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 Twins separated at birth

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PostSubject: Twins separated at birth    6/30/2013, 8:02 pm

Name: Tucker Gage Brighton
Nicknames: Tuck, Gage, Brighton
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Date of birth: May 1st, 1996.
Place of birth: Santa Barbara, California
Years in camp: None, he's new.
God parent: Apollo god of light, music, arts, healing, plague, prophecy, poetry, and archery.
Mortal family: Gavin Brighton- adoptive father. Laurel Brighton- adoptive mother. Kale Brighton- adoptive older brother(couple's biological son). Tristan Brighton- adoptive younger brother(also adopted).

Nicole Samuels- biological/birth mom. Landon White- twin brother, separated at birth.
Appearance: Tucker is a very good looking young man, he has been told several times how hot he is, or how handsome he is. This may have gone to his head, or he was already vain and this just made it worse. Tucker has perfect golden blond hair. He keeps his hair cut short, never letting it grow below his ears. He always makes sure that his hair is styled perfectly. He has bright blue eyes, the color of the sky. Tucker stands at a height of 5'8''. He is very athletic from playing sports, and he has some muscle. His skin is perfectly tanned.
Personality: Tucker is a very talkative person, he enjoys talking. He does not have the ability to be quiet, he just can't shut up. His favorite topic to talk about is either sports, or himself. He does however enjoy having friends, and he is very friendly. When he wants to be, Tucker can be very nice, and polite.

Tucker does have a cold, mean side. He can be very rude, and harsh. He often tends to care only about himself in difficult situations. He can also be rather bitchy at times, even though he is a guy. He has a very nasty temper, and you don't want to be on the other end of his rage.
Fatal flaw: Tucker is very very vain/self-pride.
Other flaws:

  • Anger. Tucker has extremely bad anger issues. He gets made very easily, and his anger has about three levels, pissed, really mad and rage. You don't want to be around him when he's mad, he can be pretty nasty.
  • Trust. Since he was abandoned, well put up for adoption as a baby, he has a hard time trusting people. He thinks that they're going to let him down, or hurt him. It takes a fairly long time to for him to trust someone.


  • Track and Field. Tucker has always loved to run, and he's good at it. So he joined his school's track and field team. He prefers to run sprints to medium distance, if possible. But he will run the long distance races. He is also a long jumper.
  • Football(Soccer). Tucker loves football, and he is pretty good at it. He plays the position of forward, and he is very agressive.
  • Singing. Tucker like most Apollo children, has some musical talent. He is a very good singer, but he doesn't tell people this. He likes to keep it his hidden talent. He only sings when he thinks he's alone, or when he's in the shower.
  • Guitar. Tucker is able to play the guitar. He's actually pretty good at it, too. He has been playing since he was about the age of five. So he's mastered the art of playing. He will play any type of guitar, but he prefers acoustic.
  • Piano. Tucker can also play the piano. He's fairly good, since he's been taking lessons since he was five. He can play a wide range of music from classical to modern music. He prefers to play more modern music though.
  • Cooking. Laurel always thought that cooking was an important skill to learn. So when Tucker was old enough, she taught him how to cook. Now he's a pretty good cook. His specialty is grilled cheese, he thinks he makes some pretty damn good grilled cheese.
  • Gymnastics. This is another one of Tucker's hidden talents. He is completely embarrassed to admit that he is able to do flips, and cartwheels and all of that. He just thinks it's girly.
  • Dancing. Tucker is a fairly good dancer. He likes hip-hop dancing, but he will do other types. He likes to include his gymnastics talents into his dancing, but he doesn't always do this.


  • Good Music. Tucker really likes music, but it has to be good music. Nothing bad like Justin Bieber. He likes stuff like Mumford and Sons, The Fray, Coldplay, bands like that. 
  • The Sun. Tucker really just loves being outside in the sun. He tends to spend a lot of time outside, soaking in the sun. He doesn't really get burnt, so he can seriously just stay outside all day.
  • Track and Field. Tucker just loves to run, and track is running so he finds it fun. He also really enjoys long jump, he thinks it's really fun.
  • Football. Tucker loves this sport, is fun and full of agression. He plays forward, and he is very good so that makes him like it even more. 
  • Strawberries. Tucker has a weakness for strawberries. They are his favorite fruit, and they just make him happy. He tends to get distracted while eating them, because he's too busy focusing on how amazing they are.


