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 Kalvin Dean Richards

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PostSubject: Kalvin Dean Richards   3/4/2014, 6:14 pm

Full Name: Kalvin Dean Richards
Nickname: Kal
Age: 7
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Des. Moines, Iowa

God Parent: Aphrodite
Mortal Parent: Dean Richards
Year at camp: 0 years, 2 months, and 3 days

Powers*: N/A

Height: Kal stands at a whopping 4 feet and 1 inch tall with long legs and arms
Weight: 52 pounds, rather average for someone his age really, but Kal is proud to be at just above 50 pounds
Body type: Slim of build, long in the legs and arms, Kal is more likely to grow up to be a model or actor than a warrior unless he really really works at building muscles. He has the build of a prep school boy who is spoiled too often right now.
Skin tone: A golden hue like he tans easily but never burns, always able to get the perfect tan too.
Hair Color: Kal's hair is a silky strawberry blonde with auburn bangs that swoop down to hang over his left eye.
Hair Style: A very obvious hair stylist done hair do but he wears his hair longish to where it brushed the nape of his neck just barely and is layered throughout. Yet the bangs are the most important of his hair style, taking the longest to get just right. He has to have it to where his bangs are combed to hang over his left eye and brush his nose as it goes over. He uses lots of hair spray and conditioner as well as the most expensive shampoos he can get his hands on.
Eye Color: Kal's eyes are a sparkling blue, crystal blue and dark blue at the same time really, almost like the person looking is seeing two very different personalities. It makes him have an air of mystery but has most girls falling over him.
Distinguishing features: His eyes and the way he quirks his lips into a small smirk when talking that reveals a cute dimple in his right cheek.
Other Marks (Freckles, scars, birthmarks): None, he is proud of his unblemished skin.

Personality: Kal is very, well snobbish and stuck up. He feels like he is better than the common folk because his father has money and so he can afford high end clothing and ride around in cars such as a Bentley everyday. His life is not hard and so he is not very knowledgeable of what is actually out there to face him. He is, aside from being stuck up, charming and funny and enjoys to flirt with every girl he sees even if they are older than him because he is too rich to not get them. Kal feels like money can buy happiness and whatever he can't get from his good looks and charm then he can get from his money or riches. He is na´ve and foolish as well as innocent and just plain childish, because he is a child after all.

Style: Kal has to have the best clothing he can get his hands on, name brand and everything, so he is very particular about his style.
His shirt is a tight V-neck silk shirt colored blue that is sleeveless. Under that is a long sleeve shirt made of the finest materials he can find that is a darker blue. Over his shirt he wears a vest that he keeps unzipped that is silver. On his legs he wears dark blue denim skinny jeans with gold stitching and absolutely despises Levi Strauss. His shoes are Minnetonka soft soled moccasins or sometimes a pair of Converse All Stars. He has a gold stud earring in his left ear as well as a pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses and a Gucci Coupe Chronograph Bronze watch

Fatal Flaw: Can't stand the thought of being poor (yes this can be a fatal flaw because if someone were to take away his money or make him feel like he was poor then he would be liable to make a mistake in a fight and could die.)
Other Flaws**: Hates fighting because he doesn't want to mess up his hair or his perfect skin, Doesn't like water because he can't swim

Pet(s): N/A
Weapon(s): A thin bladed rapier given to him by some random demigod who he paid off when he realized he needed to learn to fight but he hates using it and so it is basically just a flashy designer blade. He had the Hephaestus cabin work on the blade and change the color of the blade from standard Celestial Bronze to a glittering gold and had them inlay a ruby into the hilt as well as put diamonds into the pommel. It has a matching diamond encrusted sheathe.
Skills/abilities: Singing, dancing, playing the guitar, doing his hair, shopping, finding designer clothing, really anything not physical

Roleplay Example***:

Kal looked in the mirror at his reflection and gasped in pure shock as he saw that he had bags under his eyes from lack of sleep. That just would not do. So he pulled out some makeup and began applying it to cover up the dark areas under his eyes so that he looked normal before he looked again and smiled. Time to fix his hair or he would be left with a nasty rat's nest and that wouldn't do either. So the boy began to comb his hair and use hairspray liberally as it took time to get it to do as he wanted. Finally ten minutes later he had his hair styled just right and Kal was able to pull on his clothes and looked at himself in the mirror to see if he was missing anything.

Everything looked in place but maybe he needed to grab a sparkly belt to clip his sword onto instead of this eyesore of a plain leather belt. Or he could always fix it up to where it matched as well like he had done with the sword and sheathe in the first place. Well that was another day and another project that he didn't have time for at the moment. So Kal walked out of the door before stopping and smiling as he walked inside to grab a jeweled cane to walk with. Might as well show this Camp something worth looking at and maybe the girls here would stop their training and actually pay attention to him.


Kalvin was born in Des. Moines, Iowa on a warm summer day with the wind being cool enough to blow the silk curtains aside in his father's manor just before he appeared in a cloud of pink dust. Aphrodite had left after he was conceived, that bitch, but she had made sure to send him back to his home where he was sure to be raised as a true son of Aphrodite. So Kal was brought into the household and given a nanny to care for him because his father was too busy to do that. Every need was met and every care was taken care of to the best of the nanny's ability.

Kal was sent to a preppy private school where he was immediately noticed as being one of those really rich kids but he didn't care because he was given whatever he wanted. Even on his first day when a kid had pushed him down and called him a pretty boy, Kal was given two thousand dollars and told that the school would hear about it. The next day the boy was gone and Kal as smiling wide, showing his pearly whites and his dimple.

Kids began to fear this kid who seemed to be able to control their lives just by running to daddy. Even the older kids feared him, after another boy was expelled for mocking him about running to daddy about everything. Soon though, the kids had gotten fed up. It was Kal's fifth birthday and he had walked in with a new tailor made Armani suit on holding his jeweled cane. The kids ran up and surrounded him before one of the older boys shoved him down and they began to tear his new clothes.

That day was hell for the five year old boy but he held strong, until one of the girls taunted him and said that he had a mommy who didn't care about him and he had to buy everyone's love. Kal went home crying that day and the next it was discovered that the private school had been shut down and all of the teachers fired for not protecting their students.

Kal was sent to another private school where he was treated the same, his reputation preceding him. But it was here that Kal was able to find out that he was charming when all of the girls began to giggle and give him flowers on Valentine's Day. Most of the other boys didn't like it but it didn't matter because Kal turned seven and something strange happened. Strange horse people rode into the school with what looked like bows and began firing upon the dean of the school who turned into a giant bat-like creature. The whole scene was surreal but when it was over one of the girls who had been giving Kal flowers ran over and took his hand saying they had to run fast. So they ran, all the way to Camp Half-Blood.

Other Notes: Kal is honestly the bane of my existence, everything I despise about myself except for the charming nature but hey that's everyone of my characters. Enjoy my prep school prissy Aphrodite child.
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PostSubject: Re: Kalvin Dean Richards   3/4/2014, 7:18 pm


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Kalvin Dean Richards
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