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PostSubject: AYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO   8/7/2014, 9:28 pm

Name: Given name is Lewis Spielburg, but what kind of name is that? He prefers to go by Lou Hiatt, greatly, greatly prefers that. 
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue-green, with long black eyelashes. He wears nearly a centimeter of eyeliner on each eyelid, because he thinks it makes him look hot.
Hair: Lou's hair is naturally dirty blonde, but he prefers it dyed black. He wears it fairly long for a boy, and spiked up.
Height: 6'1"
Body Type: He is very skinny. He wears size small in men's sizes that i don't know because I never shop for boys.
Skin Color: White white white. Look at a roll of toilet paper. That's how white.
God Parent: Hermes
Mortal Parent: Adriana Spielburg. A tall woman with dirty blonde hair and a round face. Lou never saw much of her.
Country of Origin: US of f*cking A. More precisely, Michigan. Zoom in closer: South Detroit. Even closer: A three bedroom, cream coloured house. He spent most of his time in his room.
Pets:  N/A
Talents: Lou can play guitar very very well. It's his favourite thing to do. He can't sing to save his life, but that's okay. He is talented with his daggers, though he's not sure if that's a notable talent. 
Weapon**: He has two daggers. One celestial bronze dagger for the monsters he encounters, and one steel knife for the streets. New York is a crazy place, man. 
Personality: Lou is.. Well, for lack of a better word, weird. Not the crazy weird, or the nerdy weird. He just didn't fit in with most people. Luckily, living in a shithole, there were lots of kids just like him. Even so, he wasn't exactly the most popular. He wasn't the nicest person, or the kindest. If someone were to name the most selfish person the US, it would be Lou. He's not entirely uncompassionate, but hey, you do what you have to do to survive. Lou is reckless, apathetic, and I'm sure this goes without saying, but rebellious.
Flaws: Where do I start? Well, as mentioned above, he is apathetic, on the verge of being sociopathic. He has bipolar disorder, and has had it since he was about eleven. He is addicted to several substances, including nicotine, and adderall. He also does weed but he's not addicted to that, it's just for fun.
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional): None
Life Before Camp*: For the longest time, all Lou knew about his father was that he was a good man, but left when he was a baby. This wouldn't have bothered him so much if his mother hadn't been so depressed. With him leaving, and post-partum depression, she had a lot to deal with. Not to mention that she was a single mother now and oh no, what was she going to do?
Unfortunately for poor little Lou, she began working two to three jobs a day, leaving Lou with a babysitter, but only until he was about ten, when he deemed himself old enough to stay in the house alone. She had to agree, seeing as she couldn't afford much. Because she was out of the house so much, he would go out to friend's houses all the time, and would stay out as long as he wanted. He only got caught a few times, and was punished pretty badly, but she couldn't enforce the punishment, so he just went out again. He wasn't the most obedient kid. 
As time went on, and kids began to discover sexuality and drugs and all that, Lou was intranced. When he turned 13 he decided to try things. First it was sex, then cigs. By the next year, he was smoking a pack a week. By fifteen, he was doing weed whenever he could, whenever he and his friends could get their hands on it. They'd meet up in an old garage and get high. When he turned 17, they were doing nearly everything at Lou's house, since his mom was always away. He did cocaine once, but has yet to do it again. That stuff messed up a lot of his friends. 
When he was eighteen, he got out of that city as fast as he could. It's not like his "friends" even cared about him, or themselves for that matter. It was easy to cut ties with them, despite the disappointment that they weren't coming with, even after all their dreaming. His mom had changed over nearly two decades. She wasn't as loving. She thought he was a disappointement. Which was he fine with, he didn't care. When he left, he didn't even make it a secret. He took his bike, and rode down to the train station in the middle of the night and left for New York. One city for an another. But at least New York had a place to stay: Camp Half Blood. He knew exactly where it was, due to his mother making plans to take him, but never did. Money is scarce. So he already knew how to fight monsters, he learned the hard way. All he needed was a place to sleep and eat. 
RP Example*: Lou walks into the 7-11, and grabs two packs of cigarretes and a bag of Bugles and throws them onto the counter. He wasn't expecting to see anyone there, and he didn't. Thank the gods. He didn't want to deal with anyone. Especially not that girl from last night, he really wanted to forget about her. The cashier gave him a dirty look, and he realised she was new. He smirked at her and handed her a twenty. As he took his cigs, he put his hand up in a phone shape. "Call me," he mouthed. She scowled and flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder. Hilarious.
Any notes about your characters: his fc is lou taylor pucci in jesus of suburbia and only that bc he looks like a nerd in real life

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PostSubject: Re: AYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO   8/7/2014, 10:53 pm


Characters? (click here)
Zahra Klein, artistic orphan daughter of Ptah,
Matthew James Maguire, lucky irish son of Caerus,
Riley Peterson, son of Geras who turns randomly into an old man,
Catheryn Cade, stubborn unclaimed daughter of Psyche,
Alison Grey, yet another witty child of Geras, half-sister to one Riley Peterson,
and lastly, Catalina Liakos, the very intelligent, amiable, tough-as-nails daughter of Prometheus.
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