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 Thesilly Bob

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PostSubject: Thesilly Bob   9/9/2013, 4:34 pm

Thesilly von Lipwig

The Official Records

Name: The problem with having strange parents is the fact that sometimes... Just sometimes... You get a strange name. Remember Gaylord from Meet the Parents/Fockers/ the Parents, Little Fockers? Yeah? Well, Thesilly Bob von Lipwig might possibly be a strange name around those lines. Who knows. It's hard to say. Thesilly likes her name, however. It was unique and slightly confusing. What kind of parents give their little girl the middle name Bob after all? Apparently, there are some. Thesilly was originally going to be called Thistle but her mother misspelled it once when she wrote it down and liked the new word. So she kept it. When the little girl was born, she named her Thesilly Bob von Lipwig. She used the surname that Hermes gave her when they met. If she knew who he really was, she probably wouldn't have gone that far with the strange name and would have given her a more... tidy name. If Thesilly was a boy, she would have been named Reginald Roberto von Lipwig. A note about the surname. It is not pronounced "Lip-Wig" but "Lip-Vig" which is really strange.

Gender: When Thesilly was in the womb, it was a mystery as to what her gender was. Her mother didn't even ask for the gender. She wanted it to be a surprise. And so it was. Because no one expected a little girl to be growing in her mother's womb. There was a bet on in the family that she was going to be a boy. Thesilly was born with the XX chromosomes. This news thrilled her mother and her family.

Mortal Parent: Thesilly's mortal parent, you ask? Well, her mortal parent was known as Angela Di Mercurio. She was a strange girl, growing up. She continued to be so as she entered her adulthood. Perhaps, that is what attracted Hermes to her. Her naivety and her innocence mixed in with her sense of adventure and her crazy personality. Perhaps this was also her downfall, however, as Hermes soon left her and she was heartbroken. Angela took her own life three months after she gave birth to Thesilly, blaming Hermes for her own death. Angela left her daughter to the care of her own father, Nunzio Di Mercurio.

God Parent: Disguised as a travelling backpacker, Hermes, the god of art, commerce, eloquence, fertility, games, herdsmen, luck, markets, roads, thieves, travellers, wisdom; herald and messenger of the gods, Olympian and all that jazz... Where was I? Oh, right. Hermes disguised himself as a backpacker and stayed in the family hotel, The Travelling Messenger. It was here he met Angela and tried to woo her. He succeeded and left her pregnant. That's gods for you though.

Date of Birth: Thesilly is a mere fifteen years of age. She was born  on Wednesday, March 18, 1998. She was born at 3:13am in the morning.

Place of Birth: Thesilly was born in at the Princess Royal Hospital, Hayward Heath.  This is a hospital in Brighton which is a place in North England.

Hometown/Last Residence: Thesilly's hometown is Lewes, Brighton, but her last residence was Eastbourne, Brighton. s
She lived at her grandfather's hotel.

About Me

Race/ethnicity: Thesilly has white skin so she would be considered caucasian. Thesilly also has a mixed ethnicity. She is English-Italian on her mother's side and Greek on her father's.

Accent: Thesilly has a strange accent. Or rather, the way she switches between accents is strange. Shall we start with her British accent? Great.

Thesilly uses a number of non-standard grammatical constructions that are typical of traditional Sussex dialect. She adds on the additional S on the first person singular verbs. For example, as writte in the statements "I always calls it" and "the garden where I lives is only shrubs". Note also the use of the verb ‘to have’ unmarked for person in the phrase "that name’ve stuck to me till today", where Standard English would require that name has stuck to me till today. Both of these verbal constructions were once commonplace across much of southern England, but are now only likely to occur in the speech of older speakers.

Other non-standard constructions she uses remain part of contemporary spoken English. Like in the statements "never had no problem with them" and "couldn’t have been no more than eight year old". Multiple negation — the use of two negative particles in the same statement — is criticised by some as defying mathematical logic, but it has a linguistic history dating back to Shakespeare, Chaucer and beyond, and is very much alive in popular speech wherever English is spoken.

She says things like "nearly two mile to walk to school" and "he was three year older than me" so the nouns have no plural marker. Again this is pretty common in many varieties of English for a small set of countnouns that express measurements. Phrases such as ten pound, five mile and six month are extremely commonplace across the UK and even in Standard English we more frequently hear someone described as six foot tall or ten stone three rather than six feet tall or ten stones three.

