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 Andrew Lee Finished

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PostSubject: Andrew Lee Finished   1/12/2014, 3:20 pm

Full name: Andrew Lee
Any nicknames?: Andy
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Years at Camp: 3

God and mortal parent: Mary Lee and Thoth
Date of birth: May 21, 1995
Place of birth: Boston, Maryland

Appearance(a picture, if you don't have one you could give a description or just leave it blank): 

Eye color: Brown
Hair(color, length, style, etc.): Brown, a little long-ish...
Height: 5'9
Body type(tall, skinny, fat, etc.): Toned i guess is the word
Distinct markings(freckles? Scars? Birthmarks? Etc.): none
Personality(Are they angry, nice, friendly, unique, violent?): Is somewhat nerdy, is kind of quiet at first then gets to be very energetic
Style(This is optional:try http://polyvore.com/ to make it): 

Fatal Flaw: Pride
Flaws(2 other random flaws, like sucks at vollyball, is afraid of cats, etc.): Sucks at soccer, is afraid of mice

Weapon(s): Two six inch CB knives, bow and arrow
Pets: none
Talents/Skills: Good writer

RP Example*: Wow. It's all that's in my ind as I walk into the library. Wall upon wall, shelve upon shelve of books, each holding information I am just dying to see. Randomly, I select a book and open it, and see it's about history. The most fascinating subject, in my opinion, besides science. There are just so many things in this world, why would you not want to learn about it? I can't even consider it a possibility. If I couldn't read, I'd probably just be bored all of the time.
Biography*: Andrew was born in Maryland in 1995 into a family with two brothers and two sisters. Andrew is the exact middle child, and loved having his siblings company. He got his love of reading from his mom, a librarian. He would spend hours in the library just looking at all kinds of books. Around the time that he was twelve, the family started moving all of the time. It was to hide from the monsters, of course, and by the time he was 15 it had become too hard, they just kept following. Andrew was taken to camp by his best friend/satyr.

Other Notes:
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PostSubject: Re: Andrew Lee Finished   1/22/2014, 1:17 pm


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Andrew Lee Finished
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