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 My best story yet (Yes, there will be more)

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PostSubject: My best story yet (Yes, there will be more)   1/10/2014, 9:13 pm

I wake up and am on a beach. I don’t remember what happened, just that my name is Derek. I look around and see a few buildings. As I walk closer, I see a group of people gathered around a campfire.
As I approach the group, they all look at me. I see some people get smiles on their faces. Then I remember what happened, I had been on a quest and got thrown into the ocean. I must have drifted back to camp. I think some more and remember everything. The most important thing I remember is that I am the child of Chaos, the Titan from which all else sprang.
I look around and see a girl walking towards me. It was my girlfriend, Kaytlyn. Her brown hair was brushed and straight, just like usual. She had her Stygian Iron sword at her side. She was the child of Tartarus, the primordial of the deepest pit in the Underworld.. Kaytlyn walked closer and said, “Glad to see you are back Derek.” Then my best friend Lukas came over. He is a big guy. He is also possibly the strongest guy I knew. He was African-American with brown curly hair. He also was a child of the primordial of time, Chronos. He was leaning on his Celestial Bronze staff. He looked me dead in the eyes and said, “Dude, if you ever leave without telling me, I will freeze you where you now stand.” Did I mention he had a short temper?
I say, “Guys, I need to go to my cabin. I have an Iris-message to send.”  I walk to the Titan cabin and pull a lever. It created some mist and I throw a golden drachma in and say, “Show me my friend Chris.” A form appeared and Chris came into view. Chris is tall and has brown hair. He wears glasses and is very skinny. He was a child of Aether, the god of mists of light in the upper air. I ask, “Chris, where are you?” He looked straight into my eyes and said, “A place you can’t go… I am in my cabin.” He began laughing and I turned off the Iris-message. The Kaytlyn came in the cabin.
It is technically against the rules for a boy and girl to be alone in a cabin, but it is kind of hard to keep that rule when there were only two demititans. She sat down on her bunk and said, “Derek, Chris is looking for you. He mentioned something about an Iris-message. Were you Iris-messaging him?” I looked at her and said, “Yeah, I was.” She asks, “Do you wanna go hunt in the woods?” I say, “Sure, let’s go.” Kaytlyn grabs her bow and arrows and we head out to the forest.
            As we approached our hunting spot, we saw another person there. We walked up to her and saw her close her eyes and shoot a bird hidden in the trees above. I step on a twig and she spins around, grabs an arrow and aims her bow at us. When she sees it is more demigods, or so she thinks, she puts her bow down. I look at her and say, “Hey, my name is Derek, child of Chaos.” Kaytlyn smiles and says, “I am Kaytlyn, child of Tartarus.” The girl says, slightly angry, “My name is Nicole, child of Aphrodite.” Nicole was tall with long, blonde hair. She obviously was good with a bow. Nicole said, “Well, I should get going. But I should tell you two something. I heard some growling and rustling in the leaves earlier. It might not be completely safe around here.” Nicole then walked out of the woods. Kaytlyn and I decided this was a good time to leave.
            As we got out of the woods, I saw Chris about to get into a fight. I recognized the boy about to fight Chris. It was Tommy, the head counselor of the Ares cabin. I got closer and said, “Tommy, you know you shouldn’t be fighting Chris. Remember what happened last time?” Tommy said, “Yes I do. But this time around you won’t have your girlfriend to help you.” He snapped his fingers and a few Ares campers came out and pinned Kaytlyn down. I got very angry at Tommy for doing that. He was my enemy before, but with this he went too far. “Tommy, let her go. This is between you and me,” I said. He laughed evilly and said, “How about no? If you win, I will let her go. But if I win… let’s just say there won’t be any more demititans at camp.” He pulled out his celestial bronze spear, Yuagiri. I thought deep and reached into my pocket dimension. I could put anything, and as much as I wanted in it and then pull it back out. I reached into the pocket dimension and pulled out my Stygian Iron halberd. I turned it to spear form and prepared to fight Tommy. He ran at me and tried to stab me in the chest, but I blocked it and stabbed him in the leg. He fell to the ground and began to moan. I said, “Tommy, you can’t win this fight. Now let Kaytlyn go.” I heard a sound from behind me and I turned around. I saw Kaytlyn standing up, surrounded by fallen Ares campers. She said, “Derek, you don’t have to protect me from everything there is.” I put my halberd back into the void and tossed Tommy some ambrosia. I ran over to Kaytlyn and hugged her. I whispered, “Good job. Not going to ask how you did it, but good job.” Once I released her from the hug, she said, “Thank you. Now, you can stop protecting me and I should be okay.”
            Just as she said that, Tommy comes up behind her and stabs her in the back with his spear. Kaytlyn screams in pain and falls to the ground. I focus all of my energy into a single blast and send Tommy flying fifteen feet. I didn’t care what happened to Tommy; I just wanted Kaytlyn to stay safe. I picked Kaytlyn up and ran to the infirmary. She was barely breathing. A tear rolled down her cheek. I said, “Kaytlyn, don’t go.”
            We arrived at the infirmary and I set her down on one of the beds. I called over some of the Apollo kids, since they were good medics. They looked at the wound and said, “Derek, it isn’t impossible. But we will need some time. Also, there might be a few… problems afterwards. As in, she might not be able to walk for a few days. But that is only short term. Long term would be that she won’t be able to lift anything more than fifteen or twenty pounds.” I say, “Okay, but please try to prevent that.” I was really worried about Kaytlyn. I swore, if Tommy ever tried to even talk to me, he would have a punishment worse than what I did to him today. I stayed by Kaytlyn’s side all day and all night. I wasn’t going to leave her side until she was healed. I fell asleep around 10:00 pm. I had a strange dream that night. I was used to weird dreams, but this was the strangest.
            In my dream, there was a tall guy with black hair and glasses. He seemed to be emitting a dark aura. He said, “I see you have defeated my friend. You have made a grave mistake. Leave camp now. You have been warned child of Chaos. I, Christian, child of Nix, will destroy you and Kaytlyn if you do not leave now.” With that he erupted into a dark, fiery blast.
             I woke up and saw Kaytlyn sitting up beside me. She smiled and said, “It’s about time you woke up Derek. It is 10:00. You missed breakfast.” I was really hungry. I hadn’t eaten for twenty-four hours. I said, “Oh…” She handed me a tray of food and said, “However, I was able to get you some.” I took it and said, “Thank you. How are you feeling?”On the tray there was toast, orange juice, and Raisin Bran cereal. Kaytlyn said, “I am feeling better. I am still in pain. But I am able to sit up.” I say, “You should lie down though. You need to rest.” Kaytlyn frowned at me and said, “Derek, you really don’t have to worry about me. I can care for myself without your help. And don’t even say anything about what happened after I said that yesterday. But fine, if it will make you feel better.” Kaytlyn lied down. I said, “Come on. You know I just want to protect you. Besides… I had a dream about a child of Nix wanting to destroy us. He said his name was Christian.” Kaytlyn winced with that name. She said, “Did you say Christian? He tried to kill me before I came to camp. In fact, he was the only reason I came to camp. However, if it wasn’t for him, I would never have met you.” She smiled and kissed my cheek. I had never asked Kaytlyn why she came to camp. I was about to at one point, but she made it clear that it was a touchy subject.
            I ate my breakfast and stayed with Kaytlyn. I had activities today, but I didn’t want to leave Kaytlyn’s side. Kaytlyn looked at me and said, “Derek, you can go to your activities. I will be fine. I don’t need you here to watch me.” I looked at her with a frown. I said, “Okay. But I will be back in an hour to check on you.” I walk outside and go to the archery range. I shoot an arrow at the center of the target and strike it right outside of the bull’s eye. I shoot another and it lands directly in the middle. I shoot my last one and split the second arrow into two different pieces. I move to a new target and imagine my target was Tommy. He had hurt Kaytlyn, put her in the infirmary, and worst of all, he made a guy want to kill Kaytlyn and I. I look up and shoot an arrow directly through the target, into the tree behind it.
            After an hour of practicing, I go back to the infirmary to check on Kaytlyn and just to talk to her. When I walk in, I see a girl next to her. The girl was tall with black hair and a tan. I walk over and say, “Hello. How is Kaytlyn?” The girl looks up and says, “She is fine. I walked in and healed her back. The name is Diana, daughter of Aceso.” I knew who Aceso was; she was the goddess of healing wounds and curing illness. It seemed right for a daughter of her to be healing Kaytlyn.
            I sit down beside Kaytlyn and fall asleep. I knew I was going to have another strange dream. Once I fell asleep, I saw a different person. It was a tall girl with red hair and a lot of freckles. She looked at me and said, “Derek, child of Chaos, you may be safe from Christian for now. But I, Lily, child of Otera will make you leave camp. If you do not, I shall tear you into pieces with my bare hands. We shall meet again.” With that, she erupted into a column of darkness. I knew there must be a head mastermind behind this.

            When I woke up I was sitting next to Kaytlyn. She was still asleep next to me. I got out of the chair beside her bed and walked outside. The sun was coming up outside. I walked out and saw some campers walking out of their cabins. As I looked, I saw a boy walk out of the Athena cabin and stared at me. I didn’t think much of it, because this kid might have been staring at someone else. I walked to the cabin courtyard and waited for Lukas. As he walked out of the Chronos cabin, he began talking to a girl. It was Emily, daughter of Dike. I wasn’t exactly sure what Dike was the goddess of. Emily was a short girl with long black hair. I soon realized what was happening, because I saw Emily blushing as I approached. It was Lukas asking her out. I walked over after Emily left and said to Lukas, “I am not even going to ask why.” He looked at me and said, “Yeah, because if you do, I will freeze you in time. But anyways, yes I did ask her out.” I said, “That’s nice. But that isn’t why I came over here. I had a strange dream last night and the night before. And you happen to know a lot of people. What do you know about Christian, child of Nix and Lily, child of Otera?” He looked around to make sure there was nobody around. He then said, “Those two are bad news. They, and a few other campers, were kicked out of camp a few years ago. They had blown up every cabin and almost destroyed the whole camp. Now they seek revenge on every person at camp. They have recruited a child of Athena I have heard to find out who the strongest ones were.”
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My best story yet (Yes, there will be more)
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