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 James Dean House

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PostSubject: James Dean House   11/2/2013, 10:02 pm

  Demigod form:

 Full name: James Dean House

Any nicknames?: N/A


Age: 16

Years at Camp:N/A

God and mortal parent:Emilia House and Asclepius 

Date of birth: October 7th, 1996

Place of birth: Boca Raton, Florida


Eye color: Hazel-Brown/Green

Hair:Black, a couple of inches past shoulder length, usually tied up in a loose ponytail. 

Height: 6’4”

Body type:Tall-ish. “Thick”, but most of it is made up of muscle. Large chest, narrow hips.

Distinct markings: Single dimple on the left cheek.

Personality: Tries to remain as distant as possible, as he has found no friends equals no betrayal. However, he occasionally finds himself slipping up and letting people get close to him.. Has a strong set of morals, and will do whatever is possible to abide by those.


Powers**: The ability to heal any living being. This power works better on humans and humanoids than it does other creatures though. Minor wounds (bruises, small cuts, etc.) take a few seconds to a minute, moderate wounds (moderate muscle or bone damage, slight nerve damage) can take up to 2-4 minutes, and severe damage (maulings, TBI, severe blood loss, etc.) can take anywhere from  fifteen minutes to half of an hour, but it is a gamble for it to work in such situations. The healing will slowly drain him; his body loses about 1/7th of the energy it would take for the other person to have healed themselves naturally.  The cooldown in between power usage is approximately two-seven times the duration of the healing, depending on the energy exerted. Only wounds can be healed, not diseases,  and damage taken from a magical source requires twice the time and effort.

Fatal Flaw: Serious trust issues. Borderline paranoia (not the everyone’s out to get me so I’m going to wear a tinfoil hat kind, but the sneak up behind me you’ll probably get gutted kind.)

Flaws*: Fear of heights (Falling). So long as he is in an enclosed space and will not fall, he’s ok-ish. 

Cannot ride a bike  

Weapon(s): 4.5' cane. Very top has an image of two snakes encircling a staff. Contains a celestial bronze blade. Gift from his father.


Unsheathed :

Also carries a small 4 inch celestial bronze dagger

Pets (More accurately a companion): Aero, a red-tailed hawk. Born the son of a sprite and Circe, 
gifted with the ability to speak. Talons are made of celestial bronze.

Talents/Skills: Has a vast knowledge of medical matters. Can (without his powers) perform emergency first aid. Is a great fighter (as in, better than most humans. In the better half of Half-Bloods, but not good enough to go up against a professional.) as he has had some training, and knows the human anatomy, and it’s weaknesses, very well.

RP Example*:

The man's eyss fluttered faintly, then closed slowly, almost as if they were hesitant to. The man's doctor flew about, moving with a passion that made him appear almost demoniacal. His eyes burned with a supernatural glow as he grabbed a defibrillator and rushed over to the man experiencing cardiac arrest. After several attempts, it was obvious the patient had died. The doctor closed his eyes, fists clenched tightly, the salt from tears not fallen.

James woke with a start, hyperventilating, eyes opened as wide as humanly possible. This was a reoccurring nightmare for him, meeting someone he couldn't heal. To be stripped of one's only virtue and source of joy, that is the definition of Hell.


James Dean House was born on October 7th, 1996 in Boca Raton, Florida to Emilia House. He was a good child, for the most part. However, his mother constantly got reports of his anti-socialism. It started off with him simply being shy, but it steadily worsened until he would go out of his way to avoid everyone except for his mother. She was the only family he had, and was the only person who meant anything to him.

His life came crashing down when he was thirteen years old. On July 14th, 2009, he came home from school to find his mother laying on the floor, not responding to him and showing no vital signs. He called 911, and she was proclaimed dead on the scene. It was that night that his father claimed him, visiting him during a dreamy. Asclepius explained to him the validity of mythology, and that he was his father.As the dream came to an end, Asclepius gave James a ring, that was made of interwinning silver and gold, in the shape of the Rod of Asclepius. 

When he awoke, he brushed it off as simply a dream, like any sane person would do. That was, until he noticed the ring Asclepius had given him, despite having seemingly occurred in a dream, was still upon his left index finger. 

This disturbed James greatly, as it meant either he had gone insane, or what his “father” had told him the night before was all true, or maybe both. He fled from the hospital, and eventually wound up in Memphis, Tennessee. While there he had some of his first encounters with monsters, most notably the Cychreides dragon. He was left badly injured from his encounter with the dragon, and would have died if not for interference from Hekate. She flicked her finger at the dragon, causing it to dissipate, and healed the wounds of James. 

Afterwards, when he regained consciousness, she told him that it was done to repay a debt owed to his father. Standing up to leave, she informed him that the debt was now paid, and that he should expect no further help from her. 

He continued on his journey, however now he was much more cautious. It was this caution that caused him to meet his companion, Aero. While wandering (more accurately getting lost in) a forest, he stumbled upon a clearing with a large oak in the middle. In the shadow of the oak was a large red-tailed hawk, with a severely mangled wing. James carefully approached the hawk, as he knew that they could be very aggressive, especially while injured. As the animal did not attack, he continued to walk forward, stopping when he was within a few feet of the bird. It looked up at him with an eye that seemed self-aware, and blinked twice. 

When he was within arm’s length of the creature, it became clear it would neither fly nor fight. James cautiously kneeled down, extending his arm towards the hawk. His fingers gingerly brushed its uninjured wing, and a burst of opaque maroon light flooded out of his fingertips, blinding him momentarily. When the light disappeared, and the flashing dots in his vision subsided, he gazed with astonishment at the newly healed wing (Used as a plot device; While RPing his power would never be this strong {the healing was also aided by Aero's mjagical nature} ). James was stunned; what in the name of Dalai Frickin' Yoda had just happened?!

While still in a daze, he watched as the plebeian appearing bird spread its wings unsteadily, and stood up (((or whatever the bird equivalent would be))). Its beak opened widely, and the voice of a 17 year old male emitted from it. James listened, amazed, as the bird told him that his name was Aero, and that he was the son of a nature sprite and Circe. As his monologue continued, the mist slowly unraveled from around him, revealing that his talons were made of celestial bronze. 

Aero left the forest and travelled with James. The duo was an odd pairing at first, but they have come to work well together. After several adventures, and misadventures, they have ended up in Long Island, New York.

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PostSubject: Re: James Dean House   11/3/2013, 11:03 am

is there anything he can't heal? also, how long must he wait between power usages?
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Count Solar


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PostSubject: Re: James Dean House   11/3/2013, 11:33 am

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PostSubject: Re: James Dean House   11/3/2013, 2:24 pm

Sounds good to me~! Approved.

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PostSubject: Re: James Dean House   

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James Dean House
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