11:28 pm

Full Name: Bridget Marie Anderson

Nickname: Bri (Bree)
Age: 17

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Australia

God Parent: Demeter
Mortal Parent: Steven Anderson

Year at camp: 4


Height: 5'4

Weight: 110 lbs

Body type: Athletic
Skin tone: Fair

Hair Color: Bubblegum pink, yet naturally blonde

Hair Style: Long, slightly touching her chest, curly
Eye Color: Hazel

Distinguishing features: piercing below her nose (does that count?)

Other Marks (Freckles, scars, birthmarks): N/A

Personality: Bridget is an especially bubbly, super perky teen. She is very sweet, nice, and kind, but don't let her fool you. If someone was to mess with her or her friends, you better be ready. She is tough in that sense, but when she is not being protective she is really fun and energetic. She loves meeting people and having people in her life.
Style: http://ak1.polyvoreimg.com/cgi/img-set/cid/54427957/id/we3xA-ynR6GwuuTMGceA-A/size/y.jpg

Fatal Flaw: Bridget is a perfectionist. It always seems like nothing is right, she could always have done better, making her disappointed in herself.
Other Flaws**: Bridget, sadly, is deaf. She was born with this disability, and it sets her back a lot. Also, she is very trusting. She believes everyone has good intentions and this can sometimes come back to bite her.

Pet(s): N/A
Weapon(s): Bow and arrows with celestial bronze arrowheads

Skills/abilities: Bridget is a brilliant artist. She could paint for hours in her studio, and usually does. Also, she quite enjoys playing classical music on the piano.

Roleplay Example***:

 'Stop moving Alex!' Bridget signed to her friend playfully, grinning ear to ear. 'I'm not moving! You're moving!' Alex signed back, duplicating her smile. Bridget looked up at her friend, who was making a cute, hands-on-the-hips pose. 'I'm almost done, just don't move!' Bridget signed. Looking down at her canvas, she added a few more black strokes to Alex's hair, and made her favorite shoes; black converse. 'Okay, I'm done.' She signed, and picked up the canvas, turning it around so Alex could see. "Whoa..." Alex said softly, and walked forward, arm extended as if to tough the painting.  Bridget pulled the painting away. "Wet." She said uncertainly and with weird pitch, flashing another wide smile. She set the painting up on her shelf next to her other paints of her friends, and turned back to Alex. 'What would you like to do now?' Alex grinned mischievously. 'Race you to the park!' She signed. The two loved the park. They loved to swing and just walk around. Alex sprinted out of the art studio. Bridget shrieked, and ran after her friend.


Bridget grew up in New York City in a very modern home with her dad. Her dad, a defense lawyer, didn't really pay much attention to his daughter, only when it concerned her grades or boys. As a result, Bridget was kind of lonely. This is what triggered her want to meet new people. When she met new people, it made her happy. Bridget always wanted to be a painter. She would paint sunsets, mostly, but she would occasionally paint still figures. Painting was always something that she was excited to do, ever since she was young, so her father had set up her bedroom in a room overlooking the city in their New York City penthouse. He stocked it with two easels, paints, brushes, canvases, and enough pencils and artist pads to last her a few years. It was so nice for her! So, Bridget would spend hours painting her friends when they came over, or painting pictures for them. Though, when she was 12, a monster found her. A saytr, Mark, had been watching her, waiting for the time when he was positive that she was a demigod. He came to the rescue and took her to camp. Sadly, Mark did not make it back, as he was injured on the way to camp, but Bridget pushed through, making it to camp on her 13th birthday.

Other Notes:
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PostSubject: Re: Bridget Anderson    8/11/2014, 1:45 am


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Bridget Anderson
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