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 As Kids (please read)

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PostSubject: As Kids (please read)   1/18/2014, 10:22 pm

 For some of us it was quite a while ago. For some, it was only a year or two. For some such as I, it is happening now and slowly slipping away. Being a kid was amazing, wasn't it? We had no worries, you could go out and run to your hearts content. You were happy all of the time, no matter what happened. Being a kid was so easy! No one could bring you down, you were one in a million, there was always a huge difference from each of us, no one could mistake us for the other. We were our own person! We dressed in the clothes we thought were cool, we did our hair the way we liked it, we did what we wanted, we played what we wanted, we colored in whatever color crayon we wanted! Though, who says we can't be little kids anymore? Who said we can't go see the PG movie that looks really funny? Who said we can't color in crayons instead of acrylic paint? Who said that we couldn't play with toys? Who said that? No one said that. No one said that we couldn't do all of those things. So, let me be the first to say, why aren't we going ahead and being the little kids we once were? 
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As Kids (please read)
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