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 Aspen Moor : Hecate

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PostSubject: Aspen Moor : Hecate   6/7/2013, 11:39 am

people can be themselves
only so long as they are alone

Charrie Face Claim

aspen moor


years at camp

summer or year rounder
year rounder

godly parent

mortal parent
elex moor

date of birth
november fourteenth, 1997


She doesn't exactly have an official one, but every once in a while people may call her "Asp."

Female, obviously.

place of birth
She was born and raised in Pensacola Florida, USA.

hometown/last residence
Pensacola Florida, USA


She mostly has a New York accent, but there is a touch of the south in her voice. Especially when she gets emotional, you can hear her southern heritage loud and clear.

skin tone
Very pale, like, really, really pale. Except in the summer, and her skin becomes a very light tan.
The reason why she is probably so tan is because she usually stays indoors, and has done so for most of her life.

Her eyes are large and vibrant blue and are framed by thick lashes.

Aspen has thick dark brown hair that reaches almost all the way down to her chest area. She usually keeps it in a high ponytail and she has side bangs that are swept off to the right side of her face.

Aspen stands around 5'1" when she isnt slouched over. When she is, she's about an inch and a half shorter.

94 lbs

body type
Very small and thin. She has an athletic look to her body, despite such short size.

distinct markings
None too blatant, just some barely noticeable faint freckles across her nose and cheekbones.

Aspen has thick dark brown hair that reaches almost all the way down to her chest area. Her eyes are large and vibrant blue and are framed by thick lashes. She has a narrow face, soft full lips and a small rounded nose. His shoulders are small and curled in, making her whole frame seem tiny. She has very little muscle build, with thin limbs. Aspen stands around 5'1" when she isnt slouched over. She has pale skin with some barely noticeable faint freckles across her nose and cheekbones. Aspen likes to wear plain black clothing at all times. She particularly likes to wear a cassual black dress and commonly wears it with dark purple leggings and black lace looking ballerina flats. She also usually has a lightweight, dark purple sweater worn over the dress.

She usually uses her powers to fight, but if she has to use a weapon, she has a small celestial bronze dagger strapped to her thigh at all times.

She really doesn't think she has any, but despite that; she is wonderful at academics. She's fast, her reflexes are quick and she is actually very good at sports. She's a quick learner, when she actually applies herself, and can master many things quickly and retain it for as long as she feels is necessary. This was very helpful in her learning of magic. She also is good at drawing, painting and playing the violin. She is also good at magic. Always had a knack for it.

Her self esteem is obviously the largest. She's afraid to be around people and work with them. She's not a leader and wont allow herself to take charge even if its desperately needed. She won't voice concerns to anyone, nor will she show what she's feeling to someone who isn't herself. She's nervous around people, especially the ones she likes. Virtually, those are the only people she will allow herself to be close to. She has to be drawn to them or else she wont make contact. She's too cautious and refuses to take chances. She struggles with her powers, and channeling her soul-self. She becomes a danger to herself and others if she loses control.

She loves being by herself in quiet, small and dark spaces, sketching and painting, playing the violin, animals, basically whatever can get her away from as many people as possible for as long as possible. She also absolutely adores cold weather.

Aspen greatly dislikes large crowds, loud noises,(that arent made by her or the music she listens to) when it storms, people, and extremely warm weather.

fatal flaw
She is extremely untrusting, so when something really goes wrong and she cant handle it herself, she pushes herself too hard and wont accept any kind of help or guidance. She prefers to be alone and handle things by herself. Some say she's narcissistic, others just say she's just afraid.

Aspen is rather anti-social and prefers to stay inside. If it wasnt for her mother shipping her off to Camp Half-Blood(with its training schedules and routine outdoor activity) she would've stayed holed up in her bedroom with stacks of fantasy and magic books. These books she seems to have an uncanny ability to find. She was able to go to old run-down book stores and be able to find the most weird and interesting "magic" books. Anyone who would've looked at them would've claimed them to be fiction, but Aspen felt a strong connection to them. When she had arrived at Camp for the first time, she learned that these spells and such were, in fact, real.
Aspen would much rather stay by herself than be around anyone, unless on the rare occasion she actually chooses to find someone to talk to. Otherwise, she stays away from most people. Aspen is rather self-conscious about every aspect of her very being. She hides just about everything she has and does, especially her art or her music. She does her very best to avoid anybody actually seeing it. She doesn't really believe that she's any good at anything, so she prevents herself from doing what she loves most of the time, besides reading. If she had a choice, she wouldn't be doing school work either. Depsite getting straight A's(for she is not dyslexic) she still doesn't feel she's really good enough for anything. She doesn't think she has much hope for the future, because no matter what she does, she believes for sure she won't be ready for anything the world throws at her. So she aims low(but not terrifically low) as best she can and just keeps moving along in a mingle of other people, doing her best to keep to herself, away from the rest.
She's very small on the inside. She doesnt think she's anything special, so she appears that way to others: nothing special. Its as simple as that, and there really isnt any way to change that. People have tried, but it hasnt worked and likely, it wont ever work. Her mother finally got tired of trying to help her after thirteen years of her lack of anything. Since it didnt appear to be causing any harm to her, Aspen's dad just started to leave her alone. But the girl doesn't wallow in self pity like other people. She just lives with herself, because she realizes that there is no point in feeling sorry for one-self.
She's bi-polar, but otherwise, remains monotone. She just has different types of emotions within her emotionless exterior. There are the ups, where she's slightly hopeful, and then the downs, which are far more frequent.
What Aspen doesn't realize, however, is that if she found a friend, or someone, her intire outlook on everything would change. Though, of course, even having the ability to converse fully with someone would be a large barrier that she would have to get through first.

