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 Character Template (Updated: February 25th, 2014)

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Character Template (Updated: February 25th, 2014) Empty
PostSubject: Character Template (Updated: February 25th, 2014)   Character Template (Updated: February 25th, 2014) Icon_minitime2/25/2014, 10:46 pm

Character Creation Rules and Guidelines

  • All demigods must be between the ages of 4 and 20, and must be claimed if over the age of 13.
  • All demigods must be either Greek, Roman, Egyptian or Norse. For Roman demigods, you must specify the camp in which they reside: CHB or Camp Jupiter.
  • A fatal flaw and at least two other flaws are REQUIRED.
  • You must put limits on powers; "She can create large fires only four times a day, and they drain her to the point of passing out."
  • Intelligence and planning are not powers - they are talents and skills.
  • Weapons may not be made of mixed metals - only celestial bronze, imperial gold, or stygian iron. Please note that sygian iron does NOT kill with one strike.
  • No firearms are allowed.
  • Hunters of Artemis must be female. Add this to the notes section of the form. Hunters do not need to have god parents, so you can add 'no god parent' if you wish.
  • If you wish to make a Roman legacy, replace God Parent with 'Descendent of...'
  • If you wish to make a satyr or nature spirit, replace God Parent with 'Form' (ie: satyr/faun, naiad, dryad).
  • The roleplay example can be in first or third person.
  • Both the biography and RP example must have proper grammar and capitalization. ABSOLUTELY NO TEXT SPEAK.
  • You may choose to fill out either the less detailed or more details form.
  • Forms must be filled out COMPLETELY.

Less Detailed Form

More Detailed Form
* - Must have limits to powers, and consequences for overuse.
** - There must be at least two more flaws, including physical flaws such as clumsiness, and character flaws, such as being impulsive.
*** - Must be at least five complete sentences.


  • There are certain gods that are forbidden to new members. All Titans and Big Three gods (Zeus, Poseidon and Hades) are not allowed to new members; however, new members may apply to make a demi-titan or child of the big three once they have reached a certain amount of posts. See this post for details.
  • Additionally, children of Hera, Artemis and Hestia require special admin approval.
  • If there are any concerns about a god parent being allowed, feel free to contact an admin before making your character.

Useful Links for Character Creation
List of Character Flaws
List of Character Traits
Birthday Generator
Name Generator
Roleplaying and Characterization Resources
Clothing Style Designer

Credit to Demi for this beautiful new template!

Characters? (click here)
Zahra Klein, artistic orphan daughter of Ptah,
Matthew James Maguire, lucky irish son of Caerus,
Riley Peterson, son of Geras who turns randomly into an old man,
Catheryn Cade, stubborn unclaimed daughter of Psyche,
Alison Grey, yet another witty child of Geras, half-sister to one Riley Peterson,
and lastly, Catalina Liakos, the very intelligent, amiable, tough-as-nails daughter of Prometheus.
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Character Template (Updated: February 25th, 2014)
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