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 Leah Harper

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PostSubject: Leah Harper   11/6/2013, 3:56 pm

I've used a form that -slightly- different than the one provided here but I hope its alright as it includes all the categories on your form.

Name:  Leah Harper
Gender:  Female
Mortal Parent:  Janet Harper, Leah’s mother is a waitress and an entertainer at a local inn. She performs stand-up comedy and once aspired to be a world famous entertainer and was working in New York, waiting for her big break . After she got pregnant with Leah however, she decided to return to her hometown and raise her, taking up a standard job in order to pay the bills. She never had nor has any idea to the true identity of Leah’s father.
God Parent: Momus or Momos was in Greek mythology the personification of satire, mockery, censure; a god of writers and poets; a spirit of evil-spirited blame and unfair criticism.
Date of Birth:  Leah is 17 years old and was born on March 18th making her zodiac sign Pisces. 
Place of Birth: Leah was born in the small town of Albany in Athens County, Ohio, United States of America.
Hometown/Last Residence:  Leah lived almost all her life in the small town of Albany in which she was born, her trips outside of which were few  and in between.
Race/ethnicity:  Leah is Caucasian. Dissapointingly, for her atleast, for as far back as she can trace her family has hasn’t been inter-mixed with any other races or nationalities. Apart from being unable to lay claim to any exotic heritage, Leah is also deprived of any interesting story as to how her ancestors came to be in America, for all she knows her forefathers were probably part of originally ship full of Europeans that arrived to settle in America.
Accent: Leah has a fairly strong American accent.
Skin Tone:  Leah has the kind of white skin that’s snow-like without being pasty. Her skin often gets tinged with pink or even reddish when she’s embarrassed or doing something that involves exertion.
Eye Color:  Leah has bright blue eyes that seem to be reflecting the sky. Her eyes are rather large and round in shape and have a mischievous glint in them like she knows something about you that you don’t. It was partly because of them that she was always labeled as a troublemaker or someone to watch out for from the moment people set eyes on her.
Hair Color: Leah has poker straight fly-away light brown hair, the colour of golden-brown sand on a sunny day at the beach.
Hair Length: Leah keeps her hair cropped fairly short, hanging a little lower than her chin in front. She has a rather severe haircut, short in the back and long in the front with her hair framing her face in an inverted U. In the back her hair is as short as the lining of her scalp, progressively increasing in length toward her face, forming a sort of wonky horse-shoe. 
Height: At a height of 5.2ft, Leah is considered rather short for her age and is accustomed to people towering over her in normal circumstances. Her petite and nifty frame allows her nimble and sleathy movements and makes it easy for her to sneak around unnoticed, apart from being able to move quickly in battle.
Weight:  Leah weighs 42 kgs
Body Type: By almost every definition Leah is skinny and has a tiny frame. Often described as petite and slender, Leah has little mass to her structure. Despite this however, she neither appears malnourished nor excessively bony probably because the little mass she has is concentrated in all the right places.
Appearance: Leah has a thin, heart shaped face with wide forget-me-not blue eyes that are large and round in contrast to her otherwise small features. She has a nose that is slender and at the same time, unassuming, reminiscent of a porcelain doll. Her delicate bone structure is a fragile glass house, appearing as though it would shatter at the smallest impact. Leah’s tiny features combined with her small stature makes her appear several years younger than she really is. While Leah is normally unconcerned about this, it sometimes annoys her when it causes people to treat her differently, even patronizingly.
The rather severe hairstyle she has at the moment is a more recent phenomenon. After doing nothing with her hair for years and simply allowing it to hang to her waist in a long sandy-brown curtain, on an impulse Leah cut her hair off with a pair of rusty scissors.  After wandering around with shoulder length hair that looked like it had been nibbled at by rodents, a friend of hers from the Aphrodite cabin put her foot down and demanded to give Leah a “real hairstyle”. Leah instantly loved her new look, finding that it suited her personality very well and inadvertently emphasized her pixie-like look. In retrospect she couldn’t imagine how she’d ever looked anyway else.
Weapon:  Leah carries a Celestial Bronze knife. Its blade is about 11 inches in length and it has the word “Fierce” engraved just below the hilt in small scratchy script. Her light and speedy built enables her to get close to her opponent while fighting making a knife the ideal choice for her weapon.
Armor: Leah prefers not to wear much heavy armour as it weighs her down while moving, also she is inclined to fight offense rather than defense which calls more for speed and quick thinking rather than heavy protection. When required however, for instance during capture the flag, Leah gets standard greek armour from the armoury.
Pet(s):  Leah’s first and only pet so far is a gecko named Tim. She found him loitering beneath her bunk and adopted him and has been caring for him ever since. Tim is a lurid green in colour and has orange spots in a cluster on his back and a few on his belly. He has beady black eyes and two orange lines leading from his eyes to his nostrils. He can often be found riding on Leah’s shoulder as she walks around camp. 
Humour- Leah has an excellent sense of humour and this enables her to take even the toughest situations with a grain of salt.
Sleath- Leah has a couple of sneaky talents such as picking locks, being able to move in and out of small windows with ease.
Speed- Owing perhaps to her small built and nimble frame, Leah is exceptionally light on her feet. She enjoys running and often practices it with the wood nymphs.
Insensitive- Leah assumes that everyone will be as tolerant of her mocking and satirical remarks as she herself, in this manner she often ends up hurting people’s feelings. She doesn’t know quite where to draw the line.
Treats everything too lightly- It is in Leah’s nature to laugh everything off, she is unable to be serious even when the situation demands it. When she is herself scared, she finds herself making jokes to lighten the tension rather than think of solutions.
Anxiety and cowardice- Despite her easy-go-lucky attitude and apparent lack of concern about anything real, Leah worries, a lot. To rid herself of her anxiety she resorts to avoiding it, shoving it to the back of her mind and escaping any problems she may have. Her worrying often keeps her up at night but this is something Leah wont admit to anyone, much less herself.
Carelessness- Leah is completely unconcered about herself, she has extremely low self-esteem and considers herself to be worth less than everything and everyone on the planet. She would think nothing of her own value in a group and is often unable to even truly accept sincere compliments.
Strengths:  Charming personality, easy-going attitude, fun loving nature, liberal beliefs, determination to maintain her personal liberty and be herself.
Weaknesses: Inability to confront her problems, insomania, inability to stop herself from crossing the line, not taking life seriously.
Likes:  Mocking people and ideas including herself, playing pranks, hanging out, partying.
Dislikes:  Judgemental people, anything that restricts her liberty including rules and authority.
Fears: Leah’s primary fear is her liberty being restricted, in any way. Major injury coming top of the list.
Another nagging fear of hers is that she will one day go too far with her jokes and end up losing people she cares about.
Personality: Leah has a rather interesting personality. She is extremely liberal in her views and farily laid back about most things, she values her personal freedom over all else and will champion anyones right to person freedom. One of the things she dislikes most is moral judgement, which is rather ironic considering her own powers. Leah has a sarcastic and satirical sense of humour which is often self depreciating. She enjoys playing pranks and practical jokes and thanks to her sense of humour and easy going attitude, is often the centre of attention at social gatherings. However, do to her own personality quirks, if she realized this she would most likely become too self conscious to go on.
Powers: As daughter of the god of censure, evil blame and unfair criticism, Leah possesses the ability to make people feel bad about themselves. Not quite a power, this ability constitutes more of a vibe that Leah can give out and cause her company to feel this way. Most who experience this do so because thery are unaware of what is affecting them and automatically fall into the human tendency of self-pity, however as this is no more than a vibe if they  are aware and consciously decide to throw off the vibe, they will be able to do with ease.
Social Status:  Leah is neither a real loner nor would she be considered a queen-bee. She’s somewhere in the middle, like most people. She has her own set of friends, who adore her but is not a camp-wide phenomenon. Being an extrovert however, Leah gets along with people easily and is fairly popular amongst those who know her. She doesn’t go out of her way to climb to the top of the social ladder.
Summer or Year Rounder: Leah is a summer camper. In her own words, “staying in one place, any place,, too long would drive me completely insane.”
Years at Camp: Leah has been at camp for only one year so far, well one summer. This is the second summer that she has returned for.
Life Before CHB: Leah had a fairly normal childhood, living in a small town in Ohio with her mother and her step-dad. She had had a fairly easy relationship with her parents through her early life but this changed rather drastically as she advanced in age. She was claimed at the age of 12, when she was all alone in her room, standing before her full length mirror. After being claimed, Leah was plagued by the fear that she was going insane and so dint share the incident with anyone. Following this, she began to think of herself as seperate and distant from those around her and in moments of deepest doubt, began to suspect that she belonged to a world that was other than the one around her. Confused and distraught, Leah threw herself into her poetry and art and developed her skills far more during this period than ever before, allowing it to be the kind of self expression and venting that she actively denied herself in her daily life otherwise. Being the daughter of a minor god combined with the fact that she was completely clueless about her real identity meant that she wasn't the target of any monsters at all. She was discovered by satyr by accident and when he told her his story, all the pieces began to fall into place. Despite being a generally suspicious person she trusted me almost immediately. Agreeing to follow him to camp, she made the pretext of a summer camp to her parents and left. 

