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 time will tell

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PostSubject: time will tell   7/4/2013, 1:38 am

its time to begin isn't it?

Ryan Eduardo Richard Gonzolez. Ryan recieved his first name from his mother, who had a brother named Ryan. When he was diagnosed with cancer, they both got closer and closer together. A week before Ryan died, his sister asked what his biggest wish was. The last words that he ever said was "Have someone named after me." Soon after that, he was moved to the hospital and died in 5 days.
His first middle name, Eduardo, comes from his grandfather. His grandfather's name was Edward, abd he is still living today. Ryan's mom let his grandfather choose one of the middle names, and he, naturally, chose his own name.
His second, and final, middle name is Richard. THis middle name comes from his beloved grandmother, who got the chance to pick out the other middle name. Her father's name was Richard, but he sadly died while fighting for the United States in the Korean War. HIs death was tragic, but everyone soon moved on. Ryan's grandmother was most likely the closest to him, so she chose his name for Ryan.
Ryan's last name originates in Spain. The Gonzalezs' were a very wealthy family in Spain, and was even royalty once. Now that Spain has kings and queens no longer, the name doesn't appear there anymore. But still, having the last name Gonzalez in Spain would get you very far, and the best treatment you could ask for. In america, not so much. Ryan would be a prince in Spain, but they no longer have royalty and such, so he is just a normal american teenager. Well, not exactly "normal", but you get the point.
Ryan has facial hair, fairly large muscles, and... manly parts. He also recieved an X and a Y chromosome. One from his father, and one from his mother. So, therefore, Ryan, is a part of the male human species. Well, as far as I know.
Mortal Parent:
Ryan's mother's name is Liz Alyssa Diaz Gonzolez. Her full name, which is pretty long, is Carmen Alyssa Elizabeth Juanita Costa-Brava Diaz Cortez Gonzolez. Yeah, it's pretty long. When she moved to america, however, she enjoyed the name "Liz", so she changed it. She also shortened her name so people at school wouldn't make fun of her. After they moved to America, Liz went through a normal american life. Soon enough, it was already her 22nd birthday. On the night of her party, her friends somehow managed to get her into a bar. Liz and them opened up a few drinks and were soon pretty wasted. Her friends had saw a really 'cute' boy and tried to hook Liz and him up. The boy seemed interested and soon the two hooked up. Liz woke up in the morning, finding herself in an empty bed. Liz soon forgot all about that night and trudged on with her life. After a week or two, however, she realized something amazing; she was pregnant.
God Parent:
Briareus~ God of violent sea-storms. Briareus happened to stumble upon a bar one random night. It happened to be the same night and bar that Liz was having a party in. Briareus decided to join in the party and soon found himself talking to Liz. They instantly hit it off, and soon he found himself lying in a bed besides her. Realizing what had happened, he quickly and quietly left her alone in the bed, making sure to leave her a little gift from him. Happy Birthday a little note attatched to the box read, and with a flash, the god was gone instantly.
Date of Birth:
Ryan was born on Feburary, 29th. That day is also known as Leap Day. His birth was a very rare one, and it was very strange that he was born on that exact day. He likes the fact that he was born on this day, however; it makes him even more special then he already is. And believe me, he's very special.
Place of Birth:
Ryan was born in New York City, New York. To be exact, he was born in room 95, on the third floor of the Children's Hospital building in which his mom produced him.
Hometown/Last Residence:
Ryan was born, and raised, in New York. He has moved to Albany, and the Bronx, but the last place he has been ever since CHB was New York city. He absolutely fancies the city, but hates the country. He says it's too quiet, and everything is all spread out. He's a city-person, for sure. His other residencies have been throughout New York. Let's start at the beginning:

Little Ryan opened his eyes for the first time, his mother's smile shining down brightly on him. He was taken home 5 days later, and was introduced to his other family. HIs first home was a small little cottage, with a fairly large backyard. Soon, he developed skills such as crawling, eating by himself, and playing. Soon, Ryan was already 3 years old. He was running around, playing with the 2 dogs that they had owned. Soon enough, however, the family had gathered a great fortune from his mother's dead grandfather. They decided to move to Albany, in a bigger house. The next day, they were already on their way. Little Ryan sat in the backseat, awaiting the new house to play in.

Ryan lived in the newer house, being as happy as can be. He soon had a little brother, the father being his step-father. He had thought that his step-father was his real father, and the thought of having a little brother made him real anxious. The house was 2 stories, unlike the other house. It also had a basement, with a big T.V. Ryan still thinks that this house was the best, and they lived here until he was about 9 years old.

