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PostSubject: Demititan~!   9/14/2013, 12:49 am

Full name: Annalise Jane Baker
Nicknames: Jane, Annie
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Years at Camp: 2 months

God and mortal parent: Tartarus and Esther Lawton
Date of birth: Unknown, as time in Tartarus functions differently. She appeared in the mortal world on Febuary 13th.
Place of birth: Tartarus

Appearance: She is thin, tall and lanky. Her skin is rather fair, but she doesn't burn easily. She's 5'9, weighs around 132lbs and has a rather curve-less physique. Her irises are naturally a pure black, and it's impossible to tell the difference between it and her pupil, though she occasionally puts in blue ones for things like school pictures and such, or for job interviews. Her hair is naturally a dark shade that lies between blue and black, though since middle-school she's begun dying it, generally keeping it a rust red color or brown. Her hair is naturally thick and curly but she got tired of it being long and irksome and started keeping it in various short cuts, including bobs and 'boys' cuts, until the current one. She's rather flat-chested. She has an angular chin and high cheekbones, but besides that her features are rather soft. She has various calluses on her hands, and a few burn scars along her arms from ovens and one scar on her knee from glass.


Personality: First and foremost, Annalise is an extremely hardworking and determined person. She believes in earning her keep. She dislikes being rewarded if she doesn't feel like she's deserved it. Anna dislikes being idle and prefers to be busy rather then relaxing or lazing around. She's also very modest and has difficulties taking compliments. While she's not shy, she shirks away from the spotlight and emotional confrontation. The only time she's truly quiet is when she's reminded of the bullying she endured as a child.

She's very defensive whenever her parentage is brought up, and though she prefers being honest she will usually lie and says she's a child of Thanatos. She's fairly ashamed of her 'evil' abilities, having a very clear moral conscience leaves her loathe to summon monsters. She is also awkward around younger children, used to interacting with adults more than anything.

Style: She doesn't truly have a specific style. She grew up on a strict budget, and more or less wears whatever she can get her hands on. T-shirts, tank-tops, sweaters, jeans or shorts – if it's cheap and not provocative, it's good enough for her.

Powers**: She has multiple abilities, many of them associated with Tartarus. First and foremost, Annalise can summon various monsters from the pits of Tartarus. Not world destroying ones of course, but some big ol' nasties she can. Summoning will take a lot out of her unless a sacrifice is made – whether it be food, a weapon, or blood. Blood is the most potent though, and through blood sacrifice, the more powerful monsters can be summoned. The bigger the summon, the more extravagant the sacrifice must be. Summoning also takes a large amount of her energy – minor monsters will cause vertigo for up to ten minutes, but the worst ones can leave her comatose and even dead.

Also, she has a fair amount of control over lesser monsters and her father's monstrous offspring, such as the telekhines, though it really just goes as far as speaking to them and influencing them slightly, though suggestions can be overthrown. The one monsters she can truly can control must be summoned by her.

Her final ability is shadow-traveling. She can lurk inside of the shadow-realm for large periods of time, generally until she needs to eat or drink. Falling asleep inside of the shadow realm will generally leave her with a cold or a case of the flu, for reasons unknown. She can shadow travel fairly large distances, a few miles, and it is fairly easy for her to enter in and out of the shadow-realm, so it doesn't do much except make her a little disoriented. Well, if she traveled insanely far she'd probably knock herself out, but she will as a general rule not do that.

Also, in regards to limitations, she cannot sacrifice a summons to get a better summons. The summons function as regular monsters, though their goal is simply to protect Annalise and fight her opponents. They will disperse into monster-dust when killed, and are as easy/hard to kill as any other monster. If she falls unconscious, they will still try to do what Annalise intended for them to do as she summoned them.

Fatal Flaw*: Strict Moral Code – She will stick to her morals, even if it leaves her in a dangerous situation.
Flaws*: Annalise has a type of quiet pride that leaves her often doing things just to prove to herself that she can, whether she can or not. She tends to downplay when she's injured and often has difficulties asking for help.

Weapon: A necklace she has with her name on it that turns into a 6ft tall stygian iron scythe.
Talents/Skills: She's fairly versatile at random thinks. She's a good baker, fairly good at repairing clothes and can crotchet pretty good (she enjoys making scarves). She has the ability to walk several dogs at once, can clean swiftly, and has good endurance and can run for long distances. She can last long in a fight if she doesn't use her powers.

RP Example*: “Order up!” The gruff voice of Samson called from the counter, accompanied by the ringing of the bell. Annalise nodded in the direction, setting down the menues she had been organizing and dancing around a family of five before making it to the kitchen where table 5's entrees lay. She deftly picked them up, shrugging her shoulders back. She could see Randi through the window, smoking a cigaret out on the terrace, and she smiled slightly. It was unhealthy, but it was a part of her makeshift-mother and she loved her for it.