Role-playing Example: Leah stood before her full-length mirror, eyeing herself scruntinisingly from top to bottom. Not one to normally pay much attention to her looks, Leah had spent the last hour exasperated, combing out tangles from her messy brown hair and attempting to hide the many scars on her legs and palms with powder as her mother had instructed. Finally, after hours of scrubbing, dabbing and untangling, she stood before her mirror, nearly unrecognisable. Her straight brown hair was neatly tied in two ribbons behind her ears and the thin pale pink cotton dress her mother had wrestled her into fluttered lightly in the breeze. Her feet, normally bare and caked in wet mud felt strangely itchy swathed in stockings and matching pink ballet slippers. For as long as she could remember, Leah had never looked so prim, proper and adorably girlish in all her life and in all her life, never had she detested her appearance more than she did now. "I'll look about 5 years old!" she had wailed, flailing her bony limbs about as she was forced into the dress. "This is what all the girls wear to weddings Leah!", her mother had cried exasperated at her stubbornness. Well, if thats true, Leah had thought savagely, fixing her face firmly into a heavy scowl, then all the other girls are idiots and I'd sooner not go myself. Now turning on her heel, Leah yanked open her room door and stomped downstairs, determined to wear the very same scowl all throughout the service.
Notes: None.
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Leah Harper
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