Pre-teen years
Ryan and his family moved into another house, this one slightly bigger. It was in the Bronx this time. Ryan, now being 9 years old, was more interested in video games and the internet instead of running around and playing. This house had a basement, attic, and 2 other floors. It was the biggest, but Ryan thought it was too big. It was only his mom, his step-father, and his step-brother. There were 6 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms. It was too much, and the family was slowly losing money. They decided to move back into the house in New York city, Ryan being 12 years old at this time. They moved back into the house, and that was the last time he has lived anywhere besides Camp Half Blood.

Ryan has full spanish blood. There is no drop of other blood in his veins, as far as he knows.
Ryan has a hispanic accent, which comes from his mom. He sometimes accidentaly says spanish words instead of English words, mizing them up easily.
Skin Tone:
Ryan has a natural caramal colored skin. He does not get burned, or doesn't get any darker than he is already. It seems as if his melanin is stuck as it is.
Eye Color:
Ryan has strange eyes. The reason for them is because of a strange mutation that occured in his chromosomes. His eyes are a mixture of green and yellow. They are a very light green, lighter than usual. His eyes are very beautiful, however, so it was a good mutation for him.
Hair Color:
Ryan has jet black hair. He once had a couple of blonde highlights, but they are now faded away. You can still see them if you look closely enough, but for the most part, you cannot see them.
Hair Length:
Ryan's hair reaches to about his eyes. They do not cover them completely, but cover around 1/4 of them. To be exact, his hair is about 3.6 inches long.
Ryan reaches at a tall height of 6'2". He thinks he is too tall, and wishes he could be a little bit smaller. But, for the most part, he likes his height as it is.
Ryan weighs about 150 lbs. His height greatly affects his weight, making him seem fat. In reality, he is very skinny.
Body Type:
As said above, Ryan is fairly skinny. This makes his faster, despite his tallness.
Ryan has many interesting features. Let's start from the top:

Ryan has jet black hair, as said above. His strange colored eyes make his face look more attractive, and it brings out the color of his skin. His chin is pretty round, and he is growing a tiny beard. He has dimples, and a small patch of freckles above his nose. His sideburns aren't very long, and he usually shaves them off. He wears glasses, but mostly wears his contacts. His nose is a bit round as well, and his lips are pretty big. Bigger than normal, I suppose. He shaves, but you can see some stubble appear from his upper lip area, as well as his chin. He has fairly large muscles, despite his tallness. He runs very gracefully, his legs muscles being fairly large. Another thing about him is his prosthetic leg; yeah, he has one of those. It makes him a bit slower than normal, but he still runs extremely fast and gracefully. The prosthetic leg is basically robotic, and looks futuristic. There is nothing special about it, besides the fact that it gives him the ability to run and walk. Ryan has a big chest, making his breaths deeper and giving him the ability to hold more oxygen for a longer persiod of time. He has flat abs, but it's just an ordinary 4-pack. Nothing special. He is usually seen wearing his Under Armor hoodie, and normal jeans. Underneath the hoodie is a Camp Half Blood T-shirt, and he wears boatshoes most of the time. 
Ryan prefers to use his celestial bronze 3.5 ft. long scythe. There is nothing special about it, besides the fact that it can kill monsters. Sometimes, however, Ryan uses a bow and arrow. He had carved it out when he first arrived in camp and took great care of it. It is still in great condition and he occasionally uses it, especially when a target is far away. The arrows are celestial bronze.
Ryan prefers to use no armor. At all. Not even in Capture the Flag can you get him to wear armor. He simply refuses to wear it, as it "slows" him down. He is quite stubborn, so you might as well give up on trying to make him wear some. His mind is made up and there is no stopping that.
Ryan currently has a Golden Retriever puupy named Alpha. He found him on the streets while roaming the streets of New York. He took him home and fed him. He even brought Alpha to camp with him, as the two had gotten so close over the years.
Ryan is very strong, as well as speedy. His long legs make him seem to glide across the ground, each stride graceful and long. He also has great stamina, and is able to run at fast speeds for long intervals of time. Ryan is also very smart, especially in math. He seems to be a new Einstein, and is already 2 math levels ahead of his other classmates.
Ryan is very arrogant, as well as disobediant. He goes by his own rules, and tends not to follow directions like he is supposed to. Ryan also has a short temper. Anything, small or large, can set him off onto a terrible fit of rage. He even sent a desk flying at one of his classmates before, because they were harrassing him by throwing paper balls at him. No one messes with him no longer. Another flaw of Ryan's is his obnoxiousness. He is clumsy, and is usually tripping over his own feet. He gets nervous easily as well, making it hard for him to talk to people and/or present in front of a group of people. Ryan's physical flaw is, of course, his prosthetic. He had lost his leg in a car crash that he and his family had experienced while on the way to their new house. Ryan was the only one still left, as his whole family had died from the terrible crash. His leg is pretty heavy, but he has now gotten used to it. He has even figured out how to use it to his advantage, but it still causes him great trouble.
Ryan is strong in...well, strength. He is strong, despite his skinny appearence. He can lift heavy, large boxes that some campers cannt even lift off the ground. Another one of Ryan's strengths is his speed and agility. He is a very graceful and fast runner. It helps him in events for camp, especially CTF. It also helps him in sporting events.
Ryan has a weakness for science; it is probably the only subject he is bad at. He can't seem to tell the difference between
chromosomes and cells and those other scientific words. Another weakness of his is technology. He has absolutely no idea how to use some of it, especially the advanced stuff.
Ryan likes basketball, swimming, track, training, coffee, the color green, stripes, the forest, and having an adventure.
Ryan hates snobby people, people who brag, ties, polka dots, the color pink, lemonade, reptiles, and dirty people.
Ryan has a fear of reptiles, as well as Pyrophobia~ the fear of fire.
Ryan has many different types of Personalities; people sometimes even say he has split personalities. Ryan is described as a an outgoing, which is normally true. Whenever Ryan seems to be in a great mood, he makes a complete fool of himself and tries to make people laugh uncontrollably. This usually works, as Ryan has some of the best jokes. Trust is a very hard thing for Ryan to get. Ryan usually does not trust people, especially people that he has just met. He gets defensive easily, and never reveals secrets. He knows that people can be backstabbers, and will reveal everything that he had ever told him to random people. People can be heartless, and Ryan never wants his biggest secrets to be heard, especially from the people in CHB. He lives there full-time now, so if they get out life would basically be a living hell for him. 

