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 |these wings are meant to fly|

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PostSubject: |these wings are meant to fly|   7/19/2013, 3:16 am

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Full name: I'd like you lovely admins and approvers to meet Talia Skye Quinn. Sometimes her friends call her Tali or Tal.
Gender: Did you have to ask? Female.
Age: Talia has existed on planet Earth for seventeen years. 
Years at camp: Tali has been at camp since she was fourteen years old.

God and mortal parent: Talia's godly half is from Triton, and her mortal half is from a woman named Jana Quinn.
Date of birth: She was born on June 1, 1996.
Place of birth: This lovely young lady was born in Yorkshire, England.


Eye colour: Talia's eyes are a nice blue.
Hair: Her hair is black, but she has turquoise streaks. 
Height: Talia stands at 5 feet 5 inches.
Body type: Tali's body is normal; not skinny, not large.
Distinct markings: She has a big birthmark on her shoulder.
Personality: When you first meet Talia, she seems outgoing and fearless, but really, she's a geek. She hates talking to people but she puts a mask on to seem like a party animal. 
Style: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=90121249

Powers: Sadly, Talia has no powers.
Fatal flaw: Talia's fatal flaw is probably her inability to withstand pain.
Flaws: Self-concious
Short temper

Weapon: Talia owns a curved celestial bronze dagger.
Pet: She has a pet Chiuaua(eck how to spell that) named Sparks.
Skills: Singing

RP example: Talia walked down the pier, her heels going through the cracks between the wood. She tried to stand up straight, but it was hard. Sometimes she regretted wearing heels, but... these ones were to die for. Caught up in her own thoughts, Talia tripped over a wire and sprawled on the ground. A big hand rested on her shoulder. "You alright?" a man's voice asked. Talia looked up, expecting to see a heartthrob, but instead there was a furry monster. She got up and sprinted away, screaming. Ugh. My life.
Bio: Talia has had, let's say, a less-than-desirable life so far. Apart from the usual business of getting into trouble everywhere and going to multiple schools, Talia had a tragedy in her past that set her apart from even the general sorry-tales of her fellow demigods. Having had a fairly normal life up until she was seven years old with the mother and step-father, Talia returned from school one day expecting an evening no different than any other. However, that was not to be. Chatting away happily as she waited for her evening milk and cookies, seven year old Talia could instantly tell something was wrong from the strange sounds behind her. She saw her mother laying on the floor writhing in agony. Frozen from the shock of the moment and not have had heard her slip to the floor, Talia stayed frozen in her seat before quietly slipping out of it and walking over to where her mother lay. It was nearly an hour later until Talia's step-father came home. "Why didn't you call 911?" he yelled. The doctors did whatever they could, but her mother was long-gone from a brain aneurysm. 
Later a satyr found her and took her to Camp Half-Blood.

Notes: noneee

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PostSubject: Re: |these wings are meant to fly|   7/19/2013, 10:59 am


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|these wings are meant to fly|
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