  • Annoying people. Tucker can't stand people who are annoying. They just make me very angry. This means people who talk too much, and who are also stupid. Or do stuff that's stupid.
  • The Dark. Yes a seventeen year old boy who is afraid of the dark. As a soon of Apollo, Tucker just feels out of places in the dark. He's afraid that something is going to happen to him.
  • Water. Tucker is very afraid of water. He can't swim and he fears that he will drown. For this reason, Tucker tries to get in water only to bathe. He can't swim. If he goes to a pool, he stays in the shallow end. 

Power 1: Photokinesis- the mental/physical ability to control light.

  • Forcefields. He is able to create forcefields out of light. These shields can withstand ten hits of a sword, and they last up to a half hour. After using this power he must wait two hours to make another, and it causes him to pass out after usage.
  • Orbs and rays. He can create round orbs or rays of direct sunlight. He can use these to shine in people's faces, and he can blast the orbs at them. He is only able to use this power during the day when the sun is shinning. He can make a total of 10 rays a day, and twenty orbs. They both make him really tired, and he has to wait a few minutes between use. He can't hold the orbs for too long or they will burn him.
  • Also though it's not much of a power, Tucker never gets sunburned. 

Weapons: A bow that has been painted gold, and a quiver full of a wide variety of arrows.
Pets: none
Role play example: Tucker walks along the side walk, in the direction of his house. As he walks the boy listens to music on his Iphone 4s. Normally, Tucker rides home, but since it's a nice day he decided to walk. It's not that long of a walk, so it won't really hurt anything. His only problem might be the short five minutes through a not very nice neighborhood, but at four o'clock on a weekday, he shouldn't have a lot of trouble.

Reaching the bad neighborhood, Tucker keeps his eyes open as he makes his way through it. When he is almost out of the neighbor hood, his arm is grabbed and he's pulled into an alley way. He's shoved up against a brickwall, and he can feel someone searching him. Most likely for money. "You shouldn't be here boy" a rough voice says to him.

Biting his lip, Tucker turns to watch the man. He watches as the man takes his wallet, and opens it. He then watches as he takes all of the money and puts it into his pockets. Without thinking, Tucker cries out. The next thing he knows, is that he gets punched in the side of the head. The world then goes black, and he falls to the ground.

Opening his eyes, Tucker finds himself laying on ground in the alley. Sitting up, he rubs the side of his face and looks around. Spotting his wallet he picks it up and opens it. All of his money is gone, the only things left is an old punch card for a pizza place, and his school ID. He slowly slides the empty wallet into the pocket of his trousers.

Tucker then stands up, and slowly walks out of the alley. He makes a sharp turn to the left, and starts to run. He runs all the way home, when he reaches his house he walks all the way to his room, not saying a word to any one. He walks over to his bed and lays down on it. Shortly he falls asleep, to be troubled with dreams of the alley.
Biography: Tucker was born on May 1st, 1996 at 2:01 am, in Santa Barbara California. He is the son of Nicole Samuels and Apollo and the twin brother of Landon White. At the time of his birth, his mother was young only eighteen, and she couldn't take care of children. So she put Tucker and Landon up for adoption. Unfortunately, the twins were adopted by different people.

Tucker was adopted by Gavin and Laurel Brighton, a lovely British couple, with one son Kale. They named Tucker, and took him to live with them in London. When Tucker was five, they adopted another boy by the name of Tristan. Life with the Brighton's was perfect in Tucker's mind. The family was wealthy, so he got whatever he wanted. He was also blessed with good looks,and athletic ability which made things better for him.

When Tucker was seventeen, he was attacked by his first monster. Which is really late for demigods, but because his parents had no idea about him being a demi-god, he didn't either. He was attacked while working on a project about Greek Mythology. Luckily for Tucker his school satyr, James was there to kill the monster.

James then took Tucker to his house, where he proceeded to sit down and tell the Brighton's and Tucker about camp and how he is a demigod. After this, Tucker packed his bags. The Brighton's said farewell to their son, and gave him a credit card and an American checking account. Tucker then traveled to New York, and to camp. Soon after reaching camp, Tucker was claimed by Apollo. He has now been at camp for a few days.