Ryan loves a good competition. He loves to compete in things, even though he does get a little competitive. Well, scratch that. Ryan is extremely competitive. If he loses, he will smash things and call the other teams childish words, such as "loser" or "cheater". He seems to be stuck in a 15 year old's body with a 5 year old brain. But, as all 5 year olds do, they forget all about it. He usually says things such as "Don't talk to me ever again, I hate you forever." Well, that will not last very long. Next thing you know, he is talking to that same person 10 minutes later. He seems like a competitive person on the inside, but he isn't on the outside. He just gets caught up in the moment, and he seems to produce more adrenaline than more average people. Let's face it, he seems to get more angry at someone than most people. But, as said before, it does not last long.

Ryan likes to be around other people, but not too big of a crowd. He loves being around people, even if he despises them from the deepest part of his heart. He loves talking to people, and especially loves attention. Even though he is secretive, he likes engaging in coversations with other people. Even if they are random people that he doesn't even know. He has made tons of friends in camp so far, his positive attitude attracting some of them over to him. He loves attention, as said before, so he tries to be as positive as he can possibly be. Sometimes, his rage gets to him, but most of the time he is calm and chill.

As said above, Ryan is a very secrative person. He keeps everything to himself, and rarely gives out personal information. He may blurt out where he was from, or what his birthday was, but besides that you will get no personal information from him. Unless you're a cute girl asking him for his number.

What was said above leads to yet another personality of his. He is flirty, probably even extremely flirty. He is always trying to woo some random pretty girl, and it mostly works. He gets their number and goes on a few dates with them. But, he can never seem to find the right girl. He basically has a new summer romance every once in a while, but they only laste a month or two. The longest relationship he had had was 4 months. It was with an Aphrodite girl, but of course, as all Aphrodite children do, she dumped him for fun. His heart wasn't exactly "broken", but he was a little more down than usual for 2 days or so. But, yet again, he found another girl. That cycle usually repeats over and over again, and he has had tons of girlfriends over the years in camp. 

Ryan seems to have major ADD or something, cause he never stands still. His mouth even sometimes opens up and blurts out a random thing or two. He is always jumping around, or talking. You can't seem to stop him once he starts. Once, a rumor spread around camp saying that he was on drugs. Yeah, that's how bad it was. He sometimes even runs in place to get rid of some of his energy. He once did this while talking to a girl and he got weird looks from her for about a month.

