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 Drake's Form - Updated

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PostSubject: Drake's Form - Updated   9/7/2013, 12:41 am

Full name: Drake Leeson
Gender: Female
Age: 9
Years at Camp: Three

God and mortal parent: Her god parent is Thanatos, and her mortal parent is the deceased Ariana Leeson.
Date of birth: October 9th, 2002
Place of birth: New York, USA

Drake, now nine years old, has grown in height to be 4'3", weighing around 62lbs. She's scrawny, with thin fingers and short legs. Her hair is a medium tone of brown, that is cut to her shoulders and waves slightly. Her eyes are a dark brown and her face is covered in light freckles, though they've faded some over the past few years. She has a few scattered scars along her body from fighting, the biggest behind on her shoulder. She's fairly self conscious about it and doesn't like people seeing it. She has a fairly pale complexion and burns easily in the sun, to her irritation.


Personality: Drake's personality has most definitely changed since she was six. While she used to be an extremely hot-headed, over sensitive child, she is still that, but less so. She's less likely to try to mimic her family's murderous tendencies. She is still very sensitive and tends to take everything personally, but is better at swallowing her feelings. She dislikes being seen as weak. She's very clingy when it comes to her loved ones and very protective of them. She can get jealous and possessive very easily. She doesn't take being teased well, even after growing up, and will generally lash out when someone does it. She has a bad habit of purposefully trying to be a pessimist, but she's not very good at it. She dislikes being hopeful and is a firm believer that if you think something good is gonna happen, it won't. She is a very loyal companion and there are very few things that can make her leave someone she loves. Even if they treat her badly, it's likely she'll stay.

Style: She doesn't really have a 'style' outside of t-shirts, jeans and tennis shoes. She dislikes not wearing a light, zip-up jacket, even if it's hot out. Her favorite one is a light blue color that she bought with her own money. She has a firm hatred of tank-tops, and dresses, and anything vaguely 'feminine' on herself, due to her sensitivity over being thought of as weak (which she tends to associate femininity with).

Powers**: Being a child of Thanatos, Drake has the ability to shadow travel. She can travel about a mile, though doing so leaves her fairly worn out, so she can only attempt distances such as that one or twice a day. She is capable of lingering inside of the 'shadow realm' for a few minutes at a time, though once she leaves the realm, she is horribly clumsy and out of sorts for around 30 minutes.

Fatal Flaw*: Over-attatchment. Drake becomes obsessive, clingy and possessive over those she loves and see's as her's, and will go to extreme lengths for them, that could scare them off or put her own self at risk.
Flaws*: First and foremost, Drake suffers from Separation Anxiety Disorder. She forms extremely dependent and obsessive attachments on people she loves and will become positively viscous if they are threatened. At the same time, with those she is attached to, she can end up being extremely vulnerable to taking abuse without saying anything. She will generally believe anything her loved ones tell her, and comply with anything they want her to do, for fear that they will leave her if they don't. She is quick to blame herself if a loved one is mad and is prone to self-loathing when it happens. Other flaws include her fear of being held down, being alone, and deep water (she doesn't know how to swim).

Weapon(s): Her two foot long celestial bronze broadsword, Mikró, Greek for Little One.
Talents/Skills: She's talented with her sword and practices often with it. She's also good at playing the role of 'innocent child' as much as she dislikes doing so.
Pets: She acquired a hell-hound for Winter Solstice when she was six - it's name is Squid, due to a mix up of the words 'squish' and 'squid' shortly after the puppy was received. He refuses to respond to anything but that.


RP Example*: Where was he, where was he, where was he?! On the verge of tears, Drake bared her teeth slightly, violently pulling the covers off of a nearby bunk. She'd kept him under her pillow like she always did and she came back and he was gone! Whoever took Boo would suffer. She would- she would sic Cynder on them! And, and- the seven year old felt her lips tremble and she glanced around frantically. Where was her bear?

Biography*: Drake was the third child of Ariana Leeson. Ariana, a violent women, was madly in love with Thanatos, and when he left she blamed her children. After her first two children were born, twin girls named Cienna and Cynder, and sent off Cienna, wanting nothing to do with a child. She kept Cynder though, in case Thanatos wanted to see his child, though she was abusive. When Thanatos returned years later and she had another child, she was still furious - he left again, after all, so she sent Drake off to an orphanage.

Drake hated it there, growing up. Small and mousy looking, the other kids loved picking on her. She got to the point where everything was an insult, no one would help her, and one day a boy threatened to break her nose and she snapped. She didn't know what had happened, but the boy - Jimmy? - was unconscious halfway across the room and their was a howling in her ears. Scared, she ran off, crashing in an alleyway. For the next two months she managed to survive as a little street urchin, perfecting the art of pick-pocketing and avoiding the creepo's lurking in the dark. That is, until one of those creepo's ended up having only one eye and, more importantly, attempted to eat her.

She squealed, running away and /into/ a shadow, where she hid, cold and scared and alone, but a voice in her head told her how to get out and where to find help. Warily, she approached the the teenager with braces, but it turned out that he was a satyr. He took her to camp, and everything was explained to her, and she was claimed soon after arriving.

Upon entering her cabin, she met Cynder - the sister she'd never known she had. Amongst other shenanigans, she learned of the two sisters she had, fell in hate with her sister's husband, made a best friend by the name of Evangeline Steele, got kidnapped by her mother and escaped.

And then three years of normalness (for a half blood at least) occurred and such and yes.

Other Notes: She is allergic to wasps and her favorite animal remains a bear. She still has her stuffed bear Boo, but she doesn't bring him everywhere like she used to (or at least not where people can see).

Also, young!Drake vs. slightlyOlder!Drake;

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PostSubject: Re: Drake's Form - Updated   9/7/2013, 12:58 am

Yes approoooooooooooooooooooooooooved


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Drake's Form - Updated
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