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 Jerry Crys Inda.

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PostSubject: Jerry Crys Inda.   7/3/2013, 1:55 am

Full name: Gerren Crys Inda
Any nicknames?: Jerry
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Years at Camp: 0

God and mortal parent: Ares and Mina Grayse(Adoptive mother)
Date of birth: June 24th, 1996
Place of birth: Lincoln, Nebraska

Appearance(a picture, if you don't have one you could give a description or just leave it blank): 
Eye color: Golden brown like a sweet sweet sugar cookie
Hair(color, length, style, etc.): Medium length, slicked back hair the color of spruce wood.
Height: about 5 feet and 4 inches tall(My shortest character yet i think)
Body type(tall, skinny, fat, etc.): average build
Distinct markings(freckles? Scars? Birthmarks? Etc.): Jerry has three scars, one across his left bicep by a fight with a Laistrygonian, one along his left cheek from a scrap with his adoptive brother, and one covering his right hand from a camping accident involving fire, a pot of oil, and a scary story.
Personality(Are they angry, nice, friendly, unique, violent?): Jerry, for an ares child, is unstereotypically shy and kind.
Style(This is optional:try http://polyvore.com/ to make it): 

Powers**: N/A
Fatal Flaw*: Though shy, he's highly trusting of basically anyone that doesn't look like a monster.
Flaws*(2 other random flaws, like sucks at vollyball, is afraid of cats, etc.): holds grudges with anyone that crosses him for far longer than necessary. can't tell when someone flirts, is using sarcasm, cracks a joke, or wants to be left alone.

Weapon(s): One(1) CB dagger of length six and a half(6.5) inches(when sheathed it turns into a chain hooked around two belt loops on his left hip, the chain looks to have been ripped off to mortals), and two(2) CB point spears of shaft length five and a half(5'6") feet(turn into crossed spears charm worn on his watch).
Pets: N/A
Talents/Skills: Good at keeping enemies at bay with his two spears, which more or less triples his normal reach on either side.

RP Example*: 

Jerry had been walking around the house aimlessly for about ten minutes. it was a big house, so he had only made it to all the rooms once or twice. All considered, though, at least he was getting exercise. He had had his adoptive mother drop him out of school because he would constantly be getting teased about not knowing his heritage. It wasn't his fault, though. He knew he was adopted, it was pretty obvious if you looked at him by his family, but his mom wouldn't tell him where he came from or who his real parents were.


Jerry's mother didn't want a child, she was barely an adult yet, and had no money to her name. However everyone convinced her to not abort the child, and to instead put him up for adoption. Without even giving her child a name, she took the child to the adoption center, where after three years, Jerry was finally adopted and given a name. After moving in with his new family, his adoptive mother remarried, but Jerry liked her old name better, and so asked not to have it changed for himself.
After nearly ten years, Jerry's mother found out who Jerry's real father was, and she kept the information, and still keeps it, from Jerry's ears. Ares must not have kept a complete list of all his children, as no claim was made to Jerry until he was seventeen and finally in camp. He was set in Hermes cabin for a week until his proper parent was placed, which was difficult considering Jerry's disposition to being a nice kid.

Other Notes: He enjoys learning, even though he will never understand when people are joking.
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PostSubject: Re: Jerry Crys Inda.   7/3/2013, 1:58 am


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Jerry Crys Inda.
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