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 Plastic Wrap and Boxes

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PostSubject: Plastic Wrap and Boxes   10/14/2013, 12:55 am

A poem I wrote~

My life is filled with plastic wrap
Covering a box
With a few holes poked into the side
To let in light and dust
My life is filled with muted colors
The dullest blacks and blues
I lean against the box's edge
And wonder what it's come to
Will I die inside this plastic box
Never holding anothers hand?
Will I perish, colorblind
As hourglass runs out of sand?
Will my hopes and dreams die with me,
The stories that my mind told
Will they put my box with all the others
Who's contents never sold?
Am I just another plastic piece
Another waste of space
That decomposes in the dirt
As one more nameless face
My life was filled with plastic wrap
Covering a box
Then I patched up each and every hole
And now everybody talks

Nisha Caldbeck - Lupe Drake Leeson - Thanatos Kessa Anders - Set Kiara Ortiz - Sekhmet Annalise Baker - Tartarus

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Plastic Wrap and Boxes
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