Biography*: Annalise's mother Esther had severe Schizophrenia back in the late 1700s. During a hallucination, she ended up killing her husband and son. She was to be punished once she died and reached Hades, but after being hanged she somehow fell into Tartarus instead. She fell for 2 weeks before hitting the bottom, and despite the fact that she was dead her 'body' could still be harmed. Tartarus, upon finding her, was originally going to obliterate her from existence. Over the years, though, the titan had grown lonely and instead healed the woman and took her as his wife.

For three centuries Esther resided by Tartarus's side. She never aged due to the fact that she was dead, and because of it they never expected to have a child. From their love, though, a child was created – similar to the way Athena's children are born. A little girl with her mother's delicate, doll-like features and her fathers dark, almost blue hair and black eyes. Tartarus wanted to keep his sole child by his side, but he was still bound by the ancient laws. Kronos was stirring and he had to keep his mind in the game, so to speak. He sent her to the mortal world.

The young Annalise was found by a middle aged woman named Randi “Ray” Baker. Ray lived on the poorer side of New York and worked as a waitress as a cafe. Despite her low income, Ray couldn't very well leave a newborn girl in an alleyway. She never officially adopted Annalise, and at first called her Jane for Jane Doe until she discovered the necklace clutched in Annalise's fist. It was made of some strange black stone, and it was her name.

As Annalise grew up, she became well known within the community. As a little kid she often accompanied her “foster mom” to work, helping clean tables and doing dishes for the occasional dollar or so from the cafe's patrons. Even after she entered the local public school, she could be seen doing her homework in empty booths.

Annalise's school life was always difficult. She had severe Dyslexia, and simple sentences looked like it was Japanese or something. Along with her bad grades, she was a victim of bullying. None of the children in the school were very well off financially, but that didn't mean they wouldn't pick on the 'stupid' girl with weird looks. It wasn't uncommon for the kids to tug on her pigtails or call out nicknames like “Bird head,” “Wierdo,”and “Freak-face.” Despite the childishness of the names, they caused Annalise to become shy and introverted around other people her age.

She was always a very hard worker, and even with her Dyslexia managed to avoid failing grades most of the time. Despite this, she planned on dropping out of school when she turned 16 to take on more jobs to help bring in income for her and Ray. She'd been taking odd jobs since she was 13 – walking dogs, babysitting, and even cleaning occasionally. At 15, she started looking into a cooking and ended up being asked by a regular at Ray's cafe who was a middle school teacher to bake a cake and bring it in for one of the kids' birthdays.

She did so, and as she came in one of the kids in the class became very interested in her. The boy was one of the satyrs around New York looking for Demigods. He immediately sensed the power from her and went to camp the next day to tell Chiron about her, so they could bring her there before it was too late.

Though, that night as she slept on the couch in her and Ray's apartment she had a strange dream. She was looking up into the face of a beautiful woman – her hair was golden blonde and her eyes were a honey brown. Her features were soft and feminine and – she realized vaguely – they were almost a photocopy of Annalise's own.

She was laying the woman's arms, crying for some reason, until she was moved into someone else's arms. That one was a man with pale skin that bordered on gray, iris-less black eyes and, amazingly, long blue-black hair back into a ponytail. He smiled softly down at her and whispered something in a strange language that she somehow understood.

“It is time, my daughter.”

The next morning she woke up, going on about her day like usual, but strange things seemed to happen. The stray dog in an alley she passed blurred for a moment until returning to normal, as if had been something else. The boy walking down the sidewalks eyes seemed to change for just a moment. Little things kept popping up everywhere, but seemed to fade away a second later. She tried to mark it off, but Annalise couldn't help but think it had something to do with her dream the night prior.

As she went home that night after staying late at school, she saw a raven out of the corner of her eye. It seemed to flicker for a moment and she ignored it, but then it changed – and stayed change.

The raven changed into a creature she hadn't heard about since the 5th grade when they studied ancient cultures. A Fury. She yelped, and as it attacked her she scrambled away. She managed to run away from it for a few minutes before getting cornered down an alley. Terrified, she closed her eyes and gripped her necklace – a nervous habit she'd always had. The metal letters that formed her name seemed to warm for a moment, until it changed – grew – until it was a six foot tall scythe. Suddenly, almost on instinct, she gripped it in her hands as if she'd been doing it her whole life.

She swung the scythe and with a screech the Fury disintegrated. Confused, overwhelmed and terrified Annalise rushed home and collapsed once she got there. Shaking she told a concerned Ray what had happened. While a normal person wouldn't believe them, Ray never that Annalise wasn't one to lie and accepted it.

Annalise stayed home the next day with Ray, and at noon the boy from the middle school came knocking on her door. He hurriedly explained what was going on and, though she didn't want to, she was more or less forced into going. She packed up her stuff and an hour later was sitting in the big house, watching the introduction video.

She was claimed two months into her stay at camp, but, aside from Chiron and Mr. D, told no one else of her parentage. Because Tartarus? The name feared by all? No, they would hate her if they knew.

Other Notes: Her bio has slight interaction with her godly parent, but I see this more as her father nudging her into seeing through the mist more often and getting to Camp Halfblood. Like other demigod's slightly prophetic dreams ouo

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