Name: Landon Parker White
Nicknames: Land, White, Parker.
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Date of birth: May 1st, 1996
Place of birth: Santa Barbara, California
Years in camp: Five
God parent: Apollo god of light, music, arts, healing, plague, prophecy, poetry, and archery.
Mortal family: Spencer White- adoptive father. Elizabeth White- adoptive mother. Jackson White- adoptive younger brother.

Nicole Samuels- biological/birth mom. Gage Brighton- twin,separated at birth.
Appearance: Landon is a very good looking young man, he has been told several times how hot he is, or how handsome he is. This may have gone to his head, or it didn't which is more likely the case. Landon  has perfect golden blond hair. He keeps his hair cut short, never letting it grow below his ears. He always makes sure that his hair is styled perfectly. He has bright blue eyes, the color of the sky. Landon stands at a height of 5'8''. He is very athletic from playing sports, and he has some muscle. His skin is perfectly tanned.
Personality: Landon is a very quiet boy, he only talks when it's needed or if someone talks to him first. You can say he is shy, because he is but it's more like he's painfully shy. Being around people makes him nervous, and his face tends to get bright red. He also tends to stutter really bad when talking to people. Sometimes when he tries talking to them, nothing comes out of his mouth.

Landon is a very nice person though. He would never hurt a fly, if he did he'd most likely get upset. He's a very sensitive person who cries very easily. He especially cries when having conversations with people and he gets too nervous. He also gets very upset when people make fun of him, for his shyness and his stutter. He also gets very upset when he sees people being picked on, and people who are hurt.

Fatal flaw: He is extremely shy to the point where he can not interact with people.
Other flaws:

  • Cowardly. Landon is a huge coward. He's afraid to stand up for himself and fight back. He usually just lets people pick on him and hurt him. He's afraid that if he tells anyone, they'll do something worse to him.
  • Absent-minded. Landon can be very forgetful. He also tends to day dream and zone out. Often he will be in the middle of class, and just zone out and when he snaps out of it, he has no idea what they are talking about. 


  • Archery. Like most children of Apollo, Landon is a good archer. He has an extremely good accuratecy, and he always hits the target. Most of the time he makes bullseyes, but not all the time.
  • Baseball. Landon started to play baseball when he was a little kid. As he got older, he got better. He played the position of short stop, and he was very good at it. He also pitched a bit, not to mention he was a pretty good hitter.
  • Track and Field. Landon always loved to run, so when he was old enough he joined his school's track and field team. He preferred long distance races, but he would run the occasional sprints. He was also pretty good at high jump.
  • Piano. Landon is a very talented piano player, he taught himself how to play when he was a little kid, and then his parents got him lessons. He can play a very wide variety of music.
  • Saxophone. Landon started to play the saxophone when he was in fifth grade. He started off playing the Alto, but eventually he learned to play Tenor and Baritone. He's fairly good at it, actually he's really good. He really enjoys playing jazz music on the saxophones. His favorite to play is the tenor. 


  • Psych(Tv Show). One day Landon was flipping through the channels, and he came across Psych. He watched it and fell in love. The show is his favorite, and he's obsessed with it. The actor James Roday is his favorite actor.
  • Baseball. Landon's favorite sport is baseball, he loves to play it and watch it. His favorite team is of course is the Boston Red Sox. He is a huge fan, and he tries going to games whenever he can.
  • Oranges. Oranges are Landon's favorite fruit. He just loves how juicy they are and how good they taste. He also loves their color. In addition to them being his favorite fruit, orange juice is his favorite juice.
  • Iced Tea. Landon loves a nice glass of iced tea. He enjoys both sweet and unsweet tea. His favorite brand of tea is Golden Peaks tea. However he does love McDonald's sweet tea.
  • Photography. Landon likes to live life behind the lens. He enjoys taking pictures of peoples, places, and objects. He also enjoys making short films.
  • Skateboarding. Landon owns a skateboard, and it's one of his favorite methods for getting around, besides riding his bike.


  • Talking. Landon just over all dislikes having to talk to people, as he often ends up getting upset or embarrased during conversations.
  • Literature. The class of Literature, is a major dislike of Landon. He can't stand the class, he likes reading but the methods of teachers make him mad. He feels like it's not reading, and it's more like torture. 
  • Heights. Landon has an extreme fear of heights. He tends to freak out, or have panic attacks when he has to go somewhere high. If he has to fly in an airplane, he has to take sleeping pills in order to fly. 
  • Clowns. Ever since he was a little kid and he went to a circus, Landon has been afraid of clowns. They are just very creepy. He has cried before when he's seen a clown. 

