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 Brent Epperson

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PostSubject: Brent Epperson   9/2/2013, 9:46 pm

Name: Brent Epperson

Gender: Male

Mortal Parent: Savannah Epperson

God Parent: Ares, the Greek god of War and Destruction

Date of Birth: Born on the tenth day of the seventh month in nineteen ninety seven or July 10, 1997

Place of Birth: He was born in the city of Des. Moines, Iowa

Hometown/Last Residence: The last place Brent lived was in Chicago, Illinois

Race/ethnicity: Brent is Caucasian with a little bit of Cherokee indian in him

Accent: Despite his being born in Iowa and last living in Illinois, Brent has a Southern accent from living in Texas for most of his life

Skin Tone: He isn't pale or real dark but Brent is somewhere in between. When in the sun, he gets really tan but if he is not able to be in the sun then he will be pale.

Eye Color: Brent has a dark gold colored iris surrounded by a ring of blood red with pupils much like a cat's

Hair Color: He has blonde hair with reddish tints throughout and black tips

Hair Length: His hair hangs down into his eyes but is a close cut in the back with medium length around his ears. It is thick and coarse and tapers as it goes over his head.

Height: Brent stands at a massive height of six and a half feet that is mostly muscular legs.

Weight: With all of the muscles and height, Brent weight close to two hundred pounds

Body Type: Brent is broad shouldered and wide in the chest with long legs and arms. He has massive muscles bulging from his biceps and chest as well as his legs and just about anywhere else. He has a strong jaw and high cheek bones with long fingers.

Appearance: Brent is tall with broad shoulders and a wide chest that sports muscles that most body builders would wish for. His skin is tanned with no scars that are visible as well as some freckles across the bridge of his nose. He wears loose fitting boot cut dark denim blue jeans with a thick leather belt over black combat boots. His shirts are normally sleeveless and dark colored with a sword belt over them from shoulder to hip and another sword belt going the other way. He wears black biker jackets over his shirts with aviator sunglasses and a small hoop earring in his left ear lobe. On his left wrist is a Rolex wrist watch and on his right hand he wears four titanium rings, one for each hand. He also has four gold rings that he wears on his right hand as well with the titanium ones. Despite his other style with no blemishes, Brent had bad teeth when he was younger so he has black braces as well.

Weapon: Brent wields two stone headed war clubs that he keeps strapped to his hips as well as a large hunting knife in his right combat boot. On the two sword belts are two long swords as well as ten throwing knives each. In the belt buckles are pouches of poison that can coat the throwing knives.

Armor: Brent wears a set of simple leather armor that has chain mail woven into it. Over that is plate mail armor that covers his shoulders and upper arms as well as his shins and chest. He has a full helm made of Celestial Bronze plus thick Celestial Bronze gauntlets

Pet(s): Unfortunately Brent has no pets as of yet

Skills/Talents: Brent is a black belt in Muy Thai and Jiu Jitsu as well as a skilled football player and swordsman. He can play the guitar but is by far no protégé in that sense. He is great at long distance running and awesome with swimming. He has been able to perfect blunt weapons and throwing daggers as well as poison making and swordsmanship

Flaws: Flaws are weaknesses to Brent but he has many of them himself. He is poor at fighting in the dark and is very fearful of heights. Spiders are not his friends nor are snakes. Enclosed areas scare Brent and while most demi gods can read Ancient Greek, Brent is dyslexic in that language as well. He is not good with archery or heavy weapons and can't stand bright lights. Louds sounds hurt Brent's ears and cause him to flinch and be unable to fight.

Strengths: Brent can use his height and weight to his advantage and is able to reach further with his extended reach. His longer arms and legs are large advantages and he is great with sword fighting. He has spent years at throwing knives and has grown immune to many poisons. Through years he has been able to condition himself to fight longer and go further than most people can.

Weaknesses: If there is any need to fight high in the air or in the dark then he is not able to. Just like if it is in an area where explosions are rocking the area or loud sounds are going off then he can't stand it. If a spider or snake is within his sight then Brent will freeze and if he is in an enclosed space then he will pass out.

Likes: Sword fighting, Horse back riding, Running, Swimming, Knife Throwing, Poison crafting, Training

Dislikes: Darkness, High Places, Enclosed Spaces, Weak People, Mercy, Archery, Heavy Weapons

Fears: Spiders, Snakes, Heights, Enclosed Spaces

Personality: Brent is a calm mannered person in most cases where people are involved in any sense yet he has darker sides to him. He is a very romantic person when around a girl that he likes and often times will stop what he is doing to try and woo them at the time. Brent gets aggressive when it comes to things that anger him and is quick to anger. He has no self control and is very much impulsive at all times. Brent is said to be withdrawn and secludes himself but in all actuality he just doesn't see the point in speaking if it is not necessary at the time. He is someone who devotes all he can to what he is doing and is very driven. At times Brent is a procrastinator and doesn't like to do some things.

Powers: None

Social Status: Popular Jock

Summer or Year Rounder: Year Rounder

Years at Camp: New

Life Before CHB: Brent was born in Des. Moines, Iowa to a family who was not poor but not rich either. He was immediately loved and cared for by his mother and aunts and uncles up until Savannah was forced to move to Texas with her newborn son who was just a few weeks old. So they packed up and moved to Dallas, Texas where Savannah got a well paying job and was able to start Brent in martial arts training. Yet that didn't matter as he spent several years learning, for she found that he couldn't read Ancient Greek any better than he could English so she started looking into tutors. Soon he was six years old and the boy was attacked by a pair of hell hounds that seemed to have it out for him, yet a dark red light appeared around his body and Brent killed the monsters with his bare hands. Of course he was left with some cuts along his chest and back but he healed just fine when Savannah gave him some medicine that no one knew what was.

There was no reason for why the red light had appeared and surrounded the boy but for some reason he felt braver and stronger whenever a fight broke out and the boy started getting into more fights. At school and in the community, Brent was soon labeled as a jerk who fought everyone for no reason yet he soon channeled his anger and aggression into sports. Every time he saw girls, the violent boy would go soft and try to woo the girl. He still got into fights and fought monsters at more frequent intervals until finally someone else found out and a satyr came to his door when Brent was sixteen years old and stated he was a demi god and needed to go to Camp Half-Blood.

Role-playing Example:

Lights flickered and gleamed off of the cool metal of the blades in the long fingered hands of a boy who stood with his shoulders back and his full height revealed. He grinned and showed the black metal in his mouth as the eight rings on his right hands flashed dangerously when one sword went out at a quick swing toward the kid who had been wondering what the deal was. Why was this kid smiling when he was about to be cut down? Then the blade hit the smaller kid and he went flying back as the tall boy laughed and swung his other sword down and slammed it into the ground next to his head while the second sword pointed down at his chest. You lose, too bad. His voice was deep and melodious as he sheathed his two swords and the twin clubs jostled slightly against his legs. His entire body was covered in either armor, weapons, or really cool looking clothing. This was one guy that most people didn't want to fight as Brent popped his knuckles and neck and looked around for his next opponent.
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Brent Epperson
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