Aspen can merge a small part of her soul-self into objects in order to take control of them, with the object essentially becoming an extension of her soul-self. However, she does not have the ability to take control of people or animals. Also, the amount of matter she is able to control is very limited. The most she is able to control is one hundred pounds, and she is able to hurl these objects as far as thirty yards. Whenever she takes control of something, it is covered in the same dark energy that composes her soul-self. Attempting to take control of an object that is at or over her limit of power is very dangerous. She can only control that heavy of an object for five seconds at most. Often times, when she strains her power to such degrees, she will lose consciousness immediately afterwards.
With this soul-self power that Aspen has, she has the ability to use it not only for this kind of telekinesis. She is able to use her power to create solid telekinetic constructs as well.
With her soul-self able to be molded into any shape, Aspen often creates simple domes or walls that acts as barriers against attack. She can project solid bolts to be used as projectiles, or a steady stream of solid force. She can make razor sharp blades to cut through obstacles, claws that can restrain foes and floating platforms to ride on. When she uses any of these powers, her strength gradually decreases. If she uses them for longer than seven minutes collectively within two hours, she then passes out.
She actually struggles with her powers, and channeling her soul-self. She becomes a danger to herself and others if she loses control.

social status

life before chb
Aspen's life was pretty normal. It wasn't particularly difficult, usually. Her father worked two jobs to help take care of her and her three cousins, who had come to live with them after her Aunt died. They're all younger than her, except for Mark, who was seventeen years old. Of her cousins, everyone except him generally bullied her. They were little annoying brats. Mark, however, was a rather nice guy. He helped Aspen's father as much as he could with the bills by working and yet still going to school. Aspen tried to help as well, generally taking over the cooking and the cleaning when the others weren't home. They all lived in an apartment in Pensacola. Aspen went to a public school, along with her cousins. She was in the eighth grade. She never was bullied at school very much because she generally stayed out of people's way. Two years ago, she had been sent to Camp Half Blood when her father had gotten a good enough job that he could work at, while still keeping the previous one, yet work less. Aspen wasn't needed as much anymore. It was much easier for her to be sent away, making the family smaller, therefore lessening the load.
In Aspen's lifetime, she'd gotten kicked out of several schools because of monster attacks on the campas, and burning down a cafeteria at her last school before going to Camp.

rp example
Aspen sat down quietly by the lake. It was shimmering, shining, and if you looked close enough you could see the water nymphs―the naiads― giggling and weaving baskets at the very bottom. She watched the bubbly teenage-looking sprites for a while. They seemed happy. Bright. Cheerful. That was something she wondered if she would ever be able to understand. Aspen was a girl who had grown up struggling with many things. It was hard, with the kind of life she had been given. And also considering her personality, it was quite difficult letting people in. She honestly didn't know why, but she had trust issues. Severe ones at that.

The naiads noticed her staring at them, and they laughed merrily and waved. In return, Aspen rose a hand in the air, and then dropped it. She directed her gaze elsewhere.

From where she was sitting (almost directly in the center of camp), she could see almost everything, everyone. There were people canoeing on the lake, playing volleyball or sparring. There were couples walking alone together, and clumps of Aphrodite girls in overly revealing bikinis.

She didn't belong anywhere. She was a loner. Always had been, always would be. She didn’t know how to “fit in” and suspected that that would never change.

Aspen liked to dress in dark clothing, and wear dark makeup every once in a while. She liked to hole up in her room and read books that people had called “evil” when she was in the mortal world. They were books of witchcraft, books of magic and spells and such. At least now people considered it to be normal for who she was. She was a daughter of Hecate. She had learned that those spells were real. That she could perform them easily. Well, some were easy, others were complicated. She remembered telling herself to stop lying to herself, to admit that this stuff was mere fiction. But through all that, she had always felt a connection to what she read.

Still people were wary towards her. Still they treated her like the odd one out. They all avoided her. Yet people were okay with the Hecate cabin. They respected the. Despite the fact that they were mostly like her, well no, that wasn’t true. She isolated herself. She actually kept herself closed off. That was probably why, to tell the truth. The reason why she was alone. She didn’t have the courage to say hi. And she made such a reputation for herself in that way over the past two years that they just let her be alone.

Aspen shifted her head to look at the sea. This place was supposed to be the home of misfits. For kids who didn’t belong anywhere else, to finally belong here. And yet…. She was still a misfit. And she felt that through everything, that fact would never change.

She didn’t like the mortals, never had, because they were mean and never could understand. In the past she had felt no lust for friends. Her books were her friends.

When she had arrived at camp half-blood two years ago, for the first time in her life, she wanted something more to herself than inanimate objects. She wanted friends.

-She wears glasses when she reads.
-She can actually be very flirty at times, but it takes a lot to get her out of her shell. Well... not really a shell. Its more like bullet proof armor.

face claim: emily rudd

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PostSubject: Re: Aspen Moor : Hecate   6/7/2013, 1:00 pm

Uhm, just one question, is she meant to be like..somewhat anorexic? Cause I think she'd weigh more than 84 lbs. at age 15. But meh, whatever, you character.

As for approving this, I'm iffy on the powers so I'll let an admin look and see

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PostSubject: Re: Aspen Moor : Hecate   6/7/2013, 9:12 pm

AUGH That was a typo! Im sorry, shes 94 lbs, not 84, I'm sorry! Razz derp.

And yeah, okay. =D thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: Aspen Moor : Hecate   6/11/2013, 2:20 am

i think that seems okay.. I mean, short people are destined to weigh less (take it from me, 4'11, 120 pounds, and i'm a bit wide)


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Aspen Moor : Hecate
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