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 Behold! A New Character From Dovah |D

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PostSubject: Behold! A New Character From Dovah |D   9/3/2013, 11:52 pm


~Ludolf Faust~

Full name:
Ludolf Faust
Ludolf prefers to be called Ludo.
Ludolf is currently seventeen years old.
Years at Camp:
Ludolf has been at camp for more than three years now, he arrived at camp a little bit after he turned fourteen.

God parent:
Ludolf is the son of Kratos, the Greek personification of strength and power.
Mortal Parent:
Ludolf's mother is Angela Faust, a woman in her late 30s.
Date of birth:
Ludolf was born on Monday, July 29th, 1996.
Place of birth:
Ludolf was born in Pueblo, Colorado.

Eye color:
Ludolf's eyes are a lively shade of green.
Ludolf has blonde hair that is cut very short, and he likes to keep it very tidy. He usually seen with some stubble as well, but he does shave often.
Ludolf is 6' 7".
Body type:
Ludold is tall(clearly) and rather muscular.
Distinct markings
Ludolf has a few light scars on his torso and sides from practicing sword-fighting with other campers, accidental cuts and what not.
Ludolf can be primarily seen as the 'strong, but silent' type. He feels that he can spend more time exercising than talking. He does enough working out and training, it's a stress-reliever for him, plus he wants to maintain the physique he currently has. He's not the friendliest of people, but he's still willing to put up a conversation with a person if he's in the mood. He can be very charming and manipulating and it's a natural attitude that comes off of him. When it comes to anger, he's nowhere close to short-tempered, but once he's mad, he'll be angry for hours. He's generally a nice person, but has a selfish attitude that leads him to doing things that only benefit himself, whether it's viewed as good or bad.

Ludolf typically wears plain t-shirts, usually black or white or different shades in between. He doesn't like designer brands, or shirts with designs on it in general. He also likes to wear long-sleeved shirts and dress shirts depending on the weather. He almost always wears normal denim jeans, typically blue or grey in color. Finally, he's almost always wearing armor on, even in public he tends to wear some form of armor on underneath normal clothes. 

As a son of Kratos, Ludolf naturally possesses immense amounts of strength. This not only gives him a natural advantage in battle, but also allows him to train vigorously to extend his power. Currently he is able to pick up about 300 pounds of weight. He has copious amounts of stamina and he also has a moderate endurance against pain, allowing him to take more damage than the average camper.
Fatal Flaw:
Ludolf's fatal flaw is his anger. While he is not one who is quick to anger, he is one who's anger turns him into a fiery ball of violence. When he is angered, the rage blinds his general thinking, so when he's angry he typically charges into the situation without thinking. If someone angers him, he won't be afraid to knock a lesson into them. Plus it's really hard for him to calm down, so he'll be raging about for awhile.
Won't back down from fights, introverted, a little full of himself, and he always feels the need to one-up people.

Ludolf uses a celestial bronze sword and shield combination, alongside a celestial bronze battleaxe he has.
Images of the weapons below in spoilers Very Happy
Ludolf's not much of an animal person.
Ludolf is exceptionally skilled in sword-fighting, one of the greater sword-fighters among his peers, he's a fast runner, he ran track in middle school and likes to jog and hike around the camp, he's good at basketball, he's also a good marksman, able to hit targets accurately at the archery range. One last thing to be noted is that he's also a superb swimmer.

RP Example:
Ludo was taking a nice morning jog through the forest, as per his normal morning schedule. After this he would go over to the mess hall and have a nice, bountiful breakfast consisting of eggs and toast, one of his favorite meals. He entered a small clearing in the thick woods and placed his hand against a burly tree to catch his breath. He had been jogging for awhile now, and he didn't want to over-work himself too soon into the jog. He straightened himself up and wiped sweat off of his forehead, flicking it off with a swift snap of his wrist. He looked around himself and studied the scenery, it was quite the beautiful morning. The sky was a vivid shade of orange and the air was crisp and cold. Ludo cracked a half-smile as he took in a deep breath and continued on his way through the forest.
Ludolf Faust was born in Pueblo, Colorado on Jul 29th, 1996. His mother's relationship with Kratos was the normal kind of relationship you'd expect between a mortal and a god. They met, it was all lovey-dovey and what not, then as soon as Angela, his mother, became pregnant it was time for Kratos to leave. He had the common courtesy to explain who he was, and what the child she was going to give birth to was going to be. He explained the basic details of Camp Half-Blood and how Ludolf would need to go there once he was old enough. With that information being distributed, Kratos promptly left Angela's life.

Ludo's childhood was relatively alright, nothing to tragic or wonderful. His mother married a boring business guy and had a kid with him, leaving Ludo to look after a snotty half-sibling. His family didn't give him that much attention though, so he was kind of left behind on my things they did. Perhaps it was the stressful memories of Kratos she remembered every time she looked at her son, maybe it was something else. Ludo never really figured out why he felt like such a sore-thumb in his family. He managed to get his mind off of this subject by participating in school sports. He made his place in middle school for his extraordinary performance in the school track team, basketball team, and swim team.

Despite having no encounters with monsters in his life, at the age of thirteen his mother decided to tell Ludo about his father. She explained to him how he was a demi-god and how she felt that it was an appropriate time to send him to Camp Half-Blood. During his first year, he only stayed there for the summer, before spending the rest of the time at him home, during that summer he had learnt the basics of sword-fighting and archery. However as the next years went by, he spent less and less time going back home. The last time he visited his mortal home was when he was fifteen. He didn't really get to hurt by the fact that it seemed like his mother had forgotten him, he'd been used to that before, this time he just had a more entertaining place to live at. He now stays at the camp year-long, mainly exercising and honing his fighting skills.

Other Notes:
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PostSubject: Re: Behold! A New Character From Dovah |D   9/9/2013, 2:23 am

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Behold! A New Character From Dovah |D
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