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 Nisha's Form - Re/vamped/

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PostSubject: Nisha's Form - Re/vamped/    9/5/2013, 9:33 pm

Please note that this character was already approved, this is just a more developed and updated form with her new years at camp added ouo

Full name: Nisha Anne Caldbeck
Gender: Female
Age: Physically 19, she's been alive for around 237 years
Years at Camp: Roughly 3, with a year break

God and mortal parent: Lupe, the minor goddess/spirit of pain and agony and George Caldbeck
Date of birth: June 6th, 1776
Place of birth: Boston, MA

Appearance: She is 5'9" with olive-toned skin. She's fairly pale due to her avoidance of the sun. Her eyes are a dark brown with a slight silver gleam due to her years as a blood-sucking monstrosity. She has European features and thick brown hair that reaches the middle of her back. She is rather curvy with long legs. She has a plethora of small freckles across her skin, along with a large scar on her neck and another on her side.


Style: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=96477586

Powers**: She has the ability to inflict pain on others, varying from a headache to feeling as though one is being burned alive. The level is affected by the effort she puts into it and her current emotional state. Anger tends to intensify the sensation. The pain is purely mental and doesn't physically affect the victims. Nisha can hold onto the pain from 1 to 10 minutes, depending on the level it's at, and can generally do so a couple times a day without growing faint.

Fatal Flaw*: Self-Sacrificial - Nisha won't think before putting her neck out for the select few she cares about.
Flaws*: She is very uncomfortable with direct sunlight when there is no shade within a few feet. She's always used to operating with much more developed senses, so she's limited by that. She's fiercely protective of the few she cares about, and dislikes being touched by anyone outside of those. She is also morally indecisive, going between what she thinks is 'good' and 'bad' depending on the subject.

Weapon(s): Her preferred weapons are two twin celestial bronze broadswords she acquired in Europe. She's only been training with them for a year, but considers herself adequate.
Pets: None. Unless you count Malev.
Talents/Skills: Even without her 'vampiric' enhanced senses, she still has a very keen sense of smell, taste, hearing and sight. She's very graceful and lithe, and while not physically strong she is rather quick on her feet. Her strongest point is planning and fleeing. And being a mom (kind of, she sucks at it.)

RP Example*: Nisha hummed under her breathe, an old lullaby, as the wave crashed along the shore. Malev's head rested in her lap and she smiled softly down at him, running her fingers through her hair. They were on a beach in France, this week, and it was most definitely peaceful. Alone with her fiance. She reached down, kissing his temple slightly, before sitting back up.

Biography*: Nisha was born the bastard daughter of George Caldbeck - not that people knew. He had been a married man, his wife named Mary, and Mary agreed to go along with it, though she always resented the child she assumed to be her husband's mistress's.

Nisha grew up in a middle-upper class environment. Her father owned his own fabrics shop, being a tailor along with his wife. Nisha grew up with a sparse education, often helping out in her father's shop. She enjoyed sewing, enjoys spending time with her father and being treated like a lady.

When Nisha was 14, she was betrothed to Johnathan Beck, the son of the town's priest. Nisha had always disliked him - he was a pig, in her opinion, who's eyes trailed on girl's bosoms and who who often smelt of alcohol. Nonetheless, she knew there was nothing she could do, and when she turned 15 they began to court. Two months into the relationship, Nisha was miserable. Johnathan had become abusive shortly after they began to see one another and she was desperate to get away. One night, Nisha ran on a stolen horse, only to be knocked off and thrown to the ground in a forest.

A man - a vampire, the demonic creatures her father used to regale her with stories of, trapped her against a tree, forcibly taking her virginity, draining her of blood and leaving her for dead. On the brink of death, she prayed for someone to save her. Her mother, who, unknown to her was a Greek goddess, granted her this - but Nisha was left a vampire, to kill to survive until the end of time.

Years and years passed. She met other halfbloods, discovered more about her heritage, before finally going to Camp Half Blood, where she met Malevolent 'Malev' Maw, a son of Hekate she fell in love with and eventually changed into a vampire. She also accidentally changed a young girl named Jane Kessler. Amongst other shenanigans, Nisha and Malev got engaged, kind of adopted Jane as a daughter, got un-vampirised, and Nisha and Malev believed Jane was killed.

Guilty and mourning, the two of them left camp for a year to travel over Europe, returning now, still engaged and very much human. They adjusted. Mostly.

Other Notes: She is engaged to Malev, and is an ex-vampire ouo That's about it tho.

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PostSubject: Re: Nisha's Form - Re/vamped/    9/7/2013, 12:53 am

Seems coolio to me man apPROVED


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Nisha's Form - Re/vamped/
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