This aside, whenever Thesilly speaks Italian, she gains the accent which you'd commonly hear in Venice, her grandfather's hometown. She sounds rather nasally and like her tongue is constantly pushed to the top of her mouth. She pronounces her vowels differently. A sounds like the ä in "Father" and E is pronounced like è in "Vendor"; I like ï in "Naive" and U is ù as in "Goo". Most Italians have some difficulty in pronouncing the English "th", and so pronounce it as either "t" (as in "Think"), or "d" (as in "The"), respectively. However, she doesn't have this problem as she was raised in England. Like most Italians, she often drops the 'h' from the beginning of words.

Skin Tone: Thesilly is pale. Which is to be expected from a girl who doesn't get much sun. It's unexpected from a half-Italian girl.

Eye Color: Thesilly has brown eyes. She likes her eyes.

Hair Color: Thesilly's hair is a dark brown. This is a trait from her Italian roots.

Hair Length: Thesilly's hair is wavy and reaches her shoulders.

Height: She stands at five foot and one inch.

Weight: She weighs in at 105 lbs.

Body Type: She has a skinny body type and can be considered to be quite dainty.

Appearance: Thesilly is fifteen and looks from her age to eighteen. In extreme cases, she can even be seen as twenty at the most. Her eyes are dark chocolate brown and from time to time, she'll wear glasses. Her hair is dark brown and wavy. She is five foot and one inch and weighs 105 lbs. She has a skinny build and her fair skin tone is smooth. She has an oval face shape. She has a scar going up her arm from a childhood accident including a sharp nail and a slippery bookcase. It reaches from her elbow to her wrist. She is healthy as she maintains a good diet. She looks slightly underweight but this is not true.

I See No Crimescene

Weapon: Typically, Thesilly works with a bow, carrying a quiver attached at the leg with arrows. She likes to pretend she's Green Arrow or Huntress from DC comics when she has it. As a back-up, she carries a dagger with her. Her arrows are celestial bronze tipped which is the same metal as her dagger.

Armor: Thesilly wears the basic components of Greek armour were the front breastplate, backplate, bracers and greaves. Her armour is made of celestial bronze. From time to time, she also wears a helmet.

Pet(s): Thesilly has no pets. She'd kill them if she had them. She's never been very good with pets. Besides, the hotel doesn't allow pets. It allows helper animals like guide dogs but not pets. Thesilly isn't the type to be able to keep a pet.

Skills/Talents: Thesilly can cook a little. She can also fold easily. She can also speed read. She also knows how to burp on command. Thesilly was also taught first aid by her grandfather. She is fluent in Italian.

Flaws: Thesilly has a fair few flaws. First of all, Thesilly is unpredictable. She is completely random and doesn't know when to quit. She also is heavy footed and therefore is not very good at being stealthy. She has a short attention span. If given too many tasks to do at once, Thesilly overloads and goes crazy trying to get everything done and done perfectly. Thesilly is also a lousy time keeper and has a terrible memory.

Strengths: Thesilly's strengths are confidence, knowing when she's in the wrong, making friends easily, and she is honest.

Weaknesses: Thesilly is blithe, illogical, disorganised and being skittish.

Likes: Thesilly likes rollerskating, bright colours, parties and her favourite food is anything Japanese. She also likes making muffins.

Dislikes: Thesilly dislikes storms. She dislikes bad weather. She doesn't like the cold and she really doesn't like being sick.

Fears: Horses. Whether it be Chiron, Pegasi or regular horses, Thesilly is scared of them. She is scared of thunder and lightning storms. She also fears losing her uniqueness.

Personality: Thesilly is a dare devil known to be blithe and disorganised. Skittish, Thesilly likes things such as roller skating, bright colours and she likes food. She dislikes storms and bad weather on the whole. She is a many flawed person, being unpredictable, stubborn, unstealthy and having the attention span and memory of a goldfish. She doesn't use logic and she has a liking for Japanese food. She would describe herself as a happy-go-lucky, carefree and happy person. She knows who she is and what she wants to do. She is attracted to both men and women.

Demigodding? M'kay.

Powers: None! Isn't that splendid? No, seriously. She has none.

Social Status: Thesilly had few friends but was always a favourite amongst the friends she had. She was known for being fun.

Summer or Year Rounder:  Thesilly is a summer camper.

Years at Camp: Thesilly is in her second year of camp.