Ryan, unlike most people, isn't good at keeping secrets. This goes along with above, and it is pretty bad. He knows tons of secrets that his friends have told him over the years, and he struggles to keep them secret. He once accidentaly told someone and it ruined his friends life. It is now blown over, as most rumors are. His friend isn't upset with him anymore, but he still holds it over Ryan.
Ryan has the ability to make miniature sea storms, as his dad is the god of violent sea storms. Ryan is able to produce a storm that covers him in a little ball. The ball is about as big as one of those exercise balls, that you can go inside of and swim around in the water (but that's not the point). The storm produces wind and rain, and sometimes even small jolts of lightning. The wind blows at about 20 mph, and the rain does nothing besides make them wet. The lightning only produces a measly shock of about 15 volts. The storm lasts about 5 minutes, but only if he isnot hit while using it. If a sword or arrow hits him during the process of creating the storm, it disappears. Usually, however, the storm blows away any object that is near him while the storm is in use. He may use the storm move 2 times a day. One his first use, he gets a major headache that does not disperse until it reaches the 6 hour mark. On his 2nd, and final use, he gets extremely tired and has to take a nap for at least 8 hours to regain strength yet again. He has to wait 2 hours between uses to use them again. The storm only causes damage to you if you are within a 20 ft. radius of him. He may ONLY use this power when he is either in or around water. It works best however when he is actually in the water. The farther away from water he is, the less powerful the storm actually is. He can't be more than 30 ft. away from water, or the storm doesn't work. The bigger the source of water is, the bigger the storm covers. If it was a little creek, the storm would only cover about 5 feet around him. If it was something large, such as an ocean, it would cover 20 feet.
Social Status:
Ryan is the kind of kid you would spot sitting around a table, preferably by himself. Even though he adores the attention of others, and has a lot of friends, he is considered a loner. Ryan was always like this, even in school. He was a star athlete and people secretly adored him but all he cared about was sports and good grades. Popularity usually never came to him, especially during camp. Again, he has loads of friends, but none of them best friends. He has still yet to find a suitable friend that he can actually trust for once.
Summer or Year Rounder:
Ryan is a year rounder. He had once tried to be a summer rounder, but that did not work out to well. Since his parents had died years ago, he had nowhere to stay. He usually stayed with old friends, but he admitted that doing that was extremely pathetic. He's not even old enough to get a full time job, so he decided to stay within camp. For now. 
Years at Camp:
Ryan arrived at camp when he was about 3 (12) years old. He is currently 4 (16) years old. So, based on that math, he has been at camp for 4 years.
Life Before CHB:
Little Ryan opened his eyes into the world. He spotted his mother first, then quietly closed his eyes. His birth was very silent, very silent indeed. He didn't cry. Once. It was a strange occurring, but it made him...unique. He went home about a week later, arriving to his new home. Over the years, Ryan began to experience new things, such as walking, feeding himself, and even counting. Soon, it was time for him to go to kindergarten. He was anxious on his first day, rearranging his colored pencils and crayons to perfection. He was nervous, especially around the other kids. The teacher was nice, and made everything funny. He liked her, and it made him feel a great boost of confidence. His first real friend was a little boy, his name being Shawn. He had jet black hair, and beautiful green eyes. He was, you could say, a "chick magnet" and Ryan absolutely adored him. They spent all their time and energy with each other. They became best friends, up until about 3rd grade. Shawn had to move, sadly, and they quickly lost touch. Ryan, however, had other friends and he wasn't TOO lonely. He went through school, had a great social life, got good grades, and made tons of friends. He went through an extremely non-demigod life, which meant no monster attacks, or no super natural happenings happened to him. Eventually, however, his mom told him about his father; He quickly packed up and went towards Camp Half Blood. He eventually found Ross, Christian, and Rihanna. They were around his age, and they were demigods as well. They traveled together, fighting monsters and getting stuck in extreme situations together. They soon became inseparable. After a couple of months of traveling, they eventually made it to Camp Half Blood.
Role-playing Example:
Ryan walked around the cave, cursing out loud. "Dammit Ross. Stop playin' around." He felt the familiar touch of water on his feet, power surging through him. At least he had some sort of source of power. He quickly jerked his body around as he heard a footstep. He gasped, then immediately stamped his foot. "DAMMIT." He yelled, the sound echoing throughout the cave. Everyone was gone, hiding from him. It has only been 2 weeks since they met him, but it already seemed as if they have known each other forever. A fireball soared towards the left side of his head, barely skimming his head. He grasped the side of his head, part of his hair being singed off. He growled, turning towards Ross. He desperately wanted to use his powers, but he stopped himself. He needed his energy, as the day had just started. Ross smiled playfully, running off into the darkness of the cave. Ryan quickly took out a little celestial bronze dagger that Christian gave to him. He charged after him, adrenaline rushing through his veins. Just a typical day in the life of a demigod.

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