Power 1: Biokinesis- the ability to manipulate/modify one's immune system.

  • Healing. Landon is able to heal small wounds, and minor sprains. He can heal cuts that are four inches long, and an inch deep. He can do that about twenty times a day. He can heal a minor sprain such as an ankle about five times a day. He can also speed up the healing process of a broken bone once a day, this makes him very tired and he can't heal it fully he can just make it so it won't take as long to heal.
  • Landon can heal himself whenever he gets any cuts, scrapes or sprains. He also has an increased healing process. It takes him half as long to heal than it takes someone else. 

Power 1: Prophecy.

  • Landon is able to get glimpses of the future. He can only see these at random, and it's never for anything major. They are sort of like Raven's visions from That's So Raven.

Weapons: A bow, and a quiver of arrows of all kinds.
Pets: none
Role play example: Landon stands in the middle of a circle of boys. He bites his lip to refrain from crying. If he cried, it would just get worse. He stands there, as they take turns calling him names and throwing stuff at him. By now he's used to this sort of thing happening. This is about the fifth time this year. He should do something about it, but the boys scare him and he's afraid of what will happen if he tells an adult. So instead, Landon chooses to put up with them. If they hurt him, he can always use his weird ability to make the wounds better.

As one of the boys steps in towards him, Landon slowly backs away, only to be pushed back towards the boy. "Look boys, he's scared"the large brute in front of him says to the rest of the gang. "Don't worry. If I do my job, this will only hurt a lot"he says with a wide grin. He then steps closer to Landon, raising his fist. He then throws a punch at the boy's face.

The force of the punch, knocks Landon backwards. He falls to the ground and curls into a ball. He then lays there as he is kicked, and punched and just beat on. After a while he passes out. When Landon wakes up, he is laying on the ground surrounded by trash. Picking himself up, he looks around for his bag. Grabbing it, he unzips it and pulls out a sweatshirt. Pulling it on, he pulls the sleeves over his arms, and the hood over his head.

Closing the bag, he pulls the straps over his arms, so it's on his back. Landon then walks towards the bike rake. Unchaining his bike, he pulls it out. He then hopes on and slowly, and painfully rides home. Once he's home, he puts his bike away and runs to his room. Closing the door, he walks to his bed and lays down. Burying his face in his pillow, Landon begins to cry. As he cries, his wounds start to slowly heal themselves.
Biography: Landon was born on May 1st, 1996 at 2:03 am, in Santa Barbara California. He is the son of Nicole Samuels and Apollo and the twin brother of Tucker Brighton. At the time of his birth, his mother was young only eighteen, and she couldn't take care of children. So she put Tucker and Landon up for adoption. Unfortunately, the twins were adopted by different people.

Landon was adopted by a lovely couple named Spencer and Elizabeth White, who lived in Boston, Massachuetts. The White's didn't have a lot of money, but they weren't poor. Life was simple, and Landon loved ever single minute of it. When he was around the age of five, the White's adopted a boy named Jackson. Landon and Jackson became very close, and like really brothers.

When Landon was twelve he was attacked by a monster. He had been reading a book about Greek myths, when a monster appeared. Luckily the school satyr, a boy named Leif managed to kill it. After this, Leif told Landon and the White's all about camp and how Landon is a demigod. All though all of them were sad, they agreed it was for the best that Landon went to camp. So off he went to camp, he has been there for five years. Apollo claimed him after a month of being at camp.
Notes: Landon is deaf. He can talk, but he can not hear people talk, obviously. He is a master at reading lips, and he can use sign language.
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PostSubject: Re: Twins separated at birth    7/8/2013, 12:53 am

What are the effects of Tucker's sun orbs on his opponents? 

Landon is APPROVED!

Characters? (click here)
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PostSubject: Re: Twins separated at birth    7/8/2013, 2:10 pm

They blind them for a few seconds, like ten seconds and they can give them bad sunburn.
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PostSubject: Re: Twins separated at birth    7/8/2013, 4:16 pm

tucker is approved!
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PostSubject: Re: Twins separated at birth    

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Twins separated at birth
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