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 Really late night poem writings

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PostSubject: Really late night poem writings   7/6/2013, 6:24 am

Scott's poems

Would you belive me?
If I said I loved you on this cool night 
Would you belive me?
If I said you were the most important person in my life
Do you know what would happen if we met up at night?
Escaping our abusive parents for a night together
Bringing only a knife and a bottle full of vodka
Would we kiss?
Would we drink a sleepless night together?
Or would we release our stress in our own way with sharp objects
Once again we ask our self's
Is it life or death?
Such a valid question at time's we ask each other
Would you lay beside me?
A knife laying in each of our  chests
A bottle of pills scattered on the floor
And a slip knot cutting our air way
I hope you would lay beside me on this cool night
I would not like to be the only one of us going below the ground
Would we be holding hands in our caskets?
Just like the countless hours we did befor we made this division
That sounded good at the time but now we regret
Our parents finally realise what they did to us
It was too late for them to nodoce

I (Scott) wrote this at about 4:45 ish last night guys and hope people  read it. Plese comment how you felt about this run on poem. It's just my feelings about some stuff I have  in my head. I hope to become a inspirational writer when I grow up so plese comment or pm this account how you felt. I see  writing as a outlet thats why it's depressing etc. -speed out-


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Really late night poem writings
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