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 Carmen Steele, actual noob

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PostSubject: Carmen Steele, actual noob   9/6/2013, 1:03 am

Full name: Carmen Steele

 Any nicknames?: None

 Gender: Male

 Age: 19 years 

 Years at Camp: 0

 God and mortal parent: Aaron Steele was his mortal father, and his mother is Nyx, titaness of the night.

 Date of birth: February 20th, 1994

 Place of birth: Greece, New York (it's a real place -- 6th safest city in America)

 Appearance(a picture, if you don't have one you could give a description or just leave it blank):

 Eye color: Light grey

 Hair(color, length, style, etc.): Carmen has very straight black hair. It's getting a bit long, he hasn't cut it in a while -- and since he takes it upon himself to cut his own hair, it's choppy and not exactly salon quality. It comes down just below his eyebrows in front, the right length to poke him in the eyes in an irritating fashion. It falls below the nape of his neck in the back. 

 Height: 6' exactly

 Body type(tall, skinny, fat, etc.): Carmen has a naturally lanky/mildly scrawny physique, but he keeps himself fit, resulting in muscle that is more wiry than bulky. Despite his attempts to get a tan, he remains a pasty white color.

 Distinct markings(freckles? Scars? Birthmarks? Etc.): None

 Personality(Are they angry, nice, friendly, unique, violent?): Carmen is usually quiet, but prone to outbursts when provoked. Not violent ones, generally, but outbursts all the same. He prefers not to fight if he can avoid it, and will almost never resort to killing someone. He has very strong morals surrounding things like that, and does his best to uphold them. 
He has a dislike of bright, well-lit areas and the summertime.

 Style(This is optional:try http://polyvore.com/ to make it): Carmen likes both fancy outfits and hoodies, and can be seen casually walking around in either style. However, he'll always be wearing a pair of black sneakers, no matter how fancy he feels. "Fancy" outfits constitute black slacks, a blazer, maybe even a tie, and "casual" ones are pretty much jeans and hoodies. His ensembles may look expensive, but many of his outfits were bought secondhand -- he never resorted to stealing clothes, no matter how broke he was. 

 Powers**: Carmen has the ability to see perfectly in the dark, and is naturally strengthened at night. The latter means that he can lift slightly heavier objects, run faster, react more quickly. Unlike many demititans, he does not have the power to simply teleport, though he can shadow-travel. It's a very strange sort of shadow-travel -- the further he travels, the more energy it saps from him. If he moved a bit to the right or left, it would have nearly no effect on him, as opposed to if he decided to journey to China, which might nearly kill him. He has the ability to stay in the shadow-travel-world for extended periods of time. The amount of time is limited only by how long Carmen can stay alive without food or water, really. 
Carmen's only truly dangerous power is something that you wouldn't expect from a Nyx child -- if anything, it would be an Aphrodite or Thanatos sort of power. But, like his mother, Carmen's kiss is fatal to mortals. It's a controllable power, though -- with a great level of concentration, Carmen should (in theory -- he's never kissed anyone) be able to smooch some lucky person without giving them a literal heart attack. 

 Fatal Flaw*: Carmen hates to flee. Despite his hate of conflict, he would rather die than turn tail and run from a fight -- even if the opponent is far too much for him to handle. Nothing riles him up more than being called a coward.

 Flaws*(2 other random flaws, like sucks at vollyball, is afraid of cats, etc.): Carmen isn't especially talented academically, and barely scraped by in mathematical subjects in school. He has trouble building up confidence in others, and is very slow to trust. He is also extremely overprotective over all manner of things: his possessions, his friends, his family, etc.

 Weapon(s): A simple, straight-bladed shortsword made of Stygian iron. When not in use, it transforms into a black ring that Carmen wears on his left hand (some people mistake him for a married man because of it).

 Pets: None

 Talents/Skills: Carmen is a naturally talented swordsman, lending him the ability to eliminate basic sorts of monsters despite his lack of formal training. He wouldn't stand much of a chance against most of the campers at his current level of ability, though.

 RP Example*: Carmen sat on the side of the highway. It was early in the morning, still a little dark, still a little cold, and he could hear birds. He'd been up all night, lounging in silence, attempting to wave down passing cars. His current location was just outside of his hometown of Greece, New York, and he needed to get to NYC. That meant crossing most of the state. He'd packed his belongings in a plain black backpack and hiked a few miles before realizing that there was absolutely no way he'd make it on foot. He could shadow-travel if he knew an actual place to aim for, but given the fact that he'd never been to the city, he knew no locations within it that could serve as a potential exit from the shadow world. It was frustrating knowing he could go anywhere -- so long as he had actually been there first. He absentmindedly pulling up some grass as he mulled over his situation, and almost didn't notice when a car stopped in front of him. Carmen was slightly startled -- he hadn't even waved them down, and they were stopping? -- and reached for the ring on his left hand as a precaution. He'd learned not to trust strangers, but he needed a ride. The driver's door opened, but instead of footsteps against the pavement, there was an odd... clippy-cloppy sort of noise. Like a goat with two feet.

 Biography*: If you've been a stalker of my characters for some time (cough Turtle cough), you may have noticed a couple of odd similarities. Why did two, now three, of my characters share features? Black hair, grey eyes, pale skin? Was I suffering from same face syndrome? No, actually. They're just siblings. 
Carmen is the oldest child of the Steele family, three years ahead of Azera, and eleven years ahead of Evangeline. Wait, you say, I don't have a character named Azera? Shut your wh#re mouth and listen up. 

Carmen was born in 1994, to a mortal man named Aaron Steele. How the man managed to have a child with Nyx without kissing her is beyond me. In 1997, he had a girl with Nemesis. The man sure got around, didn't he? Well, his luck ran out around 2005. He was out of work and nearly homeless due to the poor economy, and had no choice but to marry a woman with money. A rich politician known to the world only as "Evil Stepmom", she was a true terror. She was so terrible, in fact, that she sent Carmen and Azera off for adoption without Aaron's consent. The poor man was devastated, and slipped into a horrible depression. Who knows what happened after that? I do. But that's Evangeline's story, not Carmen's. 

Azera's name was misheard by the clerk at the adoption agency, and was put down as "Zero". What happened to her? Who cares? This is Carmen's story!

Carmen was originally sent to an all-boys foster home, where he quickly developed a thick skin. The older boys picked on him mercilessly due to his ghastly appearance. It didn't take long before the agency shuffled him to a new home. And another. By the time he was eleven, Carmen had lived in six different foster homes. No one ever adopted the weird, quiet kid, obviously. His only comfort came in the form of the odd letter from his father. They stopped coming that June. 
Sometime in the interim, around age thirteen, he found a strange ring that became a sword, fought off countless monsters, had a dream that detailed his every power and how to use them and who his mother really was and all that jazz. It didn't improve his outlook on life.

When he was sixteen he started taking odd jobs, trying to make enough money to strike out on his own with once he came of age. He remembered the name of the sister he knew, Azera, and the one he'd never met, Evangeline, and was determined to get the family back together again. 
At nineteen he had graduated, and had just about enough dough to start traveling, but his plans were interrupted by a mysterious letter from Hogwarts "Camp Half-Blood"...


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PostSubject: Re: Carmen Steele, actual noob   9/6/2013, 6:25 pm

Why are your characters so interesting and /original/ always. //grumbles Nonetheless, approved ouo

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Carmen Steele, actual noob
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