Life Before CHB: Thesilly's life began on a rainy day. A rainy day like lots of other rainy days in the merry old land of Britain. After nine months, she was violently exiled from the warm womb and into the cold of life. She was a small child. She had to be kept inside the hospital for the first two weeks of her life. She had had problems breathing. After that cleared up, she really had no problems at all. So she was allowed out of the hospital. There isn't much a baby can do when they're only two weeks old. So for a long while, she just cried, pooped and drank milk. Thesilly was breast fed at first. But when after three months of being there for her child, Thesilly's mother left her forever and would never be coming back. Which is what you can expect from a dead woman. Thesilly became the sole custody and one of the many responsibilities of her hotel owner grandfather.

The little girl's first word was pop. Which was probably how her grandfather began to be known as Pop Pop by the locals. He was genuinely proud. When his daughter had told him she was pregnant, he was ashamed of her. When she gave birth to his granddaughter, he never felt prouder. That is, until the day Thesilly said her first word. And then that was overtaken by her first steps. He was a proud grandfather.

Age five, Thesilly was a well known feature of the hotel. She was the little darling, the shining star and the adorable teddy bear that people liked to pinch the cheeks of when they saw the cute smile that every now and then was missing a tooth. Thesilly's best friends were even allowed to come into the hotel. It wasn't often but it did happen. Thesilly was a strange child. Her grandfather simply thought she was funny and humourous. Thesilly was a year two pupil at her local primary school by now. She was particularly good with spelling and unusually good at drawing. She drew with great skill for a five year old.

Age eleven, Thesilly moved on to high school. By then she had endured years of being verbally bullied. Apparently, eight year olds could be the cruelest people. Thesilly had two friends, entering high school. She soon lost touch with one of them and slowly stopped being friends with the other. She had little friends but she didn't pay it much heed. She instead began to focus on her school work. She wasn't popular with the boys. She liked a few and unsuccessfully asked some out. However, she only spent year seven and year eight in high school. Year nine, she found out she was a demigod when she had managed to get lost during a school field trip.

She had done extra chores to earn the money to go to New York for three weeks with the school. Thesilly was having fun whilst she was in the city. She had managed to buy some new clothes and see some sights... But she was alone. She had thought she'd make some friends here. She did make them... just not there. She was trying to get on the good side of some people on the trip when they asked her to go get them some ice cream. Given the dollars necessary, Thesilly returned with three ice creams only to find her classmates were no longer there. The worst part is that not even the teachers were there and they had driven to the tourist spot. Thesilly was alone. She ate the ice creams quickly and sat down with a brain freeze. Now to figure out what to do.

When she got up and tried to find a telephone box or just something, she noticed she was being followed. So she broke out into a run. She made the typical cliche mistake of running into a dead end lane. Turning, she found the ugliest boy she had ever seen. Seriously, was this kid just a really short adult? What was with the hair on his face? That beard? Gah. The boy turned out to be a satyr. Thesilly, after he had made himself clear that he was not going to hurt her and only wanted to help her out, was really interested in the legs. She asked a ton of questions. Tonnes and tonnes, actually. The satyr was seriously annoyed by the time he had managed to get them on a train to Long Island. It was here Thesilly fell asleep. She woke up to the sight of the underside of the satyr's chin as he ran. The satyr let her down and explained how they were being chased by a snake woman as they hid in a forest.

Thesilly was sent on her way to camp and met up with the satyr once he arrived. He was battle torn and beaten but he arrived well and OK. Thesilly was introduced to Chiron and the rest happened from there.

She was not claimed until the very end of her first summer at Camp when she was sent back home.

Role-playing Example: Thesilly had decided she was going to enjoy this summer. She was going to fall in love. She was going to make some friends. She was going to make sure she was going to have the best time ever. She had managed to convince her grandfather to let her come back for the summer. So she was going to make it worth her while. She hummed as she marched toward cabin eleven. She could already hear the people inside. What was going on? A prank? Perhaps. She opened the door and was drenched in water straight away. The whole cabin had gone silent. Thesilly wiped the water from her eyes. "I think you missed, mate. Your target just climbed out the window."

When she had managed to get to a bunk and set up an umbrella to protect herself, she muttered under her breath. "Nancy boy wouldn't know a pair of nungas if they waltzed in front of him. Left leadin'."

Notes: Thesilly has an interesting vocabularly which is filled with odd words you may not hear in many books, movies or television shows.

And with heart shaped bruises

And late night kisses, divine


Thesilly von Lipwig- Hermes- 16

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Thesilly Bob
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