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 Steve's drawings & crap

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PostSubject: Steve's drawings & crap   11/9/2013, 1:03 am

This is pretty much the place I put all of my drawings of mainly characters... Especially mine. Of course, I also like drawing canons, as well as disgracing other users with sad attempts at drawings of their characters.

So... Let's get started on the tour!

As of 10:30 PM on 11/8/13, these are the drawings I have made so far. Any future drawings shall live in separate posts below. Anywho... Let's get started!

Let's start it off with a drawing I made as a prediction of what would happen if one of the girls on this site met Nico (Feel free to post below if i'm right or not, even if it is the latter):

Note: This is a younger Nico. I'm pretty sure older-starved-deprived-creepy-ass-14-year-old-everybody-hates-me-Nico would NOT ask for a lullaby (I certainly would though...)

Some 2 hours before which I decided to take a crack at Alabaster (I love that dude... But not in a Nico way):

"Lookin' badass in my green sweater"

Extra, Extra!
So today in art class I started a project called A Slendy Day: 9 pictures, consisting of "Slendy" in the morning, afternoon, and bedtime. FYI: The "Slendy" to whom we are referring to is Slenderman. And "Jeff" is actually Jeff the Killer, who is supposedly one of Slenderman's students. If you do not know who he is, you probably didn't find this funny, and I suggest you look him up:

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ha." -My art teacher

The (Not so) Prodigal artist: A Journey

So exactly a month ago, I got into this drawing style again when I started a warriors animation project with my friend, which was actually a rap battle between Scourge and Firestar. But I figured that if I was going to master cats, I had to first master humans. So I immediately picked up a pencil, and scribbled (More like barfed out) out a drawing of Nick, one of my characters:

You've been warned:
I know, I know, it makes ME want to throw up too. BUT as I said, this was a month ago, so I decided to take another shot at it. Well this is where I am now:

"It's not what it looks like"

Did I  improve? Feel free to tell me that to my face (metaphorically) by posting below!

Let's continue our journey!

A future character of mine will be named Evelyn Johnson. It's so generic it makes me want to cry. BUT on that note, I had quite a time actually creating a drawing of her. I have like 4 other drawings that I might upload later, but for now, let's stick to these:

My first crack at drawing this girl. I was gonna make it "Look to the stars, bitches" but THINK OF THE CHILDREN MAN...

Coloring is so overrated.

It looked better in real life, I swear...

Which one do you think is the best? I think you know what i'm going to say, so i'm not gonna say it =D

Another up-and-coming charrie is Braden, son of Hecate and half-brother to Alabaster:

"Oh, the mask? It's a long story..."

So just what DID you think of my drawings? Got any advice(Because I need some SOOOO badly. I mean, do you KNOW how hard it is to draw hair?)? How about questions? Well, then feel free to... You guessed it! Feel free to tell me below!

"HAAAAAASTA la vista!" -Nick
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Steve's